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(1) There is still a greater evil out there. It lives in the void and feeds off Aether and Troubles. If it escapes that would be a very, very, very bad thing.

Random Notes

  • It’s interesting to see Audrey so protective of Nathan, usually it’s the other way around
  • Hailey is kinda ungrateful to Duke after he saved her life
  • Duke does a great impression of Yoda (“become the wall”)
  • It’s always a treat to see the Teagues quibble
  • You can see the moment, Audrey realizes her plan has gone off the rails and this can end very badly for Nathan.
  •  It’s quite entertaining to see Audrey pissed off.
  • The lack of urgency in Charlotte and Dwight’s journey is….frustrating.
  • I love how protective Dave is of Nathan. Go for it Dave!
  • I don’t want to be tried in Athenian court. :-/
  • <3 Grayson
  • The role reversal in this episode is epic. Audrey is acting like Nathan would and Nathan is the voice of reason when normally Audrey would be.
  • There are definitely parallels to The Trial of Audrey Parker.
  • I feel like Audrey wanted to punch Tony when she was talking to him. Her patience with him was shorter than usual. Ex) Tony: “Kira didn’t leave me.” Audrey: “Yes she did.”
  • Nathan had an interesting approach for his defense. Appeal to their hearts instead of defending his actions directly.
  • Is it me or was there a lot of, Nathan was right in this episode?
  • Duke’s no longer silver eyes, he’s black eyes!!
  • Sandman!!!


  • Vince: “I’m unclear. Is this trial a stalling tactic or is it the rebirth of democracy?”
    Dwight: “Can’t it be both? Keep the process legit while I’m gone.”
  • Dave: “Good morning Haven. This is Dave Teagues here. Coming at you from the principal’s office.”
    Vince: “We are not disc jockeys, Dave. Have you no gravitas?”
    Dave: “Fine, you do it, gravitas.”
  • Nathan: “Even if they banish me, I’ll survive. I’ve been doign it for days.”
    Audrey: “You’ve been doing it for years.”
  • Tony: “Banishment isn’t enough for Nathan. He can survive out there and continue to endanger us. There is only one safe course: Nathan Wuornos must die.”
  • Dave: “Isn’t that a bit extreme?”
    Tony: “It’s up to the people to decide.”
    Vince: “I understand you’re grieving, but–“
    Tony: “Come on! This isn’t about vengeance. This is about our survival. I only sought the death penalty after reviewing Nathan’s entire record, and you have a long history of harming this town.”
    Audrey: “What are you talking about?”
    Tony: “Most recently, Duke Crocker was trying to leave Haven so his Trouble bomb wouldn’t hurt anyone, until Nathan stopped him. Nathan is the reason that everyone is Troubled now! It’s just one example, I’ll cite.”
    Nathan: “Where’d you get that information?”
    Tony: “I don’t have to tell you that, but thank you for confirming it’s true.”
    Nathan: “Tony must have an informant.
    Audrey: “Who?”
    Nathan: “Someone who wants me dead.”
  • Dave: “Athenian rules require that we let Tony make his case without delay.
    Audrey: “Screw the rules! Just stop the tribunal.”
    Vince: “We cannot screw the rules!”
    Audrey: “Somebody has it out for Nathan!”
    Vince: “I agree, but there’s nothing we can do about that right now! Didn’t you hear how they reacted when Tony accused me of favouritism?”
    Nathan: “Vince is right. It seems pretty clear that Tony can incite that crowd in a second.”
    Dave: “What if we could find a legal way to stop it, to slow it down?”
    Vince: “As in, to find a loophole in the rules?”
    Dave: “Yeah. You love loopholes. Maybe there’s something in the library. Well, let’s go!”
  • Audrey: “This isn’t how it’s supposed to go.”
    Nathan: “The trial’s still a good idea. It gives Dwight time to find Kira, but Kira needs to be alive when he gets there, so I need you to solve this darkness Trouble.”
    Audrey: “No! I am not leaving you!”
    Nathan: “We still have time here, Parker. Let the trial run its course, but if the darkness kills Kira…”
    Audrey: “Saving Kira saves you.”
    Nathan: “Exactly.”
    Audrey: “Whatever gets you out of this.”
  • Dwight: “Nathan’s as good as any ranger when he keeps his eyes down.”
    Charlotte: “It’s harmless. Just a poltergeist Trouble that slams things shut.”
    Dwight: “The problem is, when Nathan looks up at some pie in the sky he trips, brings people down with him. You made him look up, sent him for Aether when people were dying.”
    Charlotte: “No, I didn’t, Dwight. I asked Nathan not to leave the power plant. The only reason I told him about the Aether was because I thought I was going to die. I figured maybe someday that he and Audrey could try.”
    Dwight: “You really do think there’s a way to cure the Troubles afterall.”
  • Duke: “That’s why they’re called Troubles, not powers.”
  • Vince: “Watch me take out his kneecaps!”
  • Nathan: “The noose is around my neck, not yours. Let the trial proceed.”
    Dave: “But who knows what he’ll say! And how does he know all this?”
    Nathan: “He has my entire record? I’d like to hear that. If Tony’s going to make this personal–“
    Tony: “What? If I’m going to make this personal, what?”
    Nathan: “I stand behind what I’ve done.”
    Tony: “Then I’m going to take you down. For what you did to Kira, for what you did to Haven – you’re going to burn.”
  • Dwight: “Here’s what I still don’t get: the last thing you built to end the Troubles, the Barn, it was going to kill all Troubled people.”
    Charlotte: “It was the only way I knew how to eradicate Troubles. I had to protect against a far greater evil, should it ever rear its head.”
    Dwight: “What greater evil?”
    Charlotte: “We don’t know much about it. We don’t want to. It lives in the void and feeds off Aether and Troubles. If it would ever escape, you can’t imagine the destruction.”
    Dwight: “I’ve seen some pretty awful things.”
    Charlotte: “No one in your world has seen anything quite like this. I lost my husband to it.”
    Dwight: “I’m sorry.”
    Charlotte: “It was a long time ago.”
    Dwight: “The Troubles are running rampant in Haven right now, so are we in any danger from this greater evil?”
    Charlotte: “I don’t know.”
  • Audrey: “I will pull the fire alarm. If that doesn’t work, I will set fire to this school.”
    Audrey: “He is lying to everyone.”
    Nathan: “His facts are true. His interpretation’s a bit off.”
  • Duke: “Not the point. I’m not even against stealing. I am against you using your Trouble to do it.”
  • Audrey: “I have something better than a fire alarm. I’m going to use Grayson.”
    Nathan: “Parker…”
    Audrey: “I’m going to have him set off his Trouble and everyone in the school will scatter. Can you meet me outside of the police station?”
    Nathan: “Audrey. No.”
    Audrey: “No? Are you crazy? Tony has made you sound like a monster. There is no way that jury is going to acquit you now.”
    Nathan: “The sound that Grayson makes is so painful it activated five other Troubles last time. We can’t risk a chain reaction.”
    Audrey: “I don’t care, alright? I will do anything to save you.”
    Nathan: “Huh, you’re stealing my line. When you went into the Barn, I was willing to risk anything to keep you with me, but you faced your fate head-on.”
    Audrey: “It is not your fate to be executed for something that you didn’t do.”
    Nathan: “But that’s just it: some of what Tony said, I did do. So I feel like I’m on trial for being me, or at least the me that I’ve become since I fell in love with you. I want to defend that.”
    Audrey: “Nathan…That’s really noble, but you’re not…You’re not exactly a public speaker.”
    Nathan: “Parker, do not use Grayson. People will get hurt. Please.”
    Audrey: “Ok, what is your defense? You’re going to counterpunch with something, right?
    Nathan: “No, I won’t attack him. Though I could. Tony said he and Kira were getting married in Venice. Last night, Kira told me that ‘Venice would have been a huge mistake.’ I didn’t know what she meant, but…”
    Audrey: “She changed her mind about marrying Tony? Under the rules, he has no right to speak for the dead and prosecute you. That’s…That’s great! Use that!”
    *Nathan kisses Audrey*
    “Let me worry about my defense. Right now, you need to solve the darkness Trouble. If Kira dies….all bests are off for me.”
  • Dwight: “So about this new cure…”
    Charlotte: “I thought you weren’t interested in a cure>”
    Dwight: “Of course I am. I just want to live the life I have and not wait for one that may never happen. So you never said what was different. Last I heard, you had to kill people to end the Troubles. So what changed?”
  • Audrey: *using sign* “I’d be breaking my promise to Nathan, but…I might need you to set off your trouble again.”
    Grayson: *using sign*: “Anything you need.”
  • Charlotte: “The research I did, when you thought I was a CDC doctor – that’s what’s different from the last time. Now I think there might be a way to cure Troubles without killing people. I never would have seen it if Nathan hadn’t kept pushing me.”
  • Dwight: “Yeah. He can be stubborn.”
    Charlotte: “I just wanted you to know that…it’s not impossible.”
    Dwight: “Your timing is stunning.”
  • Nathan: “Hi, everybody. I’ve been Troubled since I was a kid. My dad, Garland Wuornos, most of you knew him – he was Troubled too. And helping Troubled people has been the family business for a long time. So let me tell ya, I wouldn’t wish a Trouble on my worst enemy. Tony’s right. I have been front and center of the awful events in Haven’s recent history. Why? Because it’s my job to help. It’s what I do. I’ve dedicated my life to helping ease the Troubles. Some of you know that there have even been a few times that things have gone my way. Tony didn’t mention any of those. Guess that’s ’cause…It’s just the way the Troubles are. But I’m not trying to duck anything. I guess for me it’s more important to keep going, and the only way to do that is first, you don’t deny how bad it is. Face it – no matter how scared you are. You have to light up the dark with hope. It doesn’t matter how dim the hope seems, hope and love, which is what hope is really about, can come out in the darkest places – and the Troubles have made Haven dark. But we can light it up again if we keep trying to make things better, even when it seems impossible. We have to light up the dark with hope. That’s the only way to make life worth living. Thank you.”
  • Charlotte: “As I suspected, there’s not nearly enough.”
    Kira: “Of the swirly black stuff? Look over there.”
    Charlotte: “I don’t believe it. Nathan was right. I can end the Troubles.”
  • Duke: “Run.”
  • Audrey: “Who gave you this information about Nathan?”
    Tony: “Honestly, I…I don’t know. I was alone in my room. I fell asleep or…something, and when I came to, it was all there.”
    Audrey: “Is this your handwriting?
    Tony: “No.”
    Audrey: “You didn’t see or hear anything?”
    Tony: “Like I said, I spaced out, or…It’s like time didn’t exist for me. What could make a person lose time like that?”
  • Audrey: “There’s still no sign of Dwight, which means that your life hangs on your eloquence. Your speech, it helped me get through to Tony, though. It was really, it was really good.”
    Nathan: “You think they heard it with your ears?”
    Audrey: “If they didn’t, I’m…I’m going to use Grayson.”
    Nathan: “Hey…”
    Audrey: “No, I don’t care what you say. And have you seen him?”
  • Dwight: “So now what? How do we build the structure to end the Troubles?”
    Charlotte: “Step one: concentrate that Aether into a workable form. And there’s so much. I’m going to need a hand.
    *Dwight raises his hand*
    Charlotte: “I like your hand. But for that much Aether, I’m…I’m going to need another being from my world.”
    Dwight: “You need Audrey.”
    Charlotte: “We all do. More than ever.”

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