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Well. Haven returned in the only way it knows how, by blowing our minds. Kudos for this episode are going to Brian Millikin and Nick Parker, who answered questions, raised new ones, and returned Haven to us, even if it is definitely worse for wear.

Audrey is back and she’s Audrey. Rejoice!

Audrey is back and for once Nathan and Audrey are actually together. That was the surprising part. I was waiting for that shoe drop. What does Audrey being

back mean? It’s just Audrey, no other personality, within her. Brian cleared this up on twitter, but so Audrey is immune to the original Troubled people, but she and Charlotte are NOT immune to the Troubles that came out of Duke because Mara messed with those by using aether. The important thing to understand though is that Audrey is back.


The Lost Colony. Destroyed folks in NC and now the word is carved in a rock in Haven. That can’t be good. This is a mystery that we only seem to get breadcrumbs too. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon.

Haven PD | Guard

Game changed when Dwight and Nathan told the HPD about the Troubled. I figured that was as far as things would go. But clearly, that would not be enough. No, the Rulebook for the game was thrown out the window when Dwight told the entire town and single-handedly shutdown HPD and made Guard in charge.


Dwight’s speech was a good one, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t appreciate the unilateral decision making. Maybe he’s right, I don’t know. I just think some folks should have been consulted. Granted, everyone seems to be doing the unilateral decision making in Haven. :p


Oh Charlotte. What a tangled web we weave.  First you’re on Audrey’s good side, because you saved her by giving up your own daughter and now have Audrey as your daughter. But then you go and reveal your selfish nature. Everything Agent Howard told people, who told us, that killing Nathan would end the Troubles was not a lie. It’s not their fault we assumed “end” meant cure, because why assume you mean the literal meaning of a word.

Boy was Audrey mad when she heard that from Charlotte. She was so close to losing Nathan how many times and it would have been for naught. I’d be pissed off too.  Oh and then for Charlotte’s plan to backfire and now she’s stuck w/her angry daughter and the love of her life you almost killed indirectly. You’re right Nathan. One big happy family. By the way, let’s take a moment to think about this. What was the purpose of letting people know about the killing ends the Troubles thing then?


My heart was just wretching itself left and right for Duke. The guilt he is feeling for his part in Mara’s scheme. 🙁 I was happy to see how far Nathan and Duke have come from Season 1. Nathan’s not only hugging Duke, but he is also running into mysterious fogs without hesitation to try and stop him. I hope Duke escaping the trapped Haven brings him peace. That goodbye scene though. :-/



“Get back. He’s one of them.”  This scene was so powerful to me. Alex’s coworker, probably a friend, is suddenly afraid of him because she learns he’s Troubled, he’s different. It was so similar to the hate that has been ever present in society throughout the years and is still present today. Such an ugly thing. People being scared because of things they do not understand and of people who differ from them. This was a tough scene to watch, because I felt for Alex (before he was a jerk to Duke). It was well-handled and realistically portrayed. These things were sprinkled throughout the episode but especially by HPD officers who did not know any better. They were scared and fear can make you do some crazy things. #sad




(1) The rings were used to get you through the void without becoming lost.

(2) Killing the man/woman you love would not have cured the Troubles but killed everyone and anyone who was Troubled (YIKES!)

(3) The Colorado Kid killer is back and loose in Haven!

(4) Duke is immune to Troubles he’s given

(5) Audrey and Charlotte are immune to original Troubles but not Troubles Duke has given

(6) Duke gave Joe Sena the fog trouble

(7) Thinny’s are closed even to Charlotte

Did I miss anything?

Random Notes

  • Anyone in Haven could be Troubled. Well, that’s not good.
  • Dave will forever be the guy who states the obvious. We still love you Dave.
  • Shawn Piller cameo at 6:03 =)
  • Deadly gas with a face….that’s another way to use the gas issues
  • Frozen trouble – props to all the actors & actresses for holding their position #respect
  • Stan!!
  • Nathan/Duke – oh how far we’ve come in this relationship.
  • It’s a good thing the Crocker’s kept a book
  • Love that Vince and Dave knew to go to Gloria for the narcotics 😉
  • Duke is immune to these Troubles!!
  • So did Joe Sena get a new trouble, like Duke was theorizing b/c I thought he always had the fog trouble, since the last episode, Chemistry (5×13).
  • Gloria can throw tequila back!
  • Nathan’s the Trouble whisperer!
  • Officer Brandt is a goober and should have his badge taken away.
  • McHugh is back!!
  • Town may know about the Troubles, but they don’t know about Audrey’s connection to the Troubles. Oooooh.
  • Duke’s goodbye scene – heart wrenching The guilt he feels.
  • When Audrey holds a grudge….whooo. She holds tight.
  • He’s never heard of Haven….huh.
  • What does this mean for the Troubled folk outside of Haven?


  • Duke: “I was gonna skip town – go through a thinny into the void.”
    Audrey: “What? Why?”
    Duke: “Far away from Dwight and Nathan and …. you.”
    Audrey: “Oh.”
    (side note: that was funny – awkward)
  • Stan: “What?!”
  • Nathan: “You’re looking pretty good for someone who was just on death’s door.”
    Duke: “Yeah. Real good.”
    *Nathan/Duke hug*
    Duke: “All right, all right, all right, enough, enough, enough.”
    Duke: “Right now, look I just want to focus on cleaning up Mara’s mess – my mess.”
  • Gloria: “I’ve got just the thing.”
    Dave: “Tequila?”
    Gloria: “Yep. It’s so strong, it’s illegal even in Mexico. Well this will give you visions alright.”
    Vince: “And you keep it in there with the dead bodies?”
    Gloria: “I don’t hear them complaining.”
  • Charlotte: “We’re not immune to these new Troubles that came out of Duke. Mara designed it that way. She was desperate for a way to hurt our kind, and we – you – could die.”
    Audrey: “Not just us; everyone. Kind of makes us like them, huh? So let’s fix this.”
  • Duke: “Nice to see you all again. You know, without the…bars between us.”
  • Gloria: “Ahhh. Aw, I need a beer. Tequila makes me thirsty.”
  • Gloria: “Hey, come on. We’ve come this far. Drink up, lightweight.”
  • Gloria: “Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.”
  • Charlotte: “What if there’s another option? The thinnys here, I sealed them so that Mara couldn’t use them. I’m the only one who can open them now. There’s nothing more we can do here. What if we leave this while we still can?”
    Audrey: “Leave? But you risked your life going back for your research. I…thought you said you could help us.”
    Charlotte: “That’s not what I went back for. I needed to get…this. We need these to go home. They pull us through the void. Without them, we’d be lost there. You had Mara’s for all this time, but…never really knew what it meant. Let’s open a thinny, go through the void. You can even bring Nathan. And we’ll return home as mother and daughter. To your real home, with your real family.
    Audrey: “Charlotte, I–Mom…I am home. I could never abandon Haven. These people need our help and we can help them. You were coming up with a cure for the Troubles, weren’t you?”
    Charlotte: “See, that’s just the thing – Mara knew more about this than I do. I’m still learning. I don’t know how to remove a Trouble from someone without killing them.”
    Audrey: “That’s not possible. You built the barn. It was Mara’s prison, and…it was gonna clean up all of her mess, right? The…the barn was going to cure everyone’s Troubles if I killed Nathan the person that I love. That’s how this was all supposed to work, right?
    Charlotte: “No. If that happened, the barn would have sent out a pulse. It would have killed all Troubled people everywhere. It wasn’t gonna cure the Troubles, but it was gonna end them. I know it sounds cruel, but–“
    Audrey: “How could you?”
    Charlotte: “Audrey.”
    Audrey: “You’re no better than your daughter.”
    Charlotte: “You are my daughter! No, we are family.”
    Audrey: “No! I will NEVER be like you. I’m going to fix this on my own. You go through your thinny alone.”
    Charlotte: “Audrey, please.”
    Audrey: “Get the hell out of my town!”
  • Audrey: “What are we gonna do? What’s the plan now?”
    Nathan: “I was gonna ask you the same thing.”
  • Dwight: “Look around this town.
  • Dave: “Dying doesn’t always end the troubles. And who knows, with all these…new ones do?”
    Vince: “What if the killer from your vision knew that? In Dave’s vision, the killer was chasing this man, hunting him. What if he scared Joe into creating this barrier around the town, then killed him?”
    Audrey: “So that no one could bring it down.”
    Nathan: “We’re all trapped in Haven…with a killer.”
  • Nathan: “Lucky? What’s that like?”
  • Dwight: “This is Dwight Hendrickson, your chief of police. By now, you all know Haven as we knew it…is gone. The Troubles are real. Anyne in Haven could have a Trouble. It’ll be something you wouldn’t want or can’t control. You’re scared, want to leave town. Don’t. There’s a barrier around Haven. It’s like a shroud that blankets the whole town. It looks like a fog, but you can’t get in or out. Help isn’t coming. We’re on our own. But we have each other. We can help each other live with what we are. There’s people in town who know how to live with the Troubles – have for years. You may know some of us. We wear a tattoo. We call ourselves The Guard. We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping Troubled people wherever and whenever we can, and that’s what we’re gonna do. The old ways are gone. We won’t survive like that. So The Guard’s taking charge. The Guard will protect you. The Guard will maintain law and order. Stay safe. Stay calm. Your Trouble may never come out. And remember: you’re not alone. We’re all in this together. This is the new Haven.” *mic drop*
  • Audrey: “Duke…we need you.”
    Duke: “So, you guys really think I can just walk through this thing, huh?
    Nathan: “It came out of a Trouble that shot out of you. You’re immune to’em.”
    Audrey: “And I’m not, and nobody else is.”
    Duke: “Even if I can, then what? Huh? Just click my heels, make it disappear?”
    Nathan: “It’s worth a shot. Might be the first step towards getting things back to normal.”
    Duke: “Come on, Nathan. We all know there’s no going back. I can’t bring this shroud down. I can’t save this town. I’m not the solution; I’m the problem. And Haven will never be the same and I’m the one to blame for it. On the other hand, if I had left, none of this would be happening. So I’m gonna do what I should have done a long time ago.”
    Audrey: “Duke, think of everything that you’ve done for Haven. Think of all that you’ve done for us.”
    Duke: “Oh, yeah? Like what? Helping you kill Troubled people? Sacrificing Jennifer to open that door? Everything that I do in this town hurts someone. I’m not a hero. I’m just a smuggler. Haven, the Troubles…and this was supposed to be my life. And the sooner I accept that–“
    Audrey: “Hey. Don’t do this, ok? We need you. We can’t do it without you.”
    Duke: “I’m sorry Audrey. You’re gonna have to.”
    Nathan: “Duke…”
    Duke: “Goodbye.”
    Nathan: “Duke!”
  • Nathan: “Nice speech.”
    Dwight: “You think? I had to cut out the whole piece about immigration reform. Listen, we gotta get back to it, ok? We’re stamping out fires all over the place.”
    Nathan: “And how long do we expect this to last – the Guard in charge and all?”
    Dwight: “I was thinking permanently.”
    Nathan: “What about HPD?”
    Dwight: “What about it? The cops who didn’t quit after today, they already joined us. There is no more HPD.”
    Nathan: “So that’s it, then? You’re all Guard now?”
    Dwight: “You should be too. You already got the ink, and the Troubles are everywhere, and The Guard’s better equipped to handle it.”
    Nathan: “Is that an order, Chief?”
    Dwight: “That’s not me. Not anymore.”
  • Audrey: “So, you need a new recruit, Chief?”
    Nathan: “I need to see your resume first.”
  • Nathan: “One big happy family.”
    Audrey: “Not really.”

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