The interview with Brian starts at 18:58, if you just want to jump right into it. 🙂

Kudos and thanks goes to episode writer, Brian Millikin, for an amazing episode and a great interview!!!


For your convenience (and not something I normally do), links to the news mentioned in the podcast:

Random Thoughts:

  • Duke and Nathan getting along is the best.
  • This episode has such a classic season 2 feel. LOVED IT.
  • Mara with the Crocker family journal seems like it’d be trouble (pun intended)
  • Kudos to the crew for their filming and getting those effects of Ghost!Nathan to walk through things.
  • Also kudos to Emily and Eric for their acting in the scenes as if Lucas wasn’t there.
  • Loved seeing cop!Audrey/determined!Audrey back.
  • Chris Masterson!!! So happy to see him back on my tv screen. 😀
  • Man, Mara (aka Emily Rose) is goooood!! She fooled me too!
  • I have to admit that my heart hurt when Mitchell stomped on that iPhone…RIP
  • I enjoyed Mara’s facial expressions when Duke was asking her about Nathan. It had me chuckling.
  • Anyone else enjoy that badass move Audrey made to free herself. Sweet!
  • I wonder what Duke gave Mara to eat.


  • Nathan: “You know I can’t imagine a family of serial killers with perfect records. No offense.”
    Duke: “None taken.”
  • Mara: “When’s my phone call? I want to speak to my new twin sis.”
  • Mara: “What is it with you boys and feet?”
  • Audrey: “Uh oh. Case face. I miss that face.”
    Nathan: “Three dead. All at the same time, all the same way, all weird. I don’t think it’s anything serious. Let’s just stay here.”
    Audrey: “Nathan.”
    Nathan: “MM-hmm”
    Audrey: “This is what we do, all right? We’re that couple. Are you afraid that people are gonna confuse me with Mara?”
    Nathan: “No. It’s not that. I already put the word out that you’re you now. The split personality is gone.”
    Audrey: “Okay, so, then the best way for me to prove that I’m Audrey is to solve another trouble again, right? What’s wrong?”
    Nathan: “I don’t think you’re immune to the troubles anymore. Maybe it was the split.”
    Audrey: “Why would you think that?”
    Nathan: “Because I can’t feel you anymore.”
    Audrey: “But what about last night and…this morning?”
    Nathan: “Doesn’t matter…to me.”
    Audrey: “Well, that much is clear. I just–I don’t–I don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell me right away.”
    Nathan: “Didn’t want to scare you. Didn’t know what it meant.”
    Audrey: “I guess it means that I’m my own person. I’m just normal. I’m not any less immune to the troubles than you are. Solving troubles is what we do so…we should just go out there and be us.”
  • Nathan: “Okay. It’s Haven. It could be anything.”
  • Rafferty: “Sorry. I’m so sorry.”
  • Duke: “Why Nathan?”
    Audrey: “I have no idea. I don’t have any of Mara’s memories. I’m not immune anymore, either. Oh, God.”
    Duke: “Have any of the other people this has happened to, have they–“
    Audrey: “No.”
    Ghost Nathan: “Okay, this isn’t a funeral…yet.”
    Duke: “This is bad.”
    Audrey: “I’m gonna get him back.”
  • Audrey: “Can you actually send me everything that you have of the creep? He and I need to have a conversation.”
  • Morgan: “Should I be following any of this?”
  • Nathan: “Right, cause that’s going to make you smarter.”
    Duke: “Everybody around me is dying. And I just keep on truckin’. In the end, it’s just gonna be you and me, Mr. Battistone. You, me…and the crazy lady down in the hold.
  • Mara: “Nathan’s dead? Well, who’s gonna bore the hell out of me now?”
  • Mara: “Does this mean, I don’t get my lunch?”
    Nathan: “I wish you could hear me, you bitch.”
    Mara: “Now, is that any way to speakto the only person who can see you?”
  • Duke: “Who the hell are you talking to?”
    Nathan: “Tell him I’m here, Mara.”
    Mara: “I’m just so lonely. Can’t a girl talk to herself?”
    Nathan: “Tell him I’m here!”
    Mara: “Duke, would you be a doll and hit the lights on the way out?”
    Duke: “You really are starting to lose it down here.”
    Mara: “Than you, appreciate it.”
  • Nathan: “Good news. We’re not dead.”
  • Mara: “That’s a gamble I’m willing to take. Would you tell her I said bye? Thank you.”
  • Duke: “I am not going to lose her and Nathan in the same day.”
  • Nathan: “How do you like that? He’s a gambler too.”
  • Duke: “Nathan, I’m sorry, we’ll have to have a seance later.”
  • Duke: “Wow. Now, if I threw a party, I would invite you, and that’s what hurts my feelings.”
  • Audrey: So, Nathan, just gonna hope that you’re standing here.”
    Nathan: “This is strange, even for us.”
    Audrey: “I don’t even know where to start. The police station, I guess. Everybody there is pretty weirded out by me, so I just figure that they’re gonna have to just get used to it.”
    Nathan: “Just wait till they find out I’m still alive.”
    Audrey: “And I agreed to keep Mara around. I hate to say it, but…we need her. You know, it’s–it’s funny. I used to not know who I was. I knew what I did, I helped troubled people, but now I’m just me. I’m not one of Mara’s personalities. But I don’t have her immunity. What am I supposed to do without it? I don’t even know if you’re here right now.”
    Nathan: “I’m here.”
    Audrey: “At least if I was her, I would be able to see you. You saved me, Nathan. I’m just really afraid that I’m not gonna be able to save you.”
    Nathan: “Don’t be afraid, Parker. I’ve got friends helping me work the case from my side. I have to go meet them now. But I’m safe here. And I will come back. I promise.”

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