From Aimee J:

The Haven Series finale aired tonight and I’m torn. I’m sad to see a great show coming to an end, but happy that it can do so on its own terms, because not many shows get that chance. I fell for the show 3 years ago and it has changed my life. I started a podcast on the show and it has given me the chance to meet amazing people and experience a number of firsts in my life. I did my 1st professional interview on this show and my 1st visit to a TV set. I believe it has made me a better podcaster and has given me a number of great friends that I will stay in touch with well after today. All of these memories are ones I will cherish and remind me every day of what can happen if you live without regret, make moves and take a chance. So while some may say, “it’s just a show,” for me it was so much more.

Thank you to the cast, crew, writers for giving us such an amazing show and for allowing me and Amy to be a part of it in our own little way. To all of the Haven fans and friends we have made through the years, thank you for visiting the site, listening to us talk, and for being our friends. Don’t be a stranger, stay in touch.

From Amy S:  

I watched Haven from day 1, July 10, 2010, having seen an advertisement for it prior to its premiere date, and noting it looked like a show I might like. Little did I know how much these characters and their journey would mean to me by the series conclusion five years later.

Thank you to the Haven creators, writers, producers, crew and cast for bringing the story of Haven and its characters to life and in so doing, giving me enjoyment, friendships and experiences I never would have had, and which I will cherish forever.

To Aimee, thank you for inviting me to Revisit Haven with you (and for putting up with me). I am forever grateful.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who took the time to listen to this podcast and who supported Aimee and me in this effort. We are proud to be Havenites with you.

Haven, I will miss you, and I will never forget you.

News & Notes

Quotes – Now

  • Nathan: “We got snacks from the vending machine.”
    Audrey: “Please tell me you got the P3 unstuck and that’s a Baby Ruth in your hand.”
    Nathan: “Um. Sorry. Granola. Laverne controls the vending machines now, she only dispenses the healthy stuff. A little healthy wouldn’t hurt.”
  • Croatoan: “You must be Nathan! An ‘As questions later’ kind of guy. I like you already.”
    Nathan: “You bastard–
    Audrey: “Nathan! The Troubles he holds—we can’t hurt him.”
    Croatoan: “Smart. Pragmatic. That’s my girl. And right, as usual. Strike me, and your internal organs liquify. A Trouble I gathered from your census.”
    Audrey: “Leave Nathan alone.”
    Croatoan: “As I promised you, I’m here to help him. Nathan, what if I could offer you a new life far from here, the life you’ve always wanted with the woman you love? Audrey. There she is Nathan, everything you ever wanted, and I’m giving her to you.”
    Nathan: “You want to give me a copy of Audrey?”
    Croatoan: “One that loves you with all her heart. I’ll take you both outside the Shroud, set you up in a new life far away from here; neither one of you will remember Haven. Nathan, I’m offering you a fresh start.”
    Audrey: “Why? Why would you do this?”
    Croatoan: “Oh Dove, what is coming…it’ll be such a wonderful time for us. You don’t have to worry about Nathan. This way you know that he’s taken care of, that he’s…that he’s happy.”
    Nathan: “You think that copy could make me happy?”
    Croatoan: “I assure you, you will never know or be able to tell the difference.”
    Nathan: “Well, if she’s so perfect, why don’t you just keep her for yourself?”
    Croatoan: “I said you would never know the difference. I’m her father, I would know.”
    Nathan: “You think I would abandon Audrey for some illusion? I belong here, in Haven, with Audrey fighting you.”
  • Gloria: “I can’t believe I let you involve intern in all of this. What if Croatoan finds out she’s helping you and sends Duke after her?”
    Vickie: “If my Trouble can fix it, you know I have to try, Gloria.”
    Gloria: “It doesn’t mean I have to like it.”
  • Audrey: “We…I think we might need to talk about something.”
    Nathan: “Ah…I’m not leaving you.”
    Audrey: “Croatoan’s offer has to be a little…tempting.”
    Nathan: “You’re asking me if I want all of this to be over, live behind some white picket fence, adopt a shelter dog? Of course I do. But I want that with the real Audrey Parker, not some copy.”
    Audrey: “You wouldn’t even remember that she wasn’t real. How can I claim to love you as much as I do if I don’t at least give you that chance?”
    Nathan: “Well, you asking me to consider this, is exactly the reason why I never, never could.”
  • Gloria: “Duke please, this isn’t you.”
    Duke: “Oh this is me, just with improvements.”
    Gloria: “The Duke I know stands up to bullies like Croatoan. You don’t want to hurt Vickie.”
    Duke: “I should have killed you when you were a statute.”
  • Duke: “Oh, is it your turn, now? You going to tell me how much I mean to you? How we’re family?”
    Audrey: “No.”
    Duke: “Hundreds and hundreds of your little speeches, Trouble-whispering all of your little lambs – you must have something special in your little bag of trick for me.”
    Audrey: “I’m not going to tell you what you already know, that what you’re doing is wrong. I’m not going to beg for our lives, Duke.”
    Duke: “Don’t be so melodramatic. Croatoan wants you alive – Nathan too, for now. As long as the old lady doesn’t get in my way, I will take the artist and go.”
    Audrey: “I will not let you kill Vickie.”
    Duke: “Oh I see. You will only let me kill when it serves your purpose. Well, I don’t work for you anymore.”
    Nathan: “You never worked for us.”
    Audrey: “No. Duke’s right. We used you. I used you. When we found out about the Crocker family curse, about what it could do, I used that as a tool to stop the Troubles, because that’s what I was sent here to do. But I didn’t think about how much it was going to hurt you, how killing all of those people, how…how it would change you.”
    Duke: “It didn’t change anything. This was always meant to be.”
    Audrey: “I don’t think it was. I think you were fighting your destiny, and if left alone maybe you might have even won. But I didn’t know that, and I came along and I sent you on that path and for that, I am truly sorry. I know how it feels Duke to be fighting to be the person that you want to be when everyone is telling you to be someone else. Croatoan thinks that I am his daughter. I look like her, I sound like her. Do you know how easy it would be to just say, ‘Sure, it’s good to see ya, Dad.’ and stop being scared. I am so tired. I’m so tired of fighting my destiny. But I can’t give up, because when I look in the mirror, I only see me. I see the person that I truly am. The only person that I want to be. So tell me Duke; when you look in the mirror, when no one else is around, who…are…you.”
    Duke: “I’m Duke Crocker and I just want to go back to being a pirate.”
    Audrey: Yes!
  • Duke: “Hey.”
    Gloria: “Welcome back, kiddo.”
    Duke: “Very glad to be back.”
    Nathan: “I knew you could beat him.”
    Duke: “Yeah, not soon enough.”
    Audrey: “We have to make sure that Croatoan doesn’t find out about you. Is there any way that you can use your phasing Trouble to get out of town?”
    Duke: “I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to kill Croatoan.”
    Nathan: “No. No way you are not going anywhere near him.”
    Duke: “Nathan…the things that he made me do, the people I killed, the friends I hurt, what I did to the both of you…He’s trying to split you up. He knows that you are stronger together. Please, you have to let me help. I need to make things right.
    Audrey: “You will, I promise, but we have to be careful. If Croatoan gets a hold of one of your Troubles—”
    *Croatoan pulls a Trouble from Duke*
    Audrey: “What. What’s wrong?”
    Duke: “He knows. Croatoan knows. He’s taking them. I can’t stop him.”
    Audrey: “What can we do? There’s gotta be something we can do.”
    Duke: “There is. You have to kill me.”
  • Duke: “You have to kill me. Now! Before he takes anymore.”
    Nathan: “There has to be another way.”
    Duke: “Well there isn’t.
    Audrey: “Duke…”
    Duke: “Whenever a Crocker has died, the Troubles stayed with him. If I’m dead, Croatoan has no way of collecting them.”
    Nathan: “No, Duke. I can’t!”
    Duke: “Yes, you can, Nathan. You can to save Haven, to save Audrey.”
    Audrey: “No, no! Not like this!”
    Duke: “Look, I’d do it myself, right? I’d go up to the roof and jump. But if I break open and bleed out all my Troubles, then I died for nothing! Croatoan took everything from me. I have to take something back. I have to choose my destiny. I have to show Croatoan that Duke Crocker is nobody’s bitch. So please, please. Come on, please! Please! Gloria?”
    Gloria: “No, I’m sorry Duke.”
    *Croatoan takes another Trouble*
    Duke: “Do you see that?! Who knows which one that was. You have no idea the horrible Troubles that I have taken inside of me, and if I let Croatoan get them, then he wins! That’s not my destiny. That’s not me.”
    Audrey: “No.”
    Duke: “Nathan, please. I can’t do it myself, there’s no time.”
    Nathan: “I know. Everything’s going to be alright.”
    *Croatoan takes another Trouble*
    Audrey: “Nathan…”
  • *Nathan begins to choke Duke*
    Audrey: “Hey, Duke. It’s going to be okay, alright? We love you.”
    Nathan: “You’re the bravest man I ever met, Duke Crocker. You always have been. There’s so much we’ve done together, so much we never could have done without you. I owe you so much. I will spend the rest of my life trying to repay that debt.”
    Gloria: *sobbing* “Oh, God.”
    *Duke dies*
  • Vince: “I’m so sorry. What Duke became, wasn’t who he was.”
    Audrey: “No. And in the end it’s what saved us.”
    Dwight: “Maybe all of Haven. He stopped Croatoan from getting his Troubles.”
    Audrey: “The aether core, it’s destroyed. There will be no way to build a new Barn, no way to end the Troubles.”
    Gloria: “Dwight, maybe you can just help me get him to the truck, we’ll put him on ice until we can give him a proper burial – at sea, with Jennifer. He would have liked that.”
    Nathan: “Yeah. At sea.
  • Nathan: “Last time it was the carrot, so I assume you’re here with a stick.”
    Croatoan: “There’s that rye sense of humor the girls love. Mara thougt William was hilarious – I thought he was a moron.”
    Nathan: “What do you want?”
    Croatoan: “To offer my condolences – shame about Duke. The Crockers grew so cowardly over the years…”
    Nathan: “Duke died so you wouldn’t get any of his Troubles. He died a hero.”
    Croatoan: “He walked away from greatness. Have you thought anymore about my offer.”
    Nathan: “No. My future’s here.”
    Croatoan: “Not without Audrey, it isn’t.”
    Nathan: “What have you done with Audrey? Where is she?”
    Croatoan: “Audrey is going to be exactly where she belongs: by her father’s side. Which means you…” *Croatoan makes Nathan disappear* “need to leave Haven.”
  • Croatoan: “I knew you’d come here, someplace familiar. If you need to talk…”
    Audrey: “What have you done with Nathan? If you’ve hurt him—“
    Croatoan: “Hurt him? Nathan had told me he had said his goodbyes.”
    Audrey: “‘His goodbyes?’ What does that mean?”
    Croatoan: “Before he left with your copy. I thought you knew—I’m so sorry.”
    Audrey: “No. No, that’s not true.”
    Croatoan: “I’m afraid it is. Nathan is…beyond the shroud.”
  • Nathan: “Parker?”
    Clone Audrey: “Nathan? This is weird.”
    Nathan: “Yeah.
  • Nathan: *Nathan kisses Clone Audrey* “Don’t worry. At least we’re together. We’ll figure it out.”
    Clone Audrey: “Yeah. We always do.”
  • Croatoan: “Nathan told me that he changed his mind. The tragedy of having to kill a his friend—he realized the futility of fighting me.”
    Audrey: “No. Nathan never would have left me of his own free will.”
    Croatoan: “I’m sorry, but it’s true. He begged me to take him away from Haven. He said that saving the world had become too exhausting. I know you’re upset, but really, isn’t this what you want? Nathan far away from the terrible dangers he would have faced?
    Audrey: “‘Dangers?’”
    Croatoan: “Well once we begin our experiments there will be a lot of trial and error, and things will become…volatile.”
    Audrey: “No, I am not helping you.”
    Croatoan: “This is what you’re meant to do. Nathan abandoned you. But not me. I will never abandon you. You don’t have to be so morose. Attitude is the paintbrush that colors our world.”
  • Croatoan: “And soon it will rain, and then you and I will begin our work. And it won’t seem like work, because we’ll have casual Friday, we’ll have music–, bring dogs!”
  • Croatoan: “…so go grieve, make your peace, do whatever you have to do to move on. Because Nathan is gone. Your life is with me, here, now.”

Quotes – Forever

  • Audrey: “I really could use you now.” *looking at a picture of Nathan and Audrey*
  • Clone Audrey: “We’re in Maine.”
    Nathan: “You remember how we got here?”
    Clone Audrey: “It’s all blueberries, lobster, maple syrup.
    Nathan: “And that says Cleave Mills, Maine.”
    Clone Audrey: “Right.”
    Nathan: “How do I remember you, Parker, but not where we lived, worked…anything?”
    Clone Audrey: “I don’t know.”
    Nathan: “It’s like we’re books with the important pages ripped out.”
    Clone Audrey: “Yeah, well. At least we know the chapters on each other. What?”
    Nathan: “I don’t know. Something just feels weird.”
    Clone Audrey: “You mean, besides the fact that that we don’t remember where we came from or what we did?”
    Nathan: “Yeah. You don’t feel it? Do we really know everything about each other?”
    Clone Audrey: “That old Bronco out there – you say that its practical, but it actually costs 300 a month just to keep it running. You keep it because you don’t like to negotiate and you don’t want a new car. You love Patsy Cline and you think that you sing Crazy pretty well, but you don’t. And because I was the first woman you felt in years, our sex life in the beginning was a little exciting, and for you maybe, it was a little too exciting–”
    Nathan: “Okay, stop. Stop, I get it. You really know me. I’m sorry I doubted you.”
    Clone Audrey: “Mm-hmm. I bet. So now what?”
    Nathan: “Well, uh I don’t know. Breakfast?” *Checks his wallet* “Hmm. There’s no ID, no clues, but…200 bucks!”
    Clone Audrey: “Whoa! Pancakes.”
  • Clone Audrey: “Hey, you know what I’m starting to get a bad feeling about going up the coast..”
    Nathan: “Really.”
    Clone Audrey: “Like maybe whoever did that to you is there.”
    Nathan: “So shouldn’t we check it out?”
    Clone Audrey: “Yeah…but couldn’t we get settled somewhere first?”
    Nathan: “You’re worried about what we’ll find when we get there?”
    Clone Audrey: “I don’t know why, but a little. Yeah.”
    Nathan: “Okay. We’ll go inland.”
  • Croatoan: “I do not…volunteer.”
  • Croatoan: “You’re going to have to learn the hard way. I will force you to use Aether on these people. You will remember who you are. You will embrace your talent.”
    Audrey: “Dad, I know what you really want. You want to use me to punish those who banished you to the Void, and I…I can do that. I will do that.
    Croatoan: “If.”
    Audrey: “If you take all of the Aether, all of the Troubles, and you put them in me, now, and we leave Haven forever.
    Croatoan: “How do I know that’s even possible?”
    Audrey: “Because you were right. I am special. I feel the Aether. I’ve felt it from the minute you created that opening to the Void. But I’ll create whatever Trouble weapons you want. We don’t need to waste time experimenting on this town. You were right…Dad.”
    Croatoan: “Dove…you are special. I just wish you were doing this because you wanted to, not because you wanted to save the town. No matter. You do this and you will embrace your power. And you’ll like it. So yes, take all the Aether, take all the Troubles right now.”
  • Duke: “Rise and shine ‘Squatch.”
  • Clone Audrey: “I thought we were going inland. I didn’t want to come here.”
    Nathan: “I know…I started thinking that was odd, you not wanting to investigate.”
    Clone Audrey: “So…what do you see?”
    Nathan: “Nothing. Not a damn thing.”
    Clone Audrey: “So then lets go.”
    Nathan: “But I feel something.
    Clone Audrey: “Really? That’s new, ‘cause you can’t feel anything.”
    Nathan: “But I remember feeling. I remember how we’d get low fog; you couldn’t see the sun…but you could feel it’s warmth. It’s like that. You don’t feel anything?”
    Clone Audrey: “Wind, cold, the vague annoyance at my usually awesome boyfriend. Can we please go, I’m freezing!”
    Nathan: “Sorry. I just…I wanna figure out what happened. I feel like the answer is here. It’s like…I can’t leave.”
    *Clone Audrey takes a closer*
    Clone Audrey: *gasp*
    Nathan: “What? What’s wrong?”
    Clone Audrey: “You were right. What you’re looking for. It is here.” *Clone Audrey takes Nathan’s hand* “Look. She’s in there.”
    Nathan: “Who?”
    Clone Audrey: “Me. Being so close to this, I…I’m being to understand. I…remember ”
    Nathan: “What?”
    Clone Audrey: “I…I was to be her for you. To love you as much as she did. And I do. But I’m not her, and you sensed that somehow, didn’t you? That’s what you were feeling.”
    Nathan: “I knew something was wrong, yeah. Why are you telling me this now?”
    Clone Audrey: “Because I love you and I want you to be happy. You should be with her. Come.”
    Nathan: “What happens when we go through there?
    Clone Audrey: “I’m not sure.”
    Nathan: “What happens to you?”
    Clone Audrey: “This is right. Come.”
  • *Clone Audrey leads Nathan into Haven through the Shroud and he remembers*
    Nathan: “Thank you.”
    Clone Audrey: “We love you.”
  • Dwight: “You can’t see him. Okay, why can’t he see you?”
    Duke: “I’m dead, Dwight.”
    Dwight: “You’re pissing me off, Duke.”
    Duke: “I don’t know why he can’t see me. Maybe he feels bad about killing me. Tell Nathan where Audrey is. She needs him. He has to go to her now.”
    Dwight: “Is that why you’re here.”
    Duke: “Just tell him.”
    Dwight: “He wants me to tell you that Audrey’s in the old armoury tower. She needs you. Go, hurry.”
    Nathan: “You’re not coming?”
    Duke: “We’re not done, Dwight. Come on.”
    Nathan: “Hey, tell Duke I said thanks.”
    Dwight: “He says go get her, Nathan. Save her.”
  • Audrey: “Oh my God! You’re here! You didn’t leave me.”
    Nathan: “No. Never.”
  • Nathan: “What Audrey is to me—you could never copy that. Ever.”
  • Audrey: “What did you do?”
    Croatoan: “He did it to himself!”
    Audrey: “YOU FIX HIM!”
    Croatoan: “Why?”
    Audrey: “Because I love him. Because he loves me. Why can’t you get that?! He is my family. He came back – back to save me.”
    Croatoan: “That’s what I’m doing.”
    Audrey: “You? No. You say you would do all of this for me, that you want what’s best for me, that you sacrificed for me!”
    Croatoan: “Yes!”
    Audrey: “NO! Everything you have done, you have done for yourself, your ego, your victory. You sit here and you want to talk about my ‘potential’”. It is here with Nathan. I have found someone who loves me, who would do anything for me.
    Croatoan: “I would do anything for you, Dove.”
    Audrey: “Really? You would give your life for me? Like Nathan? Would you do that? Dad?”
  • Croatoan: “You’re right. I would not die for you like Nathan. But I will leave for you.”
    Audrey: “What? There’s nothing here for me, without you, and there’s nothing for me back home without you by my side. So, yes, I will power the Barn, take the Aether, end your Troubles forever.”
  • Dwight: “Are you even real? ‘Cause I don’t think this is something the real Duke Crocker would do. He was kind of a dick.”
  • Croatoan: “I will willingly go into the Barn. If the Void did change me perhaps, this is the way to show you who I once was. The father you loved.”
    Audrey: “Thank you.”
    Croatoan: “Vince? Let’s go. You two may want to move out.”
    Vince: “I don’t think this is possible.”
    Nathan: “Vince, just do it.”
    Vince: “Nathan, this won’t work. You (Croatoan) won’t work.”
    Croatoan: “Why? To power the Barn, you need Aether activated in living form – me.
    Vince: “I need more, for the huge power necessary for a Barn. The Aether needs a catalyst , a complementary energy to supercharge it, the same energy it has always needed: love. The energy it needed when she went in as Lucy and as Sarah.”
    Croatoan: “I—“
    Vince: “You do not have that.”
    Audrey: “I do.”
  • Audrey: “Vince said that if I went into the barn with my father I could activate the Aether in him, to stop the Void, end the 27-year old cycle. All the Troubled would live and the Troubles would be gone forever. It would finally be over, Nathan.”
    Nathan: “I was kind of just getting used to it.”
    Audrey: “I have to go.”
    Nathan: “You do.”
    Audrey: “And I won’t be coming back this time.”
    Nathan: “I know.”
    Audrey: “I’m so sorry.”
    Nathan: “What do you have to be sorry for?”
    Audrey: “Leaving you. I wanted us to have more time.”
    Nathan: “We’ll always want more time. The trick will be being thankful for the time we had. We had an amazing time.”
    Audrey: “Yeah, we did.”
    Nathan: “And I spent so much of it trying to keep you here, but now I realize the reason I love you is because you’re willing to go. You are an amazing person, Audrey Parker. I never felt anything until I met you. You saved me. You made me real. I love you, Audrey. I will always love you.”
    Audrey: “Nathan…”
    Nathan: “Hmm.”
    Audrey: “Promise me something.”
    Nathan: “Anything.”
    Audrey: “I want you to be okay. I don’t want you to be alone, so promise me that you will find someone, you will find someone that will make you happy, and you will move on.”
    Nathan: “Move on? Heh. How could I ever do that? I will think about you every minute of every hour of every day and that’s why I will be okay. After everything you’ve done for the people of this town, for me, Parker, you’ll be with me every time I feel something; you’ll be with me in all the people whose pain you’ve taken away; with me in all the people of this town who are free to live and love and grow without fear. When the sun finally shines on Haven again, you’ll be with me in all of the families that we put back together and the ones out in the world who suffered with the Troubles, too. You’ll be with me when Haven returns to the world and becomes the town we both know it can be; every person that we gave hope, faith that something good could happen for all of us. You’ll be with me in every person who’s happy now, at peace because of you, Audrey. I’ll never forget you. You will always be with me. And no matter what happens, I will always love you.
  • Stan: “Mrs. Edwards thinks the Hicks’ kids stole her clam rake, uh Mr. Millikan and Mr. Nick want a noise variance for their party and the Stanton kid, well, he got pulled over in his golf cart – think I smelled weed.”
    Nathan: “Cats in trees, Stan. Cats in trees.”
  • Nathan: “I miss Vince and Dave.”
    Stan: “Would they have known what happened?”
  • Laverne: “I am right here, hon.”
  • Gloria: “I was able to access old samples of Troubled people’s genetic material, and I cross-referenced it with their genetic material now. And for the first time since I’ve been alive, which, you know let’s be honest, is damn near recorded history, that DNA marker for Troubles – it’s gone. Completely – like it’s not coming back in 27 years.”
    Nathan: “That’s what I figured.”
    Gloria: “You’re disappointed.”
    Nathan: “No. Just…”
    Gloria: “You miss her.”
    Nathan: “Yup.”
    Gloria: “Well, maybe this will help. Vickie? Give it to him.” *Vickie gives Nathan a drawing of Audrey*
    Nathan: “Thanks, Vickie. It’s beautiful.”
    Vickie: “Thank you. I love drawing again.”
    Gloria: “You know, there’s another way you can keep her alive. When you’re not sure what you should do, ask yourself what Audrey would want you to do and do that. That’s what I do with Duke.”
    Nathan: “Duke? Really?”
    Gloria: “Duke and I we were a lot more alike than people knew. You wanna talk to him, talk to me.”
    Nathan: “Good. Well right now, I’m gonna keep Audrey alive by doing what she would want me to do, and that is go fishing with Dwight. Bye.”
    Gloria: “Bye.”
  • Nathan: “Parker.”
    Paige: “Oh, I, did. Actually, I didn’t park her as much as I broke her, but do you think you could help?
    Nathan: “Yeah…yeah.” *Paige sees Nathan’s gun*
    Paige: “Oh, my God!”
    Nathan: “Oh, No, it’s okay, it’s okay. I’m a cop.”
    Paige: “You’re a cop?”
    Nathan: “I’m a…I’m a Nathan.”
    Paige: “Alright, fine. That’s good. Officer Nathan, I’m broke-down Paige. Do you think that maybe you could help me start it? I gotta get James some food before he has a meltdown.”
    Nathan: “James…” *Nathan sees James in the backseat* “Hey.”
    Paige: “That’s my son.”
    Nathan: “James. Mm-hmm. Yup. Uh, yeah, pop the…pop the hood.”
    Paige: “Okay. Pop the hood. Pop…hood’s popped!”
    Nathan: “Yup. There we go.” *Nathan gets himself together* “Okay, um try it now.”
    Paige: “Ugh, no, well I…I really don’t think that that’s a repair…” *Paige slams the door on Nathan’s hand*
    Nathan: “Ahhh!”
    Paige: “Oh! My…Hey! Oh, God, are you okay? Are you okay?”
    Nathan: “I’m…”
    Paige: “Let me at least take you to the…hospital.”
    Nathan: “I’m okay.”
    Paige: “Fine.”
    Nathan: “Yeah.”
    Paige: “Well, can I at least buy you…breakfast. Do you like pancakes?”
    Nathan: “Yeah, I love pancakes.”
    Paige: “Me too.”
  • Croatoan: “You’re sure she couldn’t go back as Audrey?”
    Vince: “Oh, yes. But she knew when she went back as someone else, she and Nathan would fall in love all over again, and it appears she was right.”

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