Kudos go out to Emily Rose, Lucas Bryant, and SpeedWeed. Amazingly written and amazingly performed especially that final scene. Wow. You left all of us heartbroken in front of our tv’s.


This man has gone through the ringer lately hasn’t he. Having to kill your own brother and bury him by yourself?! :-/ I mean at least when Nathan’s dead died, Duke knew about it and helped him. Here, Duke is keeping this secret to himself and ends up suffering alone.

Then to be reminded throughout the episode that the Crocker family protects Haven with their Trouble reminding him that he’s no longer Troubled and that the family purpose is essentially null and void.

Nice to see Jennifer understand Duke for who he is and try and get through to him. When will Duke, Nathan, and Audrey ever trust each other enough to stop hiding things. In the end, Nathan and Audrey know that Duke killed Wade and understood. But at least Duke realized it in the end when Nathan told him the same thing as Jennifer, that he is the least selfish person he knows in some ways. 🙂

In the end Duke does get the girl and it’s not Audrey. I’m a little surprised that it happened so quickly especially with him saying that his feelings for Audrey were complicated. Not sure if that’s exactly fair to Jennifer. I’m just happy to see him finding some happiness in that crazy town. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to see these two work together because it just seemed to happen so fast.

4x08 duke

The Teagues

I get the feeling Vince reports to someone and that someone is getting antsy. Why else put the pressure on Nathan and I’m sure this latest Trouble didn’t help things.

Well Sebastian Cabot’s journal apparently holds the key to some vital information that probably would have been handy to know sooner. Why didn’t Dave force the issue earlier? Did he really need his brother to confirm what he learned?

Now that the rules are changing, will the Teagues have the info necessary to help our trio end the Troubles?

The Trouble

Clever way to bring the deep sea to land. Also a really good way to talk about the impact the Troubles can have on Haven. 🙁 So many people died that it’s almost norm for our Trio to see it happen. Jack (Darri Ingolfsson) and Aiden (Craig Olejnik) Driscoll did a great job as brothers who never expected to be Troubled because of their family history. I like when Haven brings up the town’s history into the story.

After watching the behind the scenes video of the cast walking around in these suits, I felt bad for them. Thanks for giving us your all!

And Sinister and Heavy are making their way around Haven it seems. What other mischief will they start?

Nathan and Audrey

FINALLY, we get to see these two happy. I mean, they were truly and honestly happy. Have you ever seen Nathan or Audrey smile that big?! I mean it was a fun scene to watch even if it was only for like a minute. Best part, this didn’t affect their partnership. They still argued and they still got the job done. Difference, they got to go home together even if only to have that heartbreaking conversation. Their faces at being interrupted and the scramble they did to keep things hidden, priceless!! Nathan moved quick, while Audrey had the slower reaction time. Still looking dazed after Nathan ran off. Haha.


As for that final scene between them….How on earth did Nathan get her to actually have the conversation is a mystery but I am glad they had it. I have been saying they need to talk about this because the guilt Nathan has been feeling is heavy. Watching Audrey actually listen to Nathan and try to see where he was coming from broke every fan’s heart. And Nathan I am impressed. For a monosyllable kinda guy, you presented your case perfectly because you convinced her while reminding her that it’s because you love each other. Listen, when she leaned into him and held her head on top of his head, I was done. Done!

Syfy Sync and SpeedWeed shared that this final scene was filmed continuously to build on the emotion. Yeah, I would say that worked. You had all of us emotional. With the tears falling from both of you and the comfort your tried to give each other despite the difficult topic….yeah. Success. Watch the entire scene w/o interruptions here.

Random Thoughts

  • I was just as surprised as Audrey that they talked about killing Nathan to end the troubles. Figured she’d walk away or something.
  • It’s a wonder that Audrey hasn’t been oughted sooner, the way it slips out with Duke in the last two episodes.
  • Also, I thought we were going with amnesia or something. So the people on the force think she’s someone different entirely or that she’s Audrey but calls herself a new name? I’m confused on this part. What’s the story? I ask because Gloria calling Audrey “Lexie Do-it” has me cracking up every time I think about it.
  • I cannot get over Vince’s pink reading glasses. There’s a story there, I can feel it.
  • Nathan’s ring! The one he wears around his neck. He wore it in the last episode when he said I love you but didn’t have it in on the next morning or when Vince spoke with him. But he did have it on for the rest of the episode. You’re telling me that Audrey didn’t see it?! She has a matching one!
  • Loved! Nathan sneaking out like a teenager. Haha. Someone was missing some buttons 😉
  • There really is a Micmac tribe and a Sebastian Cabot. 🙂 Neat!
  • I liked the episode don’t get me wrong I just think some of the editing could have been better. Like a scene would cut away too soon or cut back a second too late. Or there was probably a better angle that could have been used. But maybe that’s just me. And really this is only after watching it 20-bazillion times. Overall a great episode though.
  • Audrey can be affected by physical phenomena of the Troubles. This makes sense to me but was a big debate on Twitter on friday. lol.
  • The Crocker Trouble eliminates the Trouble for everyone in the current and next generations. Glad that was cleared up b/c I thought it was just next.
  • Audrey’s face at Vince’s interruption is fantastic. It was like she couldn’t believe it was happening. I feel that she was a little slower to react than Nathan.


  • I am continually impressed (and ecstatic) with how far Nathan and Duke’s friendship has come.
  • Lucas Bryant and Emily Rose killed me (and a lot of other people) during their final scene. By the time I finish watching this scene I always have to go back to the morning scene just to cheer up and laugh. :p
  • If Shawn Pierce doesn’t stop killing us with the scores in these episodes.

Quotes (lots and lots of them)

  • “It a Trouble, chicken little.” – Vince
  • Nathan: “It’s like the old Phil Collins song, “You Can’t Hurry Love.”
    Vince: “It’s the Supremes.
  • Gloria: “Oh, it’s Lexie “Do-it.”
    Gloria: “Yeah.”
  • Dave: “Soft spot! We ripped it wide open. The Micmac prophesized doom, Vincent.”
    Vincent: “Shut up Dave. You look like a turtle.”
  • “I never know what they’re talking about.” – Duke
  • “Wow, who taught you how to accept an apology?” – Duke
  • “You are a hero, Duke. You’re the guy who sacrifices himself for other people.” – Jennifer
  • It’s like saying that a man is pregnant.” – Duke
  • Duke: “You know, I liked it so much better when you hated me. How the hell did we get here?”
    Nathan: “Get where?”
    Duke: “I’m supposed to be the selfish one. Now all I do is put my ass on the line for the two of you. You’re supposed to be the cops who protect this town. But lately, the only people you seem to be protecting are yourselves.”
    Nathan: “What just happened?
    *Nathan scoffs* Do you think he knows about us?”
    Nathan: “I don’t know. He might. And what he said…he’s not entirely wrong.”
    Audrey: “Yeah. he is.”
  • “In Haven, you always lose. So why even bother trying?” – Duke
  • Nathan: “Hey Duke, I don’t love the idea, but we-”
    Duke: “Who are you to talk? That man is willing to die to end one trouble, while you–you decided that your life is worth more than all of the troubles so don’t”
    Nathan: Hey.
    *Duke punches Nathan* “Your trouble is gone. How?”
  • Duke: “We’re in deep now.”
    Audrey: “Not funny.”
  • “Some truths are hard to accept, but we have to accept them or we hurt the people we love, the ones who need us to do it for them.” – Audrey
  • Nathan: “Your trouble is gone. Did you kill Wade?”
    Duke: “I didn’t have a choice.”
    Nathan: “What you said before…do you really think Audrey should kill me?”
    Duke: “How I feel about Audrey…*sigh* It’s complicated. But no. I was angry. I mean, I’m selfish, but I’m not that selfish.”
    Nathan: “That’s funny. In so many ways, you’re the least selfish person I know.”
    Duke: “Funny, that’s the second time I’ve heard that today.”
    Nathan: “Who else said it?”
    Duke: “Someone a lot cuter than you.”

Unraveling the Mystery

  • Dave: “Jennifer?”
    Jennifer: “Oh, my God.” *clears throat*
    Duke: “No, no, no, no, no. Come on in, you’re not interrupting anything.”
    Dave: “Sorry, Duke. Did you find your parents?”
    Vince: “Oh, don’t start with that, Dave. Start with, ‘Sorry we abandoned you.’ You’ve just had a big day. Sorry we got sidetracked.”
    Jennifer: “Oh, Dave got you to read whatever that is.”
    Dave: “This is the handwritten journal of the explorer Sebastian Cabot, who spent the winter here in 1497 with the local Micmac Indians.
    Vince: “Yeah–Oh, it’s a fascinating account.
    Duke: “I’m sure it is. Get out.”
    Vince: “Much of what he writes is accurate to the troubles as we know them today. Cabot records an ancient Micmac legend, a time they considered the blackest in their long history.”
    Dave: “A time of great evil and suffering that started when someone opened an otherworldly door that shouldn’t have been opened.”
    Jennifer: “The door that Lexie came through. You tried to stop us.”
    Duke: “Yeah. And you thought that when the Driscolls got troubled, that his evil had come back.”
    Dave: “I did, but for once, I can say I’m thrilled to be wrong.”
    Vince: “Well, mark your calendar.”
    Jennifer: “How do you know you’re wrong?”
    Dave: “According to the legend, the great evil has specific harbingers we haven’t seen…”
    Vince: “Mm.”
    Dave: Horseshoe crabs with human eyes.”
    Jennifer: “Um, I’ve seen them.”
    Dave: “What?”
    *scene break*
    Duke: “Nathan’s not picking up.”
    Jennifer: “I can’t reach Lexie either.”
    Vince: “Those crabs confirm the soft spot has been ripped open.”
    Dave: “The great evil is at hand. An agony unlike we’ve ever known is about to arrive here in Haven.”
    Duke: “Okay, look, let’s just calm down and think. We need to tell Lexie and Nathan. Maybe Lexie learned something in the barn about this great evil before she stepped through that door.”
    Jennifer: “Could be she knows something she doesn’t even know she knows, you know? Does that make sense?”
    Duke: “Believe it or not, yes.”
    *scene break*
    Vince: “Well, that’s all it says. Great suffering, agony, evil.”
    Dave: “Yeah, but what kind. It doesn’t specify.”
    Duke: “Well, does it specify something we can do about it? A solution to suffering beyond imagining would be, you know, useful.”
    Vince: “Well, the Micmacs only gave Cabot a riddle. Now hang on, let’s–let’s see if I can find it. ‘What was once your salvation is now your doom.'”
    Jennifer: “That’s it? Salvation is our doom?”
    Dave: “What do we think’s our salvation?”
    Duke: “We think Nathan dying will end the troubles. That’s our salvation. But if this riddle is right, then Audrey can’t kill him now.”
    Vince: “I agree. She’d better not. Wait a minute. Why did you call her Audrey?”
    Duke: *laughs*

Morning After Scene

  • Nathan: “I can’t feel the bowl. I can’t feel the whisk. But I can feel that!”
    Audrey: “Can you feel that?”
    Nathan: “Mhmm.” “Okay, yeah.”
    Audrey: “Why did we wait so long.”
    Nathan: “Haven. It’s not an easy place.”
    Audrey: “But at least Haven has both of us again. And if helping the troubles is what I’m supposed to be doing karmically. That was a little bit of a Lexie word. Sorry, those creep in every once in a while.
    Nathan: It’s okay. I’ve grown more fond of her.”
    Audrey: “Have you?”
    Nathan: “Mm-hmm.”
    Audrey: “Mm.”

Final Nathan x Audrey Scene


  • Nathan: “I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s like you said to Aiden, ‘Some truths are hard to accept but people need us to do it for them. Haven needs us to do this.”
    Audrey: “I can’t believe we’re actually talking about this.”
    Nathan: “Jack Driscoll wanted to sacrifice himself to end one trouble. My death ends them all.”
    *taking her hands in his*
    “How can we walk away from something like that? Especially now that somebody is altering the rules, putting troubles in families that never had them. Know what that means, right?”
    Audrey: “It means its getting worse.”
    Nathan: “Then how lucky are we that we can make everything better with one bullet. You’re supposed to help people with their troubles. Were meant to do it karmically, remember. What better way than to cure them all forever?”
    “Think about how many people died today? Jill Nunis was married to Roger for twenty years. They loved each other. Just like us. How can I go on living when that’s the cost?”
    “Then there’s Duke. He had to kill Wade, his brother because the troubles haven’t ended. Because you haven’t killed me. And his pain. The pain of everyone in this town is on us.”
    “Maybe you can see it the way I do. This is the most loving thing we could possibly do.”
    “I love you.”

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