Random Notes:

  • Nathan’s a mother hen and with reason. Audrey is trying to downplay this illness.
  • Duke’s continued exposure to Mara cannot be good. It just cannot.
  • do not trust Charlotte Cross. And Dwight … I am disappointed in you.
  • That trouble is grizzly!
  • Only in Haven will folks backstab you in one minute and then have trust again the next.
  • Dwight, your gut needs to be checked.
  • I have a special place in my heart for Gloria, for life
  • Janet the boss brings back Rev. Driscoll hate vibes
  • Mara knows what it means to sacrifice in vain…..hmmmmm
  • Did y’all see that long pause Charlotte had when she saw Audrey? Hmmmmm
  • I want Audrey’s clothes!!
  • Audrey is freezing all the time. Remember Nathan won’t be able to feel that. o_O Oh no!
  • Charlotte has this disturbingly strong connection to helping the Troubled. It makes me suspect.
  • Man that Duke/Nathan scene broke my heart. Duke felt his friend, his last hope probably let him down.
  • I did enjoy Vince and Nathan working together. 🙂
  • Nathan referenced himself as her boyfriend. Haha.
  • She’s degenerating!! 🙁
  • Gives new meaning to giving “the look”
  • I could have done without that 1 minute scene between Duke and Mara. #realtalk
  • I admit I was wrong about Duke sleeping with mara. #DisappointedButNotSurprisedAfterThinkingAboutIt
  • Why does Charlotte have that folder?!?!?!?!


  • Audrey: “You used to bring me coffee.”
    Nathan: “Fresh pot brewing right now.”
  • Nathan: “You shouldn’t still be sick.”
    Audrey: “I’m fine. People get the flu, Nathan.”
    Nathan: “It’s not flu season.”
    Audrey: “So you do think it’s about the split. That the reason I’m sick is because I shouldn’t be here.
    Nathan: “No.”
    “That I’m not real?”
    Nathan: “No, I did not, I didn’t say that.”
    Audrey: “Okay, good. Because for once in my life, I am my own person and except for a little cough, I feel great.”
    Nathan: “Parker. Hey. You, you are the realest person I know. More real than me most days. But, what if losing your immunity to the troubles isn’t the only effect the split had?”
  • Mara: “Why don’t you just vent something. It might put you in a better mood.”
  • Mara: “Mass casualties, huh? Well can’t say I wasn’t ambitious back then.”
    Duke: Yeah. Ambitious. And cruel. You didn’t care about a single person’s life that your troubles ruined. So why should I believe all of a sudden that you give a damn about helping me?
    Mara: “Because helping you helps me. I’m not immune to your trouble, remember?”
    Duke: “Mm-hmm. Right. So you’re just in this to save your own skin?”
    Mara: “Hmm.”
    Duke: “Hey, at least it’s honest. Almost makes me like you.”
    Mara: “Good. Now stop sulking and go find that damn aether.”
  • Gloria: “She’s a skinny thing too, isn’t she. Too skinny, it looks weird.”
  • Janet: “People can’t fight their demons with a crutch, they need a sword.”
  • Mara: “Maybe I know what it feels like to sacrifice in vain.”
  • Nathan: “Duke. What the hell? Where are you? Do you have Mara?
    Duke: “One, I’m doing the right thing. Two, I’m not telling you that And three…sort of.”
    Nathan: “I don’t have time for this. Is Mara with you or not?”
    Duke: “Yeah.”
    Nathan: “Bring  her in. Audrey’s sick. We need to find out if it has something to do with the separation.”
    Duke: “What do you mean Audrey is sick? Is it serious?
    Nathan: “I don’t know. But if we have Mara, then we can–“
    Duke: “No.”
    Nathan: “What?”
    Duke: “Look, I know what I’m doing. And for once, Nathan, I need your help. I need you to bring me some of the aether so that Mara can fix me.”
    Nathan: “What?!”
    Duke: “To keep me from kicking out any more dangerous troubles.”
    Nathan: “And you actually believe that she’ll help you?”
    Duke: “Hey, Pot, this is the kettle.”
    Nathan: “Look, I know I’ve done crazy things, but that was for Audrey. You can’t trust Mara. She’s convinced you to get the one thing she needs to open a thinny. And if she does that, she will take out the entire town.”
    Duke: “I am the one who could take out Haven. I don’t have any more nice little safe troubles to let out. The next one is gonna be bad. Mara can stop it.”
    Nathan: “I’m not bringing you the aether, Duke. Everything she’s done has been to get aether. Bring her in. We need her.”
    Duke: “Yeah, you’re right. It doesn’t add up. I can’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth.”
    Nathan: “Bring her in, Duke. We’ll find another way to help you.
    Duke: “Yeah I know.I actually thought he was gonna come through for me for once.”
    Mara: “So…now what?”
    Duke: “Now I go take the aether and then you fix me. Right?”
    Mara: “Right.”
  • Duke: “I really wish you were somebody else right now.”
  • Charlotte: “Doctor-patient confidentiality.”
    Nathan: “Even if I’m a cop?”
    Charlotte: “Mm-hmm.”
    Nathan: Even if I’m her boyfriend?
    Charlotte: “Yeah.”
    Nathan: “Mm-hmm.”
  • Audrey: “You’re not evil just because you’re troubled.”
  • Nathan: “I’d like to trust her Dwight, but it’s kinda hard when Audrey’s involved.”

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