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4x12-book“The book exists to deal with William.” – Audrey

Kudos for this episode go out to Jayne Eastwood who plays Gloria. I <3 you so much. 🙂 Never leave. For an in depth recap check out the one SyfyHaven did here.

That was my reaction at the end of Haven 4×12 (When the Bough Breaks).  That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the episode for the rest of that night into the next day. I just could not wrap my head around this episode. 36 hours later and it is still a struggle. I’ve tried writing this post several times.  Honestly I don’t even know what to write.

I continue to enjoy Colin Ferguson’s portrayal of William. I can’t emphasize enough how well he plays smarmy and CRAZY because let’s be clear, William is a PSYCHOpath. All that being said, I wish Audrey had punched William because she probably could have pulled off the black eye look and I really want William punched.

Gloria, I am so happy to have gotten more of your backstory (more than we have on Nathan in fact). You’ve led a rough life my friend. Please don’t ever leave.

The OT3: It’s strange because all of the characters have come so far since season 3. Heck, they’ve come far even in season 4 but the dynamic in this episode felt….off. The interaction between all of them seems … clinical.  I didn’t get the emotions I usually would from their scenes and that’s from all the scenes not any one combination. Remember when Audrey was worried about the Hunter and the Skinwalker. I still got something from the conversations they all had. Here, I feel as though everyone seems to just be thinking of themselves even if that’s not what was intended. I don’t know. I’m going to stop writing about this.


One thing that hit me though, troubles run in families right? So Nathan’s trouble has been in the Hansen family forever. Does that mean his entire family wasn’t the most emotionally expressive? #curious Interesting how William and pastAudrey set up complementary troubles. Given how a trouble is made, I wonder if there were connections between the families. The whole making of troubles and the history behind it could be its own class. I’d sign up for it.



Who could these four people be? Some say the 1st three are Audrey, Jennifer, and William but I have to respectfully disagree. If they’re trying to open the door to shove William through, he wouldn’t be one of the keys. The other thing is if you could sense/find the door here, then you should be able to find it in the barn. William never could. I’m not sure if I agree with Audrey being a key but then again, why would she have held onto the instruction manual, why would she be allowed in and out of the barn? So maybe it is Audrey and Jennifer. I’m pretty sure Jennifer is one of the 4 given she can read the manual . From the screencap above it does look like 2 men and 2 women. Or what if one of the 2 guys is Dave? I mean he is adopted like Jennifer was. What if Howard had the 4 adopted or placed with someone for their safety? In which case….Nathan may be one of the 2 guys. Do we know anyone else adopted or placed with a family for safekeeping?

Anyway, the 2nd half of the finally which will probably pick up with Audrey actually giving Duke his trouble airs this friday. It was written by Matt McGuiness & Gabrielle Stanton. Two wonderful writers who have been with the show for a while and also gave us: Harmony, Sketchy, Fear & Loathing, Love Machine, The Tides that Bind, Business as Usual, Stay, Over my Head, Reunion, Fallout, and Countdown.

Shawn Piller says that we won’t see the end coming. That’s fine by me, I just want something on the level of “Thanks for the Memories” because at least I could rewatch that during hellatus last year. Not sure I can rewatch the first part of this finale again so I’m hoping the 2nd half will make up for it.

To end on a positive: Nathan watching Audrey hold the baby and Nathan holding a baby:



Random Thoughts

  • The first born of the Teagues is leader of the Guard. Who is the leader when something happens to Vince? Far as we know he has no children….UNLESS….wild theory here…is Julia Vince and Elanor’s kid? Wild thought. I mean Julia’s tattoo faded in and out too, remember.
  • The Teagues have Mi’kmaq bloo
  • 1901 – hundreds of people died and a past Audrey was there. So there were at least 2 more past Audreys before Sarah. Hmmmmm
  • Killing the mom….brutal. 🙁
  • Duke talking about the troubles like an addiction made me feel like he was thinking of Wade in that moment. RIP. :-/
  • Anyone else catch the cool Haven PD backpack Audrey was using? @eOne_TV please make that available!
  • Emily Rose is the queen of saying the most with the smallest of facial expressions
  • I’m really curious as to what original Audrey’s name is.
  • I enjoyed Audrey’s cute reaction to Stan telling Nathan, got it for like the 16th time. 🙂



  • “With all due respect boss, for the 16th time.” – Stan
  • “The book is a book, like the barn is a barn. It’s some kind of otherworldly instruction manual that Jennifer and only Jennifer can use to summon the door between two worlds. – Duke
  • “I think that book exists to deal with WIlliam.” – Audrey
  • “I’m going to have to start calling you Obi-wan, you’re our only hope.” – Duke
  • “You son of a bitch.” – Audrey
  • “You need my help to solve this trouble.” – William
  • “We used to setup complementary troubles to see how they’d interact–fire and ice, that sort of thing.” – William
  • Nathan: “What is going on?”
    Audrey: “I–”
    Nathan: “What did William say to you? Whatever it is, we can deal with this together.”
    Audrey: “Maybe not this time. Maybe you won’t–you won’t want to.”
    Nathan: “Talk to me, Parker.”
    Audrey: “For so long, I’ve wanted to know who I am–me…Before Audrey, Before Lucy, Before Sarah. And then William comes along, and he has some answers. And who I am…is a woman who used to love him.
    Nathan: “You’re not that person anymore. You have me now.”
    Audrey: “I don’t deserve you. He says that I started the troubles, Nathan. All those years ago, I used to love William, and he and I created the Troubles together. We would give them to people together–Yours, everyone’s. And now he wants me to do it again. William told me that the only way to help the baby is by creating some kind of trouble that’ll stop his cries from killing people. And if I do that…he says if I give someone a trouble, then I will remember who I am.”
    Nathan: “You are Audrey Parker. You don’t give people troubles. You save them.”
  • “The first born in my family always had this mark, going all the way back to the founding of Haven, and more.” – Vince
  • “You call it a tattoo, but really it’s a birthmark and a birthright. It designates me to be protector of troubled people.” – Vince
  • Dave: “Oh, I have no Teagues blood. Like you, I was adopted.”
    Duke: “Well that explains a lot.”
  • “You think marriage is tough until you fall for a guy who can’t allow himself to cry. It brings new meaning to “emotionally unavailable.” – Gloria
  • “Every trouble has rules, some connection. There–there’s gotta be some sort of logic.” – Nathan
  • “Just like rev up your trouble-solving machine or whatever she is, and just find a way to save my grandson!” -Gloria
  • “It’s okay Aaron. You don’t have to cry. You’re gonna be safe.”
  • William: “Hey. What do we got? Huh? I’ve always wanted to say that.”
    Nathan: “You think killing innocent people is funny?”
    William: “Oh, I’m not the murderer here. Now, I know he looks cute and all, but if you ask me, *whispers* I think the baby did it.”
    “I was actually hoping I’d bump into your partner here, but you can take her the message. This all stops when she makes the right decision.
    Nathan: “The right decision? You’re out of your mind.
    William: “And you’re out of your league. You have no idea about the larger picture. It–It’s like trying to explain physics to a goldfish. Now, you can do whatever you want with Audrey Parker. Go steady, take her to the prom. I want the original.”
    Nathan: “She only is…and always will be Audrey Parker.
    William: “And yet, when you shot me, she bled. That’s a level of intimacy you can’t comprehend.
    Nathan: “You don’t know the first thing about love. When I break your connection to Audrey, I’m gonna put you in the ground, and it will hurt.”
    William: “Oh. *punches Nathan* Hurt like this or like this? *sigh* Aw, you feel me just like you feel her.”
    Nathan: “That’s all you can do. You can throw punches, but you can’t turn Audrey into something she’s not.”
    William: “Clearly she thinks I can, or she wouldn’t be stalling.”
  • “I have the badasses of checkers as well.” – Jennifer
  • “I know you Duke.” – Jennifer
  • Duke: “All right, so the going theory is that William’s giving out troubles because he thinks the original Audrey liked it and he wants you to remember her. If that’s true, does that mean you and William…did you make the troubles in the first place?”
    Audrey: “Yes. And now he wants me to do it again. He wants me to create a silence trouble that will stop these deaths and save the baby.”
    Duke: “Oh. So you called me down here to grant you permission to give someone a trouble? Audrey, you can never do that, no matter what happens. He is trying to get you to shove that needle back into your vein. There’s no recovering from that.”
    Audrey: “You don’t trust me to hold on to who I am?”
    Duke: “I don’t trust the troubles. They are deep and dark, and they take the people you love away.
    Nathan: “No one’s taking Audrey away. Do it. Trouble whoever you need to make this stop. I know you’re strong enough. You’re not going to turn into whoever William wants you to.
    Duke: “I believe in you, Audrey, but if you turn back into some female version of William…if that happens, forget the troubles, forget babies that kill people. We are screwed on a whole other level.
  • William: Giving someone a trouble requires an alchemy of three things. First, a strong intention. What kind of curse do you want? And use your imagination. Two, the person you choose is key. I mean, who are they? Are they a good match for your intention? Now the curse, or intention, is shaped in here. You’re giving them a release. It’s a gift.”
    Audrey: “I’ll never believe that.”
    William: “Yeah, you will. Finally…there’s this. Think of this as the breath of life. Put it in your hand, put your hand on a customer, and wait for the party.”
    Audrey: “Intention, person, and black ball of stuff.
  • “Come any closer, I’ll punch you in the face. It’ll be worth my own black eye.”
  • “Okay, I wasn’t really suggesting that.” – Duke
  • Audrey: “Troubles are always related to the people that have them.”
    Nathan: “Right, Jack Driscoll was a deep-sea diver. He developed a crazy pressure trouble.”
    Duke: “Oh.”
    Nathan: “What?”
    Duke: “Well, you weren’t exactly the most emotionally expressive kid in school. Now you’re numb.”
    Nathan: “You’re a sponge.”
    Duke: “Wasn’t derogatory.”
  • “Are you out of your mind.” – Gloria
  • Duke: “Give me the box.”
    Audrey: “I have to keep trying.”
    Duke: “You know, I’m fine if you want to lie to that scumbag, but you’re not gonna lie to me.”
    Audrey: “Lie about what?”
    Duke: “You felt her. You felt your original self…and you liked it.”
    Audrey: “It was terrifying. It was, like, the worst jolt of just evil when I touched him. And I think that some deep part of me liked it.”
    Duke: “Which is why you can’t do this. The temptation is too much. He will get you back. You won’t be Audrey Parker anymore, and you won’t care. But I do care. I care about you. I’m not gonna let you do this.”
  • “There’s been some kind of lighthouse here as long as anyone can remember.” – Vincent
  • “I think going down there is a really bad idea.” – Dave
  • “Holy jumping…” – Dave
  • “Four people. To summon the door, we need four people–one for each spot.” – Jennifer
  • “You know me, you know my curse. I mean, just…one more hand slap and we’re done. – Duke
  • Jennifer: “No you have to explain this to me. I understand that people are dying and there’s a baby, but why do you have to be the hero this time?”
    Duke: “Because I’m not a wild card like Gloria’s boyfriend, because the Crocker you see is the Crocker you get.”
    Jennifer: “Yeah, exactly. The Crocker curse–do you really want to go through all of that again?”
    Duke: “I don’t want to. I have to. I am gonna be fine and just as annoying as when you first met me.”
    Jennifer: “This isn’t funny, Duke. None of this is funny. This is horrible. And I’m horrible for feeling this way, but I don’t care.”
    Duke: “Jennifer, stop. I know you’re scared. After this, you and me–we will still be okay.”
    Jennifer: “No, I was with you when you’re brother died, after your brother died, everything that you went through.
    Duke: “Look–”
    Jennifer: “No. No–We were supposed to have our flavored-coffee commercial tomorrow with all of this stuff behind us–William, that stupid door.
    Duke: “We still will.”
    Jennifer: “And we’ll make a toast to your family curse.”

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