Heads up: In honor of Audrey’s Return, Friday, October 24th, 2014 is being hailed as National Haven Day by fans….well this fan in particular but feel free to adopt it as well. 😀

Random Notes:

  • As soon as Duke (in Nathan’s body)  said, “She doesn’t know, that we know that she’s pretending to be Audrey.” All I could think of was this Friends gif from one of my fave eps:
  • Ha! Should have known Duke goes commando
  • Kudos to Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour for nailing Duke and Nathan respectively.
  • That’s gotta be all sorts of creepy to switch with your spouse when he/she is having an affair. *shiver* Heck of a way to find out about it
  • Never thought I’d hear Duke ask what’d Nathan do right now.
  • So Mara is immune to all the troubles except for Duke’s trouble. Duke’s morphed trouble changed things up, it seems. When Audrey gave Duke his trouble back, I guess it was tweaked and (backfire for Mara & William) but they are no longer immune to his trouble. Heck of a tweak.
  • The fear on Mara’s face when she was locked in that room with Duke and his trouble, was really telling.
  • Points to Mara for quick thinking, whereas Duke hesitated. Snooze you lose buddy.
  • Despite the fact that it is Duke in Nathan’s body, Mara/Audrey took his gun….again. 🙂
  • Like what they did with Duke in Nathan’s body (Lucas Bryant) trying to convince Officer Rafferty (Kirsty Hinchcliffe, Lucas Bryant’s WIFE) that he was really Duke with the story of their dalliance. 😉
  • There’s a thinny in North Carolina that’s open but all the one’s in Haven are closed. What does this all mean?
  • How sweet is it that Nathan bought Gloria a GPS for Christmas. Awwww.
  • Is it wrong that I cracked up when Gloria dropped to the ground? That being sound loved the montage of switches (beautiful music)
  • Agent Howard was a realtor! (i kid)
  • Poor Dwight 🙁 His sister’s trouble activated and she died. Why was Gloria in touch with his sister and he not?
  • Also, how awesome was Adam Copeland’s acting in that scene with Gloria at hearing about his sister. :-/ You really could feel it.
  • Dave’s secret was answered!!! His greatest fear is Sarah because of when he blacked out next to the Colorado Kid (Sarah’s son), who was dead. He thinks he killed him.
  • Loved when Mara called Duke and Nathan both idiots.
  • How come I didn’t see a split coming? I mean I thought Audrey’s personality would overcome Mara’s but missed the obvious answer. I love this too. Since Mara came into the picture, I’ve always wanted a Mara vs. Audrey showdown and I really hope we get it!
  • The song played during Jeff & Skip’s reunion is Actors by Still Parade.


  • Mara: “Why isn’t one of you trying to force-feed me carbs?”
  • Duke: “What would Nathan do right now?”
  • Nathan: “That bitch was really starting to get on my nerves. I don’t know how William put up with her for so long.”
  • Duke: “Make her take off her shirt.”
  • Mara: “Well, if you don’t want your party crashed, don’t broadcast your address over the police scanner.”
  • Mara: “Your trouble just keeps getting better and better and better and better. Gives a whole new meaning for “taking one for the team.”
  • Dave: “Oh thinnies, troubles, intolerable weather–we may as well never have left Haven.”
  • Duke: “I was single.”
    Nathan: “You’re always single.”
    “Oh I’m sorry, we can’t all find true love like you, Nathan. Do you ever wonder if maybe it’s because…Audrey is the only person you can feel?”
    Nathan: “No.”
    Duke: “Really? Because now that I’ve been in your body, I sort of–“
    Nathan: “You still talk too much.”
  • Mara: “I don’t keep secrets. I’m more of a ‘tell it like it is’ kind of gal.”
  • Duke: “Actually, I’m not in love with Audrey. Remember? I’m Duke.”
    Nathan: “You’ve been waiting to do that all day, haven’t you?”
  • Dave: “Oh, he’ll be okay. And if he’s not and we both end up in the ground, well, that’s all right too. I wouldn’t want to go on without him.”
  • Nathan: “If Duke dies, you’re next. You might be immune to the troubles but you’re not to this.”
    Mara: “You don’t have the balls.”
    Nathan: “If Duke is gone, there’s no chance I can get Audrey back. That leaves no reason for you to exist.”
    Mara: “You’re more pathetic than I thought. You would leave the fate of blondie in the hands of the man who almost stole her from you.”
  • Mara: “Nothing happened. You’re both idiots.”
  • Audrey: “Thank you.”

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