Random Notes:

  • Welcome again to Laura Mennell!!
  • Now that’s a Nathan/Audrey scene we haven’t really scene. They relaxed! Nice socks Nathan!!
  • Look at the four of them working together. Yay!
  • Pete’s a classic nerd! lol. Gloria saved his life!
  • Stan! There’s been a Stan sighting!!! Hi Glenn!!
  • Classic Haven. Trying to hide Dave and he shows up in the police station.
  • And I am okay with that Chris Brody cameo. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Jason Priestly.
  • Dwight’s a smooth talker when he wants to be. Go ahead Romeo!
  • Yo Charlotte, no one calls Gloria incompetent and gets away with it!
  • It makes me sad to see Duke being manipulated by Mara.
  • Not sure I like how Dwight’s acting right now…seems to be reverting to early season Dwight.
  • That Mara/Audrey scene, even if only over the phone, was everything!
  • Poor Vickie just has bad luck.
  • Forget what I said about the four of them working together. That went downhill fast. Yikes!
  • Also little disappointed that Duke gave in like that. He let Dwight’s actions color all “friends.” Nathan tried to defend you man!!


  • Nathan: “It’s been quiet while you were gone.”
    “Nathan finally went and bought some new socks.”
    Nathan: ” Yeah.” *shows off his socks proudly*
    Audrey: ” Listen, I am going to go and get some refills alright.”
    Nathan: “Mmhm.”
    Audrey: “Another hour and we can spike them.”
    Dwight: “I should leave town more often.”
  • Nathan: “To your sister.”
    Dwight: “And more quiet days in Haven.”
  • Dwight: “We get so focused on thinnys and aether, we forget about the threat of the real world finding out about the troubles.”
  • Gloria: “Okay, you know, I gotta go before Pete hurts himself.”
  • Dwight: “No but wait, I have a brand new crossbow! Charm trouble. Gets me every time.”
  • Nathan: “So you hate my new socks.”
    “No, I like them. I’m just saying they don’t make good duty socks.”
    Nathan“Well perps will see me coming a mile away.”
    Audrey: “Yeah.”
  • Audrey: “That’s beyond scary, that’s definitely a trouble.”
  • Duke: “You killed Jennifer.”
  • Duke: “Why do you care what I think?”
    Mara: “I like this path that we’re on, even if you don’t see it. So if you’re going to continue to hate me, I just want it to be for the right reasons.
    Duke: “Well there are just so many to choose from.”
  • Gloria: “Just Haven’s luck to have an outbreak when the CDC’s around.”
    Audrey: “Yeah.”
    Dwight: “It’s too bad we can’t use Charlotte’s expertise. I mean we got an accomplished doctor in town, people are actually sick, and we’re genning up fake diagnoses.”
  • Charlotte: “You the owner?”
    Duke: “No.”
  • Duke: “I’m not happy about this.”
    “Okay, but in the meantime, just stay out of sight. I want her to believe that Haven’s a normal place.”
    Duke: “Because you’re more normal than I am?”
    Dwight: “By a lot. But don’t get upset, you might sprout a trouble in front of her. Okay just go.”
  • Duke: “Another prediction from Mara the psychic. Or maybe I should just say psycho.”
    “My predictions are not psychic. They’re based on 500 years of of watching humans act out of fear.
  • Audrey: “Hi.”
    Mara: “Hello Audrey. How are you? You haven’t come to see me.”
    Audrey: “Why would I?”
    Mara: “Oh I don’t know. To meet your maker?
    Audrey: “You’re not my maker.”
    Mara: “Really? Then who is? Duke? I don’t know if you can afford such ontological certainty, being that you’re a banana peel, a nut shell, a husk.”
    Audrey: “Are you going to help me or not.”
    Mara: “All right, Audrey husk. Don’t twist your knickers. You want to know about the dancing bear trouble. Well, I remember being trapped inside of Lucy husk while she talked Eve through her dead daddy issues.”
    Audrey: “Yes. The trouble is about loss.”
    Mara“An original recipe as I ever made. Which means if you’re failing at it, then you’ve lost your mojo.”
    Duke: “I said to play nice.”
    Mara: “Come on Duke. It’s true. I’m the candy, she’s the wrapper.”
  • Nathan: “We need to work together. What are you doing?”
    Dwight: “I’m the Chief of Police and the Leader of the Guard. You want to know what Haven’s going to do? Whatever I decide. Not you that only thinks about Audrey and not you who only looks out for himself.”

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