News & Notes


(1) Croatoan can control Dave

(2) A troubled person (a Colton family member) can create temporary Thinnies.

(3) The new Barn will remove the Troubles and anything else in the Void including Croatoan

(4) Dave did kill James, the Colorado Kid

(5) The Chief always knew future Nathan came to him and EVERYTHING he told him (aka that Lucy killing her loved one won’t end the Troubles but kill all Troubled people)

Random Notes

  • Poor Dave 🙁
  • HA! Audrey made Nathan Agent (Mr.) Butterworth. That makes her Mrs. Butterworth
  • Vince went back with Nathan to save Dave!!! (he never wanted to be a mouse)
  • Nathan’s been quite the crackerjack with plans lately
  • Vince was laid up at the hospital when the Colorado Kid died.
  • How do those guys know about Duke, if the Shroud is still up?
  • Mosley really is spooked when he sees Nathan
  • Garland Wuornos’ lady friend is Lucy o_O
  • Nathan still gets flustered when he sees Audrey’s alter egos
  • You can just see Nathan fishing for what his dad thinks of him. =)
  • The young actor playing Dave was AMAZING. He had the mannerisms down pat!
  • Lucy went to Dave for help. #friendship
  • Poor Nathan and Lucy. Having to watch your child die and not be able to stop it. 🙁
  • Nathan’s plan depends on Duke and he doesn’t seem worried. Look how far we’ve come.
  • If the Chief knew about future Nathan and what future Nathan told him, I wondered why he continued to talk to Howard. Long con?


  • Nathan: “Exactly. I’m going back in time.”
  • Audrey: “Nice outfit. Guess nylon was in in ’83.”
    Nathan: “I raided Goodwill. What do you think?”
    Audrey: “Kind of glad that I’m immune to Mosley’s Trouble, so I don’t have to go back with you.”
    Nathan: “Mm-hmm.”
  • Audrey: “Keep your interactions small. Be like mice. If you change anything in the past, it can make things worse now. All you need to figure out is what that woman knows about the Thinny.”
  • Vince: “Absolutely.”
  • Audrey: “Remember, you can’t change what happens.”
    Nathan: “I know.”
  • Nathan: “Your country thanks you.”
  • Lucy: “Yes, I’m sure James. I have to leave for a while.”
    James: “If you say so. I just I wish we had more time together.”
    Lucy: “Me too. Can we go for one last walk on the beach?”
    James: “Yeah, I’ll meet you at 4. Okay? I love you, Mom.”
    Audrey: “I love you too.”
  • Nathan: “Hi.”
    Lucy: “Find anything interesting?”
    Nathan: “Uh, just looking for a pen.”
    Lucy: “Oh, well, here. Use…use mine. I’m Lucy.”
    Nathan: “Nathan.” *Nathan and Lucy feel something when they pass over the pen* Thanks.”
    Lucy: “What just happened?”
    Nathan: “Nothing. I should go.”
    Lucy: “Wait, uh Garland sent me in here to help you. Maybe I know this woman you’re looking for.”
    Nathan: “I, uh, uh, I, uh…I’ve everything I need. I should really go.”
    Lucy: “Um, my pen.”
    Nathan: “It’s nice to meet you.”
  • Garland: “Why don’t we just start with you telling me your real name.”
    Nathan: “My first name really is Nathan. I was born here at the Ping, 12:43am, December 14th…to Elizabeth and Max Hansen, but I took my adopted father’s last name. I’m Nathan Wuornos. I’m your son.”
  • Garland: “Sure glad you finally grew under those ears, son.”
  • Dave: “Hold on there Buck Rogers, I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what’s going on.”
  • Dave: “That was probably a little too much detail. Why, I guess I better pack.”
  • Nathan: “You’ve been trying to get me ready for the job you’ve been doing. When the Troubles came back, I didn’t think I was ready, but it turns out that I was because of you. I never gave you….credit for that.”
    Garland: “Well, I guess you just did. And that’s real sweet, but we’re kind of busy right now.”
  • Garland: “On it. You need a car?”
    Nathan: “I already got one.”
    Garland: “It’s Lymon Grood’s Bronco.”
    Nathan: “Not forever. I know how to hotwire it.”
    Garland: “Damn, I did an outstanding job of training you.”
  • James: “Hey, don’t look so sad. I’ll see you again someday. Maybe all this will come back to you. Maybe you’ll remember me this time.”
    Lucy: “Maybe. Let’s enjoy the time we have left. Come on, walk with me. I don’t know if I ever told you how I felt when you found me. I was relieved.”
    James: “Relieved?”
    Lucy: “Ha. When I discovered who I am, I felt like a visitor in my own life – just passing through, no connection, but you changed all that. You made me feel connected. And I love you for that, James.”
    James: “I love you too. I’m sorry we couldn’t find another way to stop the Troubles…to keep you out of that damn Barn.”
  • Nathan: “Lucy, no. You can’t do this.”
    Lucy: “I have to! You don’t understand!”
    Nathan: “Yes, i do. James…is my son.”
    Lucy: “What?”
    Nathan: “Our son.”
  • Nathan: “We have to stay out of this.”
    Lucy: “Why…I heard you talking to Garland. You said that you were from the future, not the past.”
    Nathan: “I’ve come back in time before, to Sarah.”
    Lucy: “I knew from the minute I met you there was something between us.”
    Nathan: “Yes.”
    Lucy: “He looks like you. And you came back to save him.”
    Nathan: “No.”
    Lucy: “To save us.”
    Nathan: “That’s not why I came back.”
    Lucy: “But that’s what you just did. You stopped me from killing my son, our son.”
    Nathan: “Because it would have ended the Troubles by killing every Troubled person. I’m not here to save you, Lucy…or James.”
  • Audrey: “Are you okay?”
    Nathan: “Watching…you, see our son die, again…”
    Audrey: “I’m sorry you had to go through that.”
    Nathan: “I almost wish I was still on that beach when Croatoan wiped everyone’s memory.”
    Audrey: “Then you wouldn’t remember how Barbara Colton made the Thinny.”
    Nathan: “She used a ring. This one. I guess, my dad must have gotten it back from her.”
    Audrey: “And you think he would have if you hadn’t made it so important?”
    Nathan: “I don’t know. All this time, he remembered me coming to him. He knew what was gonna happen. That actually explains a lot. We gotta put this ring on a Colton.”
    Audrey: “I don’t know how to tell you this, Nathan, but…I wasn’t able to find a single Colton in all of Haven.”
    Nathan: “I know. Haven’t been any in town for years.”
    Audrey: “You knew them?”
    Nathan: “I knew of them. Stories around the station. They’re pretty notorious petty criminals. I didn’t realize they were Troubled.”
    Audrey: “Without a Colton, we cannot get into the Void, we cannot save the future, so…your trip didn’t change anything.”
    Nathan: “No. It changed everything.”
  • Duke: “Wow, way to hold a grudge, buddy.”
  • Duke: “Sorry about stealing your stuff.”
  • Nathan: “Duke, it’s Nathan, writing from 1983. I guess it’s my turn to write a letter from the past. I know we didn’t end up in a great place, but I need your help. I found a way to save Haven once and for all, but I can’t do it without you. I need you to find a member of the Colton family and bring him back through the Shroud to Haven. Please. I’m counting on you.”

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