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Amy S. and I got to talk to the super-talented Jennifer Stewart, production designer on Haven. Ever wonder who you had to thank for Audrey’s apartment, Duke’s boat, Haven PD, Garland’s cabin, and all of the other production designs? It’s all thanks to Jennifer and her team. Jennifer has been with the show from the very beginning and […]

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This is a continuation of our previous podcast on Haven episode, Chosen.  You can find the podcast and previous post of that podcast here. Remember Haven returns later this year! Thanks to Shawn Piller and Run Forever Films for the Haven 5A Gag Reel! It was released on Jan. 11 late evening, after Amy S. […]

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On our last evening in Canada we gathered in the Fo’c’sle Tavern in Chester to meet a few other fans from Canada and the U.S. who were part of the Twitter Haven family. Rob (@HavenFDRob) came straight from set; Justine (@justinehyslop) and her husband brought Laura (@ThatisSOhaven) her mum Gail (@LaurasCoolMom) and Rachael (@havenprincess) who […]

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DAY 7 – Chatting in Chester The next day was a little quieter for us as we took the opportunity to do some sailing and hang out in Chester, having lunch at the cosy Kiwi Cafe. Check out my walking tour of the main street, Pleasant St, to get an idea of how the small […]

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