*apologies for my sick/death voice

Random Notes:

  • Haha, look at Nick Parker stealing from the Matrix and Ghostbusters ūüôā
  • Welcome back Seth!!
  • I love Gin!
  • I’m loving Chris Masterson in this episode.
  • Why is Dave carrying out Garland’s badge? Nostalgia? Just in case?
  • Man you could see the fear in Dave’s eyes.
  • Duke’s mom story was really sad¬†(with a side of eww shiver)
  • Well Vince gave it his best effort didn’t he. Poor guy. He tried to grab and run. Side note: I didn’t know you could lock a door from the inside with a card swipe. Things to know if you ever try to snatch and run
  • Audrey said it!!!! She said the line!!! “Amy, have you ever heard of the troubles?” YES!!!! She’s back!
  • I think even Mara got how messed up Duke’s mom was by the end of the story
  • I think Nathan can feel in ghost world and he can fight.
  • Dave to the rescue! Loved his Garland Wuornos impersonation. haha.
  • Trouble evolving over centuries makes sense and I love the people disappearing into paintings thing. It’s been done on shows before
  • Mara is surprisingly helpful. Suspect! She’s got a larger plan or something.
  • Love how Seth senses the fishy
  • Man, that hospital staffer sure is bitter
  • <3 Nathan and Audrey working together to help Amy with that trouble even with a gun in their face. Audrey was gonna finish her sentence even if it was rushed.
  • Chris Masterson’s acting when Audrey said he was gone….Wow.
  • Seth with his catchphrase. Valiant effort.
  • So glad they brought¬†Kris Lemche back.
  • I’m laughing at Nathan and Audrey holding back with the PDA in front of their coworkers.
  • Is there a grain of truth in what Mara is saying or is she manipulating the situation….
  • Welcome Laura Mennell!
  • Guest Stars this ep:
    • Chris Masterson (@CKMasterson)
    • Kris Lemche (@KrisLemche)
    • Lara Jean¬†Chorostecki (@LaraJeanC)
    • Dylan Taylor (@DylanTaylorEh)


  • Mara:¬†“If you and that animated husk want to see your doe-eyed boyfriend again, I suggest you start diving in to your mommy issues.”
  • Duke:¬†“Oh I can’t believe, I’m gonna do this but who you gonna call?”
    Seth:¬†“Darkside Seekers. We hunt what’s haunting you.”
  • Seth:¬†“Well look at this. Here we are again, Ms. Marvel, Dave Navarro, and yours truly the token geek.”
  • Audrey:¬†“Is it Nathan?”
    Seth:¬†“I don’t know. Do you have more than one ghost haunting your office?”
  • Nathan: “They must be desperate.
  • Duke: “Audrey, we can’t trust her.”
    Audrey: “I don’t trust her. But I trust you.”
  • Audrey: “This is the kind of thing we used to do together.”
    Seth: “Right. Working together. It’s nice. I miss it.”
    Audrey: “Yeah. Me too. Without Nathan, maybe I just can’t do this anymore.”
    Seth: “Hey, listen, I have seen my share of the supernatural and the unexplained. And I have dealt with the people living with it. I mean, I used to think that I was helping those people. I really did. And then I met you and Nathan. Look, I used to look at a guy like this, and I would see a paranormal curiosity. I would see a specimen to study. But you see through the weird. You see a person who needs help.”
  • Morgan: “Guard headquarters? Sounds like a supervillain’s lair.
  • Audrey: “Amy, have you ever heard of the troubles.”
  • Dave: “I see you’ve already met the father of all lies.”
  • Seth: “I know I don’t know too much about the troubles, but solving them usually doesn’t involve falling on your own sword.”
    Amy: “You heard him. We can be together.”
    Seth: ¬†“I heard him. I just don’t know why he didn’t let Audrey or Nathan speak. It doesn’t make any sense.”
  • Dave: “You know, he almost killed his own brother. Practically threw him to the dogs.”
    Vince: “Hang on–“
    Dave: “Can it!”
  • Morgan: “Why couldn’t you leave us alone? Why do you guys get to be together and we can’t? Why are you the only one that get to be happy. You show up saying you’re going to fix everything. But you ruin it all!!”
  • Seth: “I am the one who goes bump in the night. Huh? No? That not working? Okay, stay there. I got another one. Let me try that again.”
  • Seth: “Okay guys, there is something we seriously need to discuss. Did you see the way I took that guy out? It was just like a…pow! Honestly I don’t know how you do this. The stress alone is just crazy.”
    Audrey: “You know you loved it.”
    Seth: “Yeah, maybe. But I bet I’m not the only one. Anyhoo, crisis averted, day saved, guess I’ll head out while I’m still on top.
    Audrey: “Seth, thank you.”
    Seth: “You kidding me? Thank you. This has been yet another revealing trip to Haven.”
  • Nathan: “What Amy said, is that what I’m doing? Hurting people to be with you?”
    Audrey: “No. Just today, you brought back everyone that was affected by Amy’s trouble. It’s because of you that they can be back with their families again. I mean, after everything that we have been through and everything that we have sacrificed…I mean, we deserve to be together.”
    Nathan: “Let’s go home.”
  • Mara: “I’ve been thinking about when you used that trouble on me. Why didn’t you just put Audrey back in control? You split us in two.
    Duke: “Believe me, it was an accident.”
    Mara: “Oh no. Remember who you’re talking to. I know how venting a trouble works. The most important aspect being intent. You split us because you wanted Audrey back, but at least subconsciously, you wanted me around too. And so my question for you, Duke, is…Why?
  • Vince:¬†Come what may, we’ll face it together.

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