Random Notes:

  • I never thought Duke was a “Wham, Bam, Thank You Maam” kind of guy
  • Duke does not love Mara. I think this morning scene confirms that. He is definitely in a bad headspace. 🙁
  • When Vince is the voice of reason, you have to wonder how bad things are.
  • Ha! Charlotte approves of Nathan/Audrey 😀
  • I find it ironic that Audrey says Nathan isn’t good with problems he can’t fix.
  • How’d Audrey know that was Veronica?
  • I’m loving Audrey and Vince working together.
  • I’m disappointed in Dwight. Shouldn’t he, as head of the Guard, gone after Kirk? And why didn’t you see that was Kirk :p
  • Dwight is the worst secret keeper EVER.
  • Happy to see Audrey being honest with Nathan instead of hiding things for a change.
  • Nice cameo by Christian aka Jay Reso playing Dwight’s friend McHugh
  • Gloria & Duke!! She’s such a mother hen.
  • Duke really believes Mara will help him save the town. 🙁
  • Duke noooooooo!!! He clocked Nathan hard, man.
  • If Jennifer digitized the archives, Charlotte may not have been lying. That’s probably what caught her eye and brought her to Haven.
  • Of course, Gloria has an old flame. Of course. She is a ROCKSTAR.
  • How did the blood get on Duke?
  • I’m not crying over Kirk’s death. He threatened Nathan back in season 3.
  • Looks like Duke’s trouble has evolved…
  • THE RINGS!!!
  • Mara’s callback to Duke’s threat…gruesome. And to cut off her own toe! She’s crazy but committed.
  • Poor Duke 🙁
  • Was Charlotte projecting talking about being dunderheaded with the real world?!
  • Charlotte with the bombshell drop.


  • Duke: “Already so demanding.”
  • Charlotte: “Let your cute boyfriend take care of you.”
    Audrey: “I haven’t told him yet. He’s not good with problems that he can’t fix.”
  • Audrey: “Vince?”
    “Shhh. Keep it down.”
    “What are–What are you doing?”
    Vince: “Visiting my sick friend Audrey at the doctor’s office. That’s my story if I get caught.”
    Audrey: “Caught? What are you talking about?”
    Vince: “I don’t trust Charlotte Cross.”
    Audrey: “You know she just left to go get me B-12 shots?”
  • Charlotte: “Coffee is the official drink of business.”
  • Audrey: “I don’t think I can get better.”
    Nathan: “What?”
    Audrey: “Dr. Cross said that my cells were degenerating.”
    Nathan: “How do we know she’s telling the truth?”
    Audrey: “Because I feel it happening. Every so often, it just hits.”
    Nathan: “I’m glad you called me.”
    Audrey: “We’re gonna figure this out, right?”
    Nathan: “If Duke could just–Duke. It’s always Duke. I told him. I told him that you were sick, that we needed Mara.”
    Audrey: “Yeah, but we don’t even know if Mara has anything to do with what’s happening to me.”
    Nathan: “We don’t know she doesn’t so I’m gonna get that aether. I’m gonna find out for sure. Mara wants it so bad, she convinced Duke to steal it. But Kirk got to it first. I know where he is. He’s got a room behind the strip club.”
    Audrey: “So you’re gonna use the aether to flush Mara out? But Duke might be there.”
    Nathan: “Well, the he better stay the hell out of the way.”
  • Gloria: “Look, I’m not gonna tell anybody that you came here, but I’m worried about you. I mean, is Mara really worth tanking all your other friendships?
    Duke: “Maybe I’m not the one who did the tanking.”
    Gloria: “I know, there are two sides to every story, kitten. But this isn’t a sandbox fight. People’s lives are mixed up in this.”
    Duke: “I’m just doing what I have to. No one wants to see it.”
    Gloria: “You always were a good kid–a criminal but a good kid.”
  • Duke: “How is Audrey?”
    Nathan: “Sick. I needed you. Thankfully, Dr. Cross seems to be helping her.”
    Duke: “She’s seeing the CDC Doc?”
    Nathan: “Where the hell you been, Duke?”
    Duke: “Someone took Mara.”
    Nathan: “Mara? And you’re worried about her? The creator of the troubles.”
    Duke: “You know, I don’t have to explain myself to you, Nathan.”
    Nathan: “I’m a cop, and you just picked a lock. So yeah, you do.”
    Duke: “So that’s where we are now?”
    Nathan: “Yeah. if you’re willing to sacrifice Audrey and this entire town for that evil bitch, then that’s where we are.”
    Duke: “That evil bitch is gonna help me save this town.”
  • Vince: “Do baby bears poop in the woods?”
  • Audrey: “By using the toughest government agency there is to dupe. The DMV.”
  • Audrey: “We don’t know that Duke killed him.”
    Nathan: “Well, the welt on my head tells me he was motivated. Kirk stole the aether and kidnapped Mara. I’m telling you, Mara’s got in Duke’s head.”
    Audrey: “Well, maybe Mara really can fix him.”
    Nathan: “And when she doesn’t?
    Audrey: “Look, this isn’t about Mara, okay? This is about Duke. He’s got to have a reason for what he’s doing.”
    Nathan: “Yeah, like he’s gone totally psychotic.”
    Audrey: “It’s Duke, Nathan.”
    Nathan: “This is not the Duke I know.”
    Audrey: “He is hurting, all right? Whatever is going on with his curse, whatever Mara’s doing to him, he needs you. So just find him, talk to him, and remind him that he still has friends.”
  • Audrey: “Vince, oh my God! Do you remember this? You remember this, right?
    *flashback to Vince giving Sarah’s ring to Audrey.*
    Vince: “That’s yours. She stole it from you?”
    Audrey: “No, mine is–mine is right here.”
    Vince: “That’s the exact same ring.”
    Audrey: “Nathan’s wearing his. We just figured that Lucy gave it to his father.”
    Vince: “What does that mean?”
  • Duke: “How’s your head?”
    Nathan: “Ever heard of the troubles? I can’t feel it.”
  • Duke: “Oh, and another weird thing happened today. I gave someone a trouble. Yeah, when I touched him, he started sucking up all the oxygen.”
    Nathan: “You gave someone Kirk’s trouble, which you just absorbed by killing Kirk.”
    Duke: “Whatever is happening to me, it’s getting worse.”
  • Duke: “We both need her Nathan. We’re gonna have to work together.”
    Nathan: “I’m gonna meet Audrey at the hospital. I’ll make some calls on the way. You and Audrey–We need Mara to fix you both.”
  • Mara: “Oh, and the toe–that reall ywas a good touch, don’t you think? What better way to gut-punch Duke Crocker, the self-reliant outlaw, than with the realization that his worst fears are coming true?”
    Duke: “I’m not afraid of toes.”
    Mara: “You’re afraid of abandonment. By women. By your friends.”
    Duke: “So whose is it? Hmm. Whose toe am I holding?”
    Mara: “Oh, please. Do you think I would outsource something so personal? It’s my toe, Duke. Penance, I guess.”
    Duke: “You’re sick, you know that?”
    Mara: “I’m sorry. I did what I had to do. But the truth is…I’m sad that it had to be you. Another time, another place, you and I–we really would have been great together. But as it is, I had to use you, just like your mother. “
    Duke: “Shut up.”
    Mara: “And just like Audrey.”
    Duke: “Shut up!”
    Mara: “There we go. That’s the intensity I wanted to hear.”
    Duke: “What?”
    Mara: “Are you crying? Go ahead. Look in a mirror.”
    Duke: “What the hell did you do to me? I touched someone today, and I gave them a trouble.”
    Mara: “That was an hour ago. If your eyes and tears are black, then I’ve done it. I’ve pushed you to the next level. I had to set you off, Duke. The troubles are based on emotion, so you needed some big ones.”
    Duke: “What the hell did you do to me?”
    Mara: “You’ll see. I really am sorry, Duke. But you really are kind of awesome now.”
  • Charlotte: “I’m just such an absentminded professor. Smart about my subject, but dunderheaded when it comes to the real world.”
  • Audrey: “Are we interrupting something?”
    Dwight: “Yeah.”
    Audrey: “It’s too bad.”
    Dwight: “What’s going on?”
    Audrey: “Where did you get this?”
    Charlotte: “You broke into my car?”
    Audrey: “The CDC has no idea that you’re here.”
    Nathan: “Your DNA doesn’t match the real Charlotte Cross.”
    Dwight: “Oh, Come on.”
    Audrey: “Why are you spying on me?”
    Charlotte: “Because I’m trying to treat you.”
    Audrey: “You’re not even who you say you are.”
    Dwight: “Wow, you’re one to to talk.”
    Audrey: “Dwight.”
    Dwight: “You don’t find it ironic that you’re the one questioning Charlotte’s identity?”
    Nathan: “Shut up, Dwight.”
    Charlotte: “No, please. Audrey’s condition might be the key to the cure. Keep going.”
    Dwight: “I’m tired of protecting one person at the expense of this entire town. The original Audrey–her name’s Mara. This Audrey split off from her–part of a trouble.”
    Charlotte: “And Mara?”
    Dwight: “Out there somewhere, causing havoc. And I have to admit, I like our Audrey much better. And I’m sorry it came to this, but why won’t you let her help us?”
    Charlotte: “Because she’s clever, like Mara.”
    Dwight: “Charlotte?”
    Charlotte: “I want my ring.”
    Audrey: “I’m not giving this to you until you tell us what’s going on.”
    Charlotte: I’ll tell you everything, but first, I want my ring back. Nathan, will you hand it to me? I promise…you’ll know why in a moment.”
    *Nathan hands over ring*
    Charlotte: This ring–it’s a part of a set. Every member in our family has one.”
    Nathan: “Parker–I can feel her.”
    Charlotte: “Of course you can.”
    Audrey: “Who are you?”
    Charlotte: “I’m your mother.”

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2 responses to “Look Back at 5×12: I’m Your Mother.”

  1. Avatar JenC says:

    Hi! I thought that I would drop off some insight on Jay Reso/Christian since neither of you seem to be wrestling fans. Jay has had some minimal acting experience. He’s had a part in a B horror movie, which is of course supposed to be somewhat campy fun, called Dark Rising and also had some bit parts in a couple of other lesser known movies.

    As far as his wrestling career, Christian is not officially retired. He was pulled out of action when he got a concussion during a match. That was actually back when Edge returned to WWE to promote season 4 of Haven and was used as a small plot point. (Since Edge is not and never will be medically cleared to wrestle, the bad boss was unable to do anything to him even though Edge was saying how corrupt the boss was. “Since [the boss] can’t hurt [Edge], maybe [he] can hurt the people [Edge] loves.” The bad guys then drag out a beaten up Christian in front of a very upset Edge.) Christian also extended his time off of wrestling to spend time with his first child. Fun fact: Jay and Adam both had baby girls within six weeks of each other. There’s a podcast where Adam tells a great story about how the two of them found out that they were both going to have their first children at the same time. Lately, Christian has been doing some table discussions on the WWE Network for their Pay Per Views and a few weeks ago had his wrestling talk show on Smackdown.

    If you really want get a feel for how close Adam and Jay are, there are a few videos on YouTube that I can suggest. Of course, there’s also Adam’s autobiography that goes into a lot of detail about the two of them, but I’m not sure how interesting that would be for a non-wrestling fan.

    Sorry for the wall of text here! I’m glad to see that people not into wrestling enjoyed watching Adam and Jay together though. Being “attached at the hip” (Adam’s words) for thirty years has made wrestling fans extremely appreciative of their bond, and it’s good to see that it translates into other areas of entertainment.

    Sorry again for the long comment!

    • Avatar Aimee J. says:

      Don’t apologize!! This was awesome! Thank you so much for the 411. I used to be back into wrestling in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I stopped watching a long time ago, so reading your comment was fantastic. 🙂 Feel free to share these tidbits anytime. 😉 Thanks again – aj

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