I’m just getting back from Comic-con where I was incredibly lucky to see the Haven panel and meet all the wonderful cast and crew. I’ll write about that later though.

Right now, let’s get to this latest episode. This is just me trying to untangle my thoughts after watching “New Girl.” This is going to be long and it is spoilery. No choice because it’s the twist at the end that turns everything we saw on its head. You can read a recap at Syfy Haven.

KUDOS goes out to Brian Milikin and Eric Balfour. This slow clap is for you. 🙂

slow clap it out


Kudos to Brian Milikin for giving Audrey a whole new persona and serving up a twist that there is no Lexie and that it is really Audrey masquerading as Lexie.
[updated] Also, kudos for not keeping this twist under wraps for long.

Kudos to Eric Balfour for playing a dying and desperate man who was betrayed and now just wants to live somehow. There was a delineation when Eric was playing Tyler and when he was playing Tyler pretending to be Duke. I know, if you think too hard, you’ll just hurt your brain. The point is that it’s not easy for one person to play to distinct people, just ask Emily Rose (Audrey/Sarah/Lucy/Lexie). Muy impressed. You really showed your acting range here.


The first time you watch this episode, you may be thinking, man Lexie is totally different from Audrey. Bartender, drugs, physically she’s different, and she is not a prude. lol. Completely different. So you wonder, how is Nathan going to fall for her or her fall for him? I’m excited because it is like we got a reset and we get to see Lexie/Audrey learn about the Troubles all over again and how she helps them. All the while the three friends (Lexie, Nathan, & Duke) get to relive their friendships except this time, Nathan and Duke get along! Oh and Nathan and Lexie will probably be sharing an office again. Yay! A benefit of Dwight being Chief. 🙂

Nathan & Duke

Duke is the King of Quick Thinkers and Matchmakers. 🙂 Coming up with a way to save Nathan’s life when his plan backfires (b/c Lexie isn’t Audrey) and convincing the Guard to let them fall back in love. Genius. To a point. Now he’s on the hook if things go south. *gulp* The price of friendship my friends.

Also, I am so happy to see how far the Nathan & Duke friendship has come. It is so great to see them with playful banter and snark. For them to be looking out for each other instead of fighting. They are what seems to be a healthy level of fight and friendship. 🙂

throwing confetti

Nathan & Lexie

This was always going to be tough b/c Nathan has always been adamant that he loves Audrey. For those who want to bring up his time with Sarah, I remind you that he saw Audrey in Sarah. It wasn’t just about being able to feel her touch. Sarah was different but she was still helpful, brokered no nonsense, & got to the point. He thought he was going to lose Audrey and this was his only chance to be with her. [I wrote a whole post on this that was lost (if anyone has it, let me know please) so I can’t remember everything right now].

Here, when Nathan first meets Lexie, she is completely different from Sarah. It’s like a 180. Audrey the FBI agent and Lexie the delinquent who does peyote. o_O But you could see that he saw Audrey in her as spent time with her. Never more apparent than when Nathan told her, “You tried. That means a lot.”

Anyone else notice that when Nathan starts to get just a smidge closer to Lexie, that Lexie does something over the top that throws Nathan off?
Exhibit A: Drug references
Exhibit B: Throwing up at the pancake reference
Exhibit C: Asking Nathan if he and Audrey knocked boots

There are signs of progress and I think we’ll see more as the season continues.

Duke & Jennifer

Yeah, I think it’s pretty clear Jennifer is into Duke. lol. She can be spontaneous. 😉 Duke asking her to stay with no barn around is cool. Now is he still just feeling protective/grateful to her or does he have feelings for her? Hmmmm.


William told her she’d be whoever she wanted to be and when she said her name was Lexie we assumed that’s who she was. Of course it was possible (and in fact happened) that it would be Audrey who came out of that barn and was just pretending to be Lexie. But why were we to know that? Kudos to those of you who called it, I just think the setup was well done because it wasn’t in your face obvious. Brian Milikin did a great job of throwing us off the track in thinking we were looking at a completely different person from Audrey (see above for reasons why). This twist is a game changer and it is going to be interesting to see the effects play out in episodes to come.


Give Audrey a prize because she is the Queen and reigning champion for on the spot thinking. Here’s the scenario: You’re thrown out of a barn, surrounded by people with guns, and the man you love tells you that you have to kill him to end the troubles. Keeping in mind, that you didn’t want to kill him so you went into said barn. What do you do? Audrey went with be a totally different person and all I have to say is well played.

friends clap agree

Looking back at “Lexie’s” actions now and everything takes on a whole new meaning. Audrey is pretending to not be herself so that everyone doesn’t realize (including Nathan, who she quickly learns is ready to die) that she is not Audrey. The catch with her plan is that the Guard and Duke plan for her to fall in love with Nathan. Let’s re-look at them:

  • Nathan kissing her changes b/c she knows who he is.
  • “Cheekbones” – cute haha
  • Her coming to Nathan’s rescue has more meaning given her relationship with Nathan
  • Checking on Nathan’s injury
  • It must have been difficult for her to just sit back and listen as Duke questioned Katie
  • Candy bar scene – i wonder if she was laughing on the inside at Nathan’s lack of game 😉
  • Mocking her own wardrobe
  • Purposefully mispronouncing Wuornos
  • She purposefully retched at the offer for pancakes! Harsh Audrey. Tres cruel!!
  • Audrey’s reaction after Nathan tells her he wants her to be Audrey again. That must have been tough for her to not tell him that she is Audrey and right there with him. To hear how hurt he is by her absence.
  • She still knows how to convince him of things – letting her go in to save Duke
  • Her convo with Nathan about trying and it meaning a lot….did she also take it to be his reassurance about her trying to go into the barn? Stretch?
  • That last conversation about Audrey and Nathan having something…Audrey are you digging for clarity. 😉

And while she is annoyed Duke called her out on it/figured it out, her relief is apparent. That was the hug of two friends reuniting after a long absence. Loved it.She’s got so much going on masquerading as she is and now she has an ally to help her.

Duke figuring it out

Audrey did a fantastic job of keeping up appearances except for one slip-up. When she revealed herself by allowing Duke to kill Tyler. It just didn’t make sense (even to us viewers) that she would just “let” that happen. Not if there wasn’t a reason and Duke is smart, he figured it out. It also means Audrey’s “Sorry Duke” could have also meant she’s sorry to have to use his Trouble knowing he doesn’t like to use it. This isn’t taking away from Nathan though. She’s good and has a cover in place of someone totally different. No one really knows who she is supposed to be and if she slips, they could just brush it off as a common personality trait of Audrey, Lucy, and Sarah. But what if she slips up by revealing something only Audrey would know, like she did with Duke?

This was the fandom after the twist reveal.

what just happened

This twist changes it all because how will Nathan react when he learns the truth? How will Duke act now that he does especially with his life on the hook?! Will Nathan feel betrayed by Duke for keeping this secret? How long can Audrey keep up the act without slipping up? What can any of them do with the Guard hovering in the shadows?

This episode just doesn’t stop you from thinking. You can’t help it.

As always I leave you with some thoughts and quotes.


p.s. It’s after midnight and I have no idea if any of that made sense. Hopefully it did b/c I can’t go through it again. lol.

Random Thoughts:

  • Dwight, Vince, and Dave have been working together for 6 months. Huh.
  • When Vince and Dave stand together, I’m always wondering why is Vince the head of the Guard and not Dave? Was it always that way?
  • So a personality can’t be changed back. It was tried before and failed. Hmmmm. What happened? That seems like a story begging to be told!
  • Duke giving Nathan two thumbs up as he goes to work with Audrey seemed like a parallel to when Nathan gave Audrey two thumbs up in “Lockdown.”
  • Telling the cops Lexie has amnesia. Bit of a stretch for what she’s doing but I get it. It could fit.
  • Lexie has no meaning of personal space. LOL.
  • Nathan still has no game.
  • Lexie calling Nathan tough guy is reminiscent of Audrey calling him that in the pilot, “Welcome to Haven.”
  • The rejection of the pancake reference hurt! I mean talk about rubbing salt in the wound. I was with Nathan feeling the sting. Couldn’t just say no, she had to imitate throwing up?!
  • Jennifer stabbing Duke in leg. That girl is all about survival. Props.
  • So Lexie paused after Nathan tells her she tried and it means a lot. It reminded me of the last scene between the two of them in “Audrey Parker’s Day off.”
  • Nice to see Lucas Bryant’s wife playing Officer Rafferty.
  • Jordan’s been thinking y’all…..this is probably going to be trouble (pun intended) 🙂

Lot’s of Quotes:

  • “Okay, listen up you lunatics. Move a muscle, lose your head.” – Lexie
  • “And a reason why y’all are trying to blow away “Cheekbones” here.” – Lexie
  • Jennifer: “On the upside, I might be normal again, so…”
    Jordan: “Oh, how nice for you. But the rest of us don’t get off that easy.”
  • “Oh, tough guy.” – Lexie
  • “I think I’m the prisoner here, Aud-…Lexie. You’re safe.” – Nathan
  • Vince: “Duke has a plan.”
    Duke: “It’s really pretty simple. If Audrey loves you when she kills you, troubles end, right? The same rule should apply if Lexie falls for you.”
  • “Whatever personality she has, she always helps with theTroubles. It’s who she is.” – Vince
  • “I’m in love with Audrey.” – Nathan
  • “You can jump in here anytime you want, Detective.” – Duke
  • “I mean, you are just charming the pants off of her.” – Duke
  • “Why the hell does anybody still live here?” – Lexie
  • “Look, even though I knew it meant I was gonna die. I still wanted to find Audrey.” – Nathan
  • “Come be awesome.” – Duke
  • “Before I jumped out of the barn, William told me that I belonged in Haven, that I had a purpose. So maybe stopping those people from shooting you and helping you figure out what happened to Josh and Katie, maybe that’s…maybe that’s what Wiliam was talking about.” – Lexie
  • “Ah, 50 shades of beige.” – Lexie
  • “Back there in the woods, I was just trying to buy time. Keep him alive. I never thought that the Guard would buy it, but they did, and now I just have to keep this ball in the air.” – Duke
  • “No, I don’t think you do, Detective Woo-or-nose.” – Lexie
  • Lexie: “Does the rest of the world know about this town?”
    Nathan: “Just us lucky ones.”
  • Jordan: “She always comes with the troubles. Does anyone ever stop to ask if maybe the troubles are her trouble?”
    Dwight: “No. No, she solves troubles.”
    Jordan: “If Duke Crocker kills someone, their trouble ends. So what if he killed Lexie? Would all the troubles end?”
    Dwight: “Nothing we have found says that would work, not, not a single thing.”
    Jordan: “Anything say it wouldn’t?”
    Dwight: “Duke would never kill her. Not in a million years.”
  • “Door, three. War-noss, zip.” – Lexie
  • “Well, if you’re not laughing, you’re crying, right?” – Audrey
  • “Yeah, I can be spontaneous.” – Jennifer.
  • Audrey: “Don’t go all cop on me.”
    Nathan: “No. I’m just glad you’re feeling better. You know, when we get, when we get out of here, maybe we could get some food…maybe some pancakes.”
    Audrey: “Pancakes? *imitates retching*
  • Jennifer: “I’m going back to Boston.”
    Duke: “Have fun.”
    Jennifer: “Okay, well, you could try to talk me out of it just a little.”
  • Lexie: “You getting a good look?”
    Lexie: “You know I’m not her, right?”
    Nathan: “Yeah, I do. You’re a completely different person. And I don’t want you. I want you to be Audrey again. I’m sorry. I know that’s a terrible thing to say. That’s just how I feel.”
  • “I’m getting used to it.” – Lexie
  • “No, you’re not going in there on your own.” – Nathan
  • “Maybe I need to be here. This is what I’m supposed to be doing.” – Lexie
  • “Do you want to take that chance or do you want to take a chance on me.” – Lexie
  • “All right. Got it, Dudley Do-Right.” – Lexie
  • “Relax, sweetheart. It’s me.” – Duke
  • “All right, well that’s good to know. I’ve got a, got a lot to learn here.” – Lexie
  • Nathan: “You tried. That means a lot.”
    Lexie: “So I’ve heard the whispers. You had something…you and her.”
    Nathan: “We had something.”
    Lexie: “Did you and Audrey knock boots? Did you make sweet love?”
    Nathan: “It’s uh…complicated.”
    Lexie: “‘Complicated’ is what all the married guys tell me when they want to sleep with me. But I’m guessing with you , though, it really is complicated.”
    Nathan: “You’d be right.”
    Lexie: “Okay.”
  • “I’m protecting him. Nothing good is gonna come from him finding out about our family curse.” – Duke
  • Duke: “Stay. I don’t care if the barn is gone. Besides, you can make up for what you did to my leg.”
  • Jennifer: “You kissed me.”
    Duke: “You kissed me back.”
  • Duke: “You know, I’ve been thinking about what happened down in that basement. You just stepped aside and let Tyler try to take me.”
    Lexie: “I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. I just…I didn’t want to get stabbed. I was scared.”
    Duke: “You see, that’s where I get stuck. The way you jumped out of that barn, went down in that basement…I guess I’m just having a hard time believing that you were scared. I think you knew that my curse would kick in and save me.”
    Lexie: “I really, I don’t know the first thing about it.”
    Duke: “But Audrey Parker would. Isn’t that right… Audrey?”
    Audrey: *sigh* Damn it, Duke. *hugs Duke* Yeah, it’s me.








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