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NOTE: This wasn’t going to go out till tomorrow but it looks like some fans need some cheering up. So here it is….Surprise….HAVEN BINGO

The Surprise did work out! Thanks to those who gave things a once over and helped (you know who you are!). 😀

In traditional bingo you have a game card and when the announcer draws the ball and reads what it says (N-4) then you check your card to see if you have that. If you do, then you cover that score. First one with 5 in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) wins.

Well this is a modified version. First there is no prize except a hearty Congrats! This is just a fun way to pay attention to the season finale. Secondly, there won’t be hundreds of unique and different cards, here we have 8 different unique cards. Third, instead of an announcer reading out combinations, you have to pay attention to the show.

Here is how it works if Nathan & Audrey kiss and you have that square on your card, then cover that square. If Duke’s jeep is in a scene and it is on your card, you cover the square. Make sense? Of course the “Save Audrey” square is a free square you can cover.

If you do get 5 in a row, let us know on twitter with the hashtag #HavenBingo


Please share/reblog/retweet. The more the merrier.

Pick a Bingo Card from Below and have fun! (For more fun use a different card for part 1 and part 2 of the finale)

Haven Bingo Card 1: HavenBingoCards1 or pdf

Haven Bingo Card 2: HavenBingoCards2 or pdf

Haven Bingo Card 3: HavenBingoCards3 or pdf

Haven Bingo Card 4: HavenBingoCards4 or pdf

Haven Bingo Card 5: HavenBingoCards5 or pdf

Haven Bingo Card 6: HavenBingoCards6 or pdf


Haven Bingo Card 7: HavenBingoCards7 or pdf

Haven Bingo Card 8: HavenBingoCards8 or pdf


This is based off the idea Luvvie and Chescaleigh had in making Bingo cards for the Scandal finale last year. 🙂

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3 responses to “Haven Season 4 Finale Bingo!”

  1. Avatar Erin says:

    These are awesome! I can’t wait to use them during the finale. Thanks!

  2. Avatar Aimee J. says:

    Thanks! I had fun using them while watching part. 1. Enjoy!!

  3. Avatar Laverne says:

    hey brilliant post I’m a big bingo player from Scotland

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