This is podcast is two parts. In Part 1, Amy and I play Guess Who, where we discuss if it’s Mara or Audrey we see in certain scenes of The Switcheroo 1. Part 2 is the actual review for The Old Switcheroo Part 1 and if you want to jump straight to that, you’ll find it at 19:30.

Here are my answers for the Guess Who? game.  These are who I think were in the scene during the episode. All times are in min:sec format.

At the Freddy (16:08 – 16:55): Audrey

At Audrey’s apt (16:55 – 17:22): Mara

At Audrey’s apt (25:12 – 26:27): Mara

At Audrey’s apt (27:25 – 29:17): Mara

At Audrey’s apt (29:17 – end): Mara


Also, I mentioned that William Shatner may possibly be on Haven, here is where I got that information.



Random Notes:

  • 1587 every single settler was wiped from the earth. I’d leave Manteo, NC myself. Yikes!
  • I wonder how many times Richard Donat had to bump his head.
  • Duke in Nathan’s shoes and the first thing he realizes is he can’t feel. Nice!
  •  Woozy, ringing ears, and feeling like water trickling downhill – signs you’re walking towards an open thinny. #moreyouknow
  • Adam Copeland portrayed Gloria amazingly
  • Jayne Eastwood had THE best Dwight portrayal.
  • Nathan trying to hold back his laughter at the Dwight/Gloria switch had me chuckling.
  • So Jeff Doohan is troubled and his sister-in-law’s family owns the land with the thinny. Coincidence? I think not.
  • I like how the trouble switching was portrayed. With the image swap and a transition.


  • Mara: “Nope. Still don’t like pancakes. You know what your big problem with your ‘Treat me like Audrey so Audrey Returns’ strategy is? Well, besides the fact that I killed her, is it requires I get utensils. You want to have another dance?”
    Nathan: “Not at the moment Parker.”
    Mara: “Good idea. You know what I will take, though? One of those tacos. They taste like the bottom of that dock, but I actually prefer that kind of a flavor.”
    Duke: “I have an idea. We could force-feed you your pancakes.”
    Mara: “Get close to my mouth, and I’ll bite you too.”
    Duke: “Yeah, that’s fine. ‘Cause we can just feed you through another–“
    Nathan: “Duke. Let’s talk outside.”
    Duke: “Sure.”
  • Duke: “What if Audrey really is gone?”
    Nathan: ” What if she’s not?”
  • Gloria: “Doing your morning affirmation in the mirror there, are we, Dave?
    Vince: “Oh yeah. I-I mean, no.
    Gloria: “Yeah. So how is the information coming along from Cincinnati?
    Vince: “Cincinnati?”
    Gloria: “Yeah, I’m still waiting for it.
    Vince: [stammers]
    Gloria: “Dave. If you’re using that wacky tobacky medically, go easy on that stuff.”
    Vince: “Have you noticed anything or anyone acting strange?”
    Gloria: “Besides you? No. But it’s Haven and the day’s young. Bye Dave. Good not talking to you. Oh boy.”
  • Dwight: “I’m not happy about this trouble, Nathan.”
    Gloria: “I’m not exactly jumping for joy either there, kiddo.”
  • Gloria: “I never realized how short I am. Huh. By the way, you are all muscle big guy. What do you eat?”
    Dwight: “You know, you could pay a visit to the gym, Gloria.”
    Gloria: “Oh, yeah. I’ll get right on that.”
  • Dwight: “Arrest him.”
    Gloria: “What?”
    Dwight: “Fine. Then just punch him in the head till he falls down. I’ll arrest him.”
  • Dwight: “It’s actually not funny, Nathan.”
  • Vince: “What have you done, Dave?
    Dave: “Me? Me? What have you done?”
    Vince: “I didn’t do anything. You did this!”
    Dave: “Why on earth would I ever do this? And what is this?”
    Vince: “Some kind of trouble, I’m sure. But why it’s happening to us right now, I have no idea.”
  • Mara/Audrey: “They switched bodies.”
    Nathan: “Parker. You’re alive.”
    Audrey/Mara: “Barely.”
    Nathan: “Hey.”
    Audrey/Mara: “Please keep treating me like Audrey.”
    Nathan: “Okay.”
    Audrey/Mara: “Keep treating me like Audrey.”
    Nathan: “I will. How? Is there anything I can do?”
    Audrey/Mara: “Everything. Keep doing everything.”
    Nathan: “Okay. Hey, Parker, Stay with me. Stay with me.”
    Audrey/Mara: “Don’t–Don’t–Don’t let her know that I was here. Please don’t tell her that I was–that I was here.”
  • Mara: “What idiots. It says here that schizophrenia is hereditary. Uh, hello? Isn’t everything hereditary?”
  • Gloria: “Hard to hold a scalpel with these catcher’s mitts. Lucky I got through the autopsy.”
  • Dwight: “I try to eat healthy, Gloria.”
  • Gloria: “You’re like a moose. A milkshake won’t hurt.”
  • Dave: “I don’t know how you maintain consciousness at this altitude.”
  • Duke: “Nathan, we’re supposed to treat her like Audrey, but you got her chained to a bed. I’m pretty sure that’s not how you and Audrey spent your evenings. And if it is, please forgive me. I’m impressed.”
  • Mara/Audrey: “It’s secrets.”
    Nathan: “Parker.”
    Mara/Audrey: “You switch with someone you have a big secret with. Mara thought about that.”
    Duke: “Wait. Dwight and Gloria have a secret?”
    Nathan: “Parker…How are you doing this?”
    Mara/Audrey: “I don’t know. I think it’s easier when Mara’s sleeping.
    Nathan: “Okay, so we need to–“
    Mara/Audrey: “Nathan, you can’t take me on the case with you tomorrow.”
    Nathan: “What?”
    Mara/Audrey: “Mara’s getting suspicious. I know what she’s thinking. And the harder you try the more her defenses go up. It’s just…it’s getting worse.”
    Nathan: “How am I supposed to treat you like Audrey, then?”
    Mara/Audrey: “Leave me here. Duke…Duke, you can do it. You have to do it, Duke.”
    Nathan: ‘Parker. Audrey. Stay”
    Mara/Audrey: “You need to do it.”
  • Gloria: “Uh, I wouldn’t do that Dwight. Unless you want heartburn all day.”
  • Nathan: “I don’t think that’s such a good idea. You’re slow. And you’re a danger to the public.”
  • Vince: “We’re brothers Dave. I don’t like keeping things from you.”
    Dave: “I never intended to hide all this from you, but I was just…”
    Vince: “What, Dave?”
    Dave: “Scared, okay. Scared of discovering the truth.”
    Vince: “The truth about what?”
    Dave: “Me.”
  • Gloria: “You know, I make a pretty good cop.”
    Dwight: “Ah, the jury’s still out.”
  • Dwight: “Why is it I feel I always got to pee? What’s that all about?”
    Gloria: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
    Dwight: “Oh yes you do.”
  • Duke: “We switched.”
    Nathan: “Yeah.”
    Duke: “Be cool….As cool as you can be and step away from her right now.”
    Nathan: “Why?”
    Duke: “Because that is not Audrey Nathan. That is Mara pretending to be Audrey. Nathan I’m telling you the truth.”
    Nathan: “It’s Nathan. I’ll be right back.”
    Mara: “Okay.”
    Nathan: “Why should I believe you?”
    Duke: “Because it’s the truth.”
    Nathan: “And what she just told me about Colorado?”
    Duke: “What–what–what did she tell you?”
    Nathan: “That you kissed, that you–“
    Duke: “Okay, yes, the kiss is true, but everything else is a lie. That’s how I knew that it wasn’t Audrey.”
    Nathan: “What?”
    Duke: “Yes. Audrey and I…kissed in Colorado, but I never told you because I knew it–it didn’t mean anything. I could tell when we were kissing that it wasn’t going anywhere for us, probably because of you. We both knew it, but we never talked about it. But just now, she just said it was something, something that it wasn’t. And that’s…God, Nat–You have to believe me Nathan. That is not Audrey.”
    Nathan: “Your kiss…that was our secret. That’s why we switched.”
    Duke: “I guess. Kind of hoping we’d switch back now that it’s out, but I guess that would be too easy.”

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