Plus side to traveling: More time to think and write. Here are my random thoughts from watching William:

Random Thoughts

  • Why is Gloria so … snappy with Audrey? I mean it is Gloria and I lover her snark but doesn’t it seem to especially come out with Audrey?
  • When Vince says “Everything is different” he sounded like Yoda to me. lol.
  • LOVED how Audrey shut William down with her No and hand gestures before he could even get his question out.
  • Is Nathan’s insecurity/fear that Audrey won’t fight for them? The romantic in me really enjoyed this episode because I really could see solid/secure “relationship” Nathan/Audrey (i.e. her talking about him to William, the last scene, her realizing something was wrong with Nathan)
  • “The real you is in there somewhere. It’s just waiting to come out.” – Audrey : foreshadowing?
  • Why would Heavy interrupt Audrey from shooting Nathan? Isn’t that something William and his goons would want? Maybe they didn’t realize that was happening….hmmm. Or maybe they need Nathan alive.
  • Does William know what was happening in Haven while he was hanging out in the barn? Did he know about Nathan before Audrey told him or had his goons spy on them?
  • Do you think William sees Nathan as a threat to getting his pastAudrey back?
  • I <3 Haven-Savers


On the bottom of this post are to me helpful quotes from previous episodes

Simple Request:  As we discuss theories and possibilities on Twitter/Tumblr/other sites/etc… Please try to be respectful of others and not make them feel silly, stupid, or dumb for thinking something. All that does is probably make them feel bad and you look mean. 

What do we know?

  • William and his goons, Sinister & Heavy, were in the Barn
  • Audrey, Lexie, Lucy, Sarah and her other Haven-Saver personas were all part of a cycle.
    • 27 years in the Barn
    • In Haven until the Hunter meteor storm helping the Troubled
    • Back into the Barn (repeat cycle)
  • Audrey’s guide was an Agent Howard who appeared in different incarnations with each “Haven-Saver”
  • Audrey’s past incarnations were known as Haven-Savers but she may have had another personality that wasn’t one of them, pastAudrey
  • The Barn is the space between two worlds and has a door that leads to Haven
  • The Barn was built for Audrey
  • Jennifer is connected to the Barn.
  • Jennifer’s adoption was facilitated by Agent Byron Howard
  • From Sebastian Cabot’s journal: (Crush)
    • There was a period of evil and great suffering that began when someone opened an otherworldly door
    • The door was opened to free Lexie from the dying Barn, tearing a hole in the soft spot between worlds and let them (William & the goons) out
    • What was once your salvation is now your doom.
    • Great evil has specific harbingers – horseshoecrabs with human eyes, suffering and agony beyond imagination
  • William and his goons are no longer in the Barn
  • Some times there is a spark when Audrey and William touch (Can’t confirm that this happens all the time)
  • William’s plan is about him and someone who is a part of Audrey (pastAudrey)
  • William wants the pastAudrey version back
  • The Love Game Outlook
    • Nathan loves Audrey
    • Audrey loves Nathan
    • William loves pastAudrey
    • pastAudrey loves ????
  • Audrey doesn’t think love is something that can be erased (Double Jeopardy)
  • Nathan dying (as Audrey’s true love) by Audrey was believed to be Haven’s salvation  (Thanks for the Memories)
  • Now that the soft spot has been torn open, it is believed that Nathan’s death at Audrey’s hands would bring doom to Haven (Crush)
  • Nathan and Audrey each have a ring that appears to be from the same set
    • Nathan’s ring came from his dad
    • Audrey’s ring came from Vince who held onto it for Sarah
    • William said Audrey would be whoever she most wanted to be when she left the Barn (Lost and Found)
    • The field the box was found is William & pastAudrey’s favorite place (William)
    • pastAudrey loved the flower that is in the box according to William
    • William believes everyone else is inferior to him, the goons and Audrey
    • William is the cause for afflicting the non-Troubled and and turning curses into contagion
    • William loves pastAudrey
    • pastAudrey loves William ß not proven (and highly debateable considering the source)
    • William can turn his voice into this mad deep, creepy, and scary voice


 Here are Some Questions I Had?

  • Was there a version of Audrey before the Haven-Savers?
    We knew that Audrey changed personalities every 27 years but it didn’t occur to me that there was an initial personality. Not sure why but I guess I always thought all of her personalities were Haven-Savers (love this term!)
  • Did pastAudrey actually love William or was it unrequited and he was just a friend? Or did she not care for him at all?
    My money is on that William’s feelings and pastAudrey’s were not on the same level. I can’t fathom another possibility.
  • Was pastAudrey evil? Could she be the great evil? Is William the great evil?
    Now this could be true and while that sucks, I think the Haven-Savers have redeemed pastAudrey. A journey of redemption of sorts.
  • Is pastAudrey being punished or did she make some sort of sacrifice to save Haven?
    So, Howard says yes and maybe it is but I think the punishment is one that made pastAudrey realize the wrongs of her ways, so to speak. This is assuming she was evil.

The rest of the season and onwards is going to be interesting to see how things play out. How the past is revealed to us. I can’t wait!!

I was looking at Mi’kmaq beliefs on spirtuality and there is some interesting things to read about. Take a gander.

Anyone else have any other theories? Share with me in the comments, over on Twitter or Tumblr. 🙂



Helpful Quotes

3×13 – Thanks for the Memories

  • Audrey: Who the hell are you?
    Howard: Think of me as your ride. I drop you off, and then when the time’s right, I pick you up.
    Audrey: In a barn?
    Howard: Yes. Look. Well, it’s quite a bit more than a barn.
    Audrey: How did that get here?
    Howard: It comes whenever you’re looking for it. It comes when you’re ready.
    Audrey: Okay, that’s it? I go into the barn, and then the Troubles end for 27 years?
    Howard: Not that simple. If it was, I could just pick you up and throw you in.
    Audrey: No. You couldn’t
    Howard: You have to want to go in. You have to want to go away. That’s what allows the Troubles to end for 27 years.
    Audrey: Well, then, see, that’s where we have a problem, Morpheus. I don’t want to go away.
    Howard: You’ll be back to Haven.
    Audrey: Yeah, but as somebody else, right? Audrey Parker goes away. Audrey…dies.
    Howard: Yes.
    Audrey: But, I don’t want Audrey to die.
    Howard: Okay. Go and try and figure out the way to stay.
    Audrey: What? I can just go?
    Howard: Yes. But know this, Audrey. The sky is starting to fall. While you’re out there attempting the impossible, trying to stay, it will continue to fall faster and faster, until the town and everyone you love in it have been destroyed.
  • Howard: Ready to go?
    Audrey: Why?
    Howard: That meteor storm is about to pound Haven from the face–
    Audrey: I’m not talking about the meteor storm. I’m talking about me. My choices. Where’s James?
    Howard: Healing. That’s what you wanted.
    Audrey: No, I want him to have a life. The life that I can’t have.
    Howard: That’s impossible. He belongs here now, like his mother.
    Audrey: Why? Why do I belong here?
    Howard: Think of the barn as an amplifier for you.When you’re in it, your energy keeps the Troubles at bay. But after 27 years, that energy starts to run out. Troubles start again. So, you have to come out and recharge.
    Audrey: Recharge? Recharge with what?
    Howard: Love. It energizes you so you can go back into the barn and stop the Troubles again.
    Audrey: Am I even human?
    Howard: Audrey, that’s your problem. You are very, very human.
    Audrey: So I’m — I’m troubled then.
    Howard: No.
    Audrey: Then why do I need to kill the man I love to end all this? Am I being punished?
    Howard: It does seem that way. Yes.
    Audrey: There’s gotta be another way.
    Howard: I’m sorry. There are only two ways this ends. One stops the Trouble for 27 years, the other … forever.

4×01 – Fallout

  • “Looking for one guy, one decent guy. Is that too much to ask?” – Lexie
  • Are you a cop or something? “not even a little.” – William

4×02 – Survivors

  • “Unless you let me help you, a lot of people are going to die” – William
  • Lexie: My name is Lexie Dewitt, and this is who I really am.
    William: No it’s not, but coming to terms with that is going to be a process.
  • William: You’ve been in love before, right? Real love, big love?
    Lexie: No.
    William: And yet you feel it every day. It’s that ache in your heart, the weight. It’s for someone that you haven’t met in this lifetime….That other life, I know the city. It was in Haven, Maine. You need to remember what happened there.

4×03 – Bad Blood

  • “It’s not just remembering who you were, you need to know where you are.” – William
  • “This place has many names. You know it most recently as the barn…it’s dying.” – William

4×04 – Lost and Found

  • Lexie: What is this barn I’m supposedly in?
    William: It’s — it’s a space between two worlds, and it’s been badly damaged. If you don’t leave soon, you will die…You have to find the real door, the doors that leads back to Haven.
    Lexie: Why don’t you just tell me where that is?
    William: I can’t. The barn was built for you. Only you can see through this.
    Lexie: You know what I don’t get? I don’t get why everybody else disappeared and you didn’t. Who are you William?
    William: I wish I could tell you…but I can’t. Right now, I’m only allowed to help you.
  • “Close your eyes. Clear your mind of all expectations and tell yourself when you open your eyes, your mind will open. And the truth will appear before you.” – William
  • “What you’re seeing is a barrier between two worlds. It’s not a space you can inhabit, but it’s not enedless. You can cross it.” – William
  • “This is a journey only you can make. Don’t worry, we’ll all be fine and I’m sure we’ll meet again.” – William
  • Audrey: You know you kept saying that I’m not who I think I am. If I make it to the other side…who will I be?
    William: Whoever you most want to be.

4×09 – William

  • “When we helped Audrey escape the barn, we tore a hole in the soft spot between worlds, let them out.” – Dave
  • “We found a local Migmaw tribal legend. It says once the soft spot is torn open, what was once our salvation is now our doom.” – Dave
  • Audrey: So, that was kinda crazy back there.

    William: Yeah. Eye opening.

    Audrey: What do you mean?

    William: Well, the Trouble thing seems to bring out the worst in people. And your friends got a lot of the worst.

    Audrey: Okay, let’s just find that box.

    William: They just don’t understand how special you are. They don’t deserve you.

  • Dwight: So your Crocker thing…

    Duke: Died with my brother? What’s wrong, I thought you’d be happy the Crocker curse was gone?

    Dwight: I didn’t like your ability but it existed for a reason. To keep the Troubles in check. Balance, counterbalance. How about you? Why aren’t you happy? Your Trouble’s gone.

    Duke: Yeah, it’s gone but I just don’t feel free.

  • William: This isn’t about some stupid trouble. This is about us.
    Audrey: Huh?
    William: Come on, why don’t you take a seat?
    Audrey: What are you talking about?
    William: I know. It’s all happening a little fast. But you have no idea, how excited I was, how thrilled I was to feel that spark between us. You’ve no idea how long I’ve been waiting.
    Audrey: When I touched you back at the station, you knew what that was?
    William: Yes! It’s what I’ve been praying for. When you came out of the barn and went right back into being Audrey, I thought I’d lost you forever. But now I know you are still in there.
    Audrey: You remember the barn?
    William: I always did. And so much more. This field, this was our favorite place. We used to have such fun up here. And I know you don’t remember that but you will.
    Audrey: You know what’s in that box, don’t you?
    William: This?! Yes. It’s a gift. Open it.
    Audrey: This whole day, Dwight’s kidnapping, me finding you, the black goo, the delusions, all of that, that was you? Why?
    William: Open it. You’ll see.
    Audrey: That’s beautiful.
    William: You always loved it.
    Audrey: Don’t. Touch me.
    William: Well…that’s disappointing. But not altogether surprising.
    *Heavy arrives*
    Audrey: You work for him?
    William: Of course not. He works for me. They both do. Let’s get your partner back here.
    William: This isn’t a game to me. I’m just trying to get through to you. A few simple delusions, your friends tear each other apart. They’re inferior. All of them.
    Audrey: Them? Not us.
    William: Exactly. This is so frustrating. The barn is gone, why don’t you remember?
    Audrey: You? This wasn’t your buddy’s Trouble. You infected my friends and put that mark on those people.
    William: Frankly, it was quite a chore but it appears I need to keep doing it, quite a bit.
    Audrey: Why?
    William: Because I want you back. Because I love you. And because you love me too.
    Audrey: There isn’t any part of me that will ever love you.
    William: Not Audrey Park. And not Lexie or any other Haven savers but there’s someone else in there. The real you. And she is mine.



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2 responses to “Haven: It’s a Whole New Ballgame”

  1. Avatar Caterina says:

    I’ve found it very interesting and deeply studied. I have been thinking pretty much the same thing. Everything seems to suggest us that Audrey has been evil and in love with William. Maybe they are the cause of troubles? Maybe they brought them to Haven inside that box? And so this is why she’s punished with the 27 years repeated cycle?
    BUT, if it were so, we would lose some of those that appeared as absolute, known fatcs:
    – Audrey is kind-hearted, she really shows love for humanity, whether they are troubled or not and especially when they are. Do you remember her compassion for that naked, aggressive guy who was in-fact a dog and wonders if he’s cold (“Stay” s03e02)? And she shot the rev who was threatening a Wendigo and all troubled people… and Nathan.
    – Audrey loves Nathan. Plus, last three of Audrey’s personalities are involved with him. He was Sarah’s first friend, Lucy loved their child and we know how it goes with Audrey. The point is Nathan seems to be not only one of Audrey(/Lucy/Sarah/Haven-Savers)’s loved ones, he seems to be THE ONE.
    Now, in a show like Haven, we don’t have many certainties. We don’t know practically anything, we don’t know what troubles are caused by, what the barn is, who Audrey is, we don’t even know WHAT she is. So, destroying that poor knowledge we have might be counter-productive (and extremely painful for my heart).
    Which made me look for evidences against the theory of “Evil-loving William-pastAudrey)”, because it must be somehow wrong.
    Some lines from the show confirm this sensation, as you said: “I’ve ALWAYS loved you. I will always love you” Audrey says to Nathan. And she thinks love cannot be erased. I know that Haven writers are great and I know the words they use are not accidental. Coincidence does not exist in this show. So is she right when she says that she’s always loved him? Is this love coming from a really remote past? Because we know that with Audrey “always” can be a really long time. Then, of course, there’s the question of the rings, which keeps pushing us to think Naudrey is fated. Some couples are, as Jordan said to Vince.
    And so what?
    I don’t have any idea. I think writers are there to frighten us with this possibility and, with an unbelievably great twist at the end, we’ll find out the truth was different. Did you notice this is the first obstacle to Nathan/Audrey ship coming from the inside? Jess Minion, Chris Brody, the 49 days left story, Jordan, the barn… they were all coming from the outside. If there’s this evil pastAudrey, then the obstacle would come from the inside of the couple and it would suck. Still, I really trust the writers. I know they will move us to tears, but they will fix it all. At the end. Eventually. I HOPE. They better do it!
    Now, some other details:
    Why is Duke’s trouble gone? Or, it’s better to say, is it really gone? Again, I feel as if the quotes are important and say much more than it seems: he says he doesn’t feel free, which obviously means – superficially speaking – that he feels guilty for what happened to Wade. Is it only this? Is only this heavy guilt? Or is his trouble, still lying there inside him? Of course, this is only speculation. On the other side, why did Dwight want Duke to exhume Wade? Yes, of course, for he had gone crazy, but… why did the writers want us to see exactly where he’s buried? I have this feeling this detail was important. Just like… what happened to James Cogan and Arla (who was engulfed by the barn)? And Teagues trouble with Vince having nose bleeding (“301”)? And Dave’s worst fear incarnated by Sarah (“Fear &Loathing”)? Yeah, I know, I’m going too far. Guess we’ll have to wait.
    But I really love Haven and my obsession with theories confirms it. Really hope it’s gonna be renewed.

  2. Avatar Aimee J. says:

    Exactly Caterina! I don’t know what the writers have in store but I think you’re right when you say that the words they use aren’t accidental. As for Duke’s trouble, it’s gone because of it’s ability but I have a feeling it’ll be back. It may be that William uses Duke and infects him with a new or the same trouble. It’ll be great to see how everything plays out. I’m excited! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. 🙂

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