This may not be coherent and I apologize in advance if that’s the case. 🙂

No idea who to give Kudos to so we’ll just give them to everyone for playing their alternate version (or reacting to them) so well, plus the amazing Zuckerkins writing team! This episode really threw me for a loop. I mean I am still trying to work through it. The Havenites on twitter are great at helping you sort through a lot and this episode took the cake for making you think.

I <3 that they did an alternate universe episode. I think the Zuckerkins did a great job writing this episode (Zuckerkins = Lilla Zuckerman, Nora Zuckerman, & Brian Millikin) and it made a strong case for overall favorite episode but in the end Crush and Lay Me Down retain the title. I hope we get more collaborations from the three of you.

We had Alt.Duke = Officer Sexy (as he has been dubbed by the Twitter fans), Alt.Nathan = Dr.Handsome (also dubbed by Twitter fans). We had Alt.Vince and Alt.Dave who were freaking fantastic. I loved them sooo much. I did a double-take looking at John Dunsworth with that hair! Then we had Stan the man was still Stan the man but with a little more sass. 🙂


Alt.Duke was my favorite alternate version. LOVED him to pieces. Deep down we all know that Duke is a good guy but that shined through in this universe. He was large and in-charge! His meeting with Audrey was fun too! It was a little strange seeing Duke be so serious, especially when alt.Nathan was not. Wild!

“Audrey first met Nathan on a coastal road in the pilot episode, when she first got to town — so we wanted her to first meet this strange new version of Duke in a similar place in this episode.” – Brian Millikin, Writer  (Syfy Sync)

Alt.Nathan likes to joke and is so much more talkative than our Nathan. It’s like Duke and Nathan switched roles completely in this universe. I don’t mean this in a bad way. alt.Nathan in this universe was a good guy, trying to take care of his family, but in the end showed his “hero” qualities. The Duke we know was also a good guy and a reluctant hero but with time we have just come to see him as one of the heroes. I think if we stayed in alt.universe we probably would have seen that with alt.Nathan.

As it is, we only had a glimpse of Nathan and I was so thrown! He has a family. 🙁 Might have been more bearable if Jordan (we miss Kate Kelton) had been his wife. I mean sure I’m happy for him but I missed Nathan, Audrey’s Nathan. alt.Nathan is the opposite of Nathan and it was hard to watch some times. I think it was seeing him give up Cliff to William that really threw me off. But Brian Millikin said on Syfy Sync:

“We wanted this alternate version of Nathan to make the very human decision to trade Cliff in for his family — but for the hero deep down inside of him to come through afterwards and for him to go after him, to show that deep down the Nathan we know is still in there.” – Brian Millikin, Writer (Syfy Sync)

So I stand by what I said. The Nathan we know is in there just buried and if Audrey stayed in alt. universe I’m pretty sure the Nathan we know would have emerged.

I enjoyed watching Duke and Nathan having their first meeting. Even in alt.Haven these two have a relationship worth watching.

“We wanted Duke and Nathan to be virtual strangers in this world, and at odds — like they were for so long in the real world. But even though they are different people, we wanted to begin to see hints that they could maybe work well together.” – Brian Millikin, Writer ( Syfy Sync)

Now while I missed seeing Audrey and Nathan working together to figure things out, I’m glad we still had Audrey working with alt.Duke. They have such a strong friendship that I’m glad to see it maintained in alt.Haven.

Poor Audrey! She was going to stay in alt.Haven giving up her happiness in the real Haven so that everything could be better. So that Nathan could be happy. Talk about self-sacrificing. I’m sure she felt like beating her head against a door when it came to dealing with William and no one was listening to her. Emily Rose did a great job considering she’s dealing with a whole new set of characters played by the same actors she’s used to. I wonder if that throws an actor off?


Kudos to the writers for giving us a brief moment of normalcy and couple-y Nathan and Audrey. With William in the picture, I think fans are happy to get anything at this point.

Random Thoughts:

  • It is so nice to see Audrey and Nathan smile. Audrey especially in this episode.
  • Song playing during that initial Nathan/Audrey scene – Donovan Woods – Taft (Thnx Kim & Sarah!)
  • Anyone else notice that there is no more sparking between William and Audrey. Why is that?
  • Emily’s face upon seeing alt.Nathan with his family…heartbreaking. Reminded me of when she saw Nathan w/Jordan. 🙁
  • When they both called for Shotgun and Nathan won. Hah! You could see Nathan smirking at Duke as he walked around the car.
  • I cannot say this enough. Colin Ferguson plays smarmy so well. He’s crazy! (and obsessed) but charming at the same time!
  • Nathan married a Marie?!
  • Nathan with his sad moves. lol. “There’s a Trouble….in your bed.” Good thing Audrey is a sure thing.
  • Confession….I prefer scruffy Nathan to Dr. Handsome *runs away*
  • Audrey, when will we stop with the secrets?! Did we not learn from Season 3?
  • There’s only 3 more episodes….i’m not ready for that. :-/
  • Great idea Nora Zuckerman for starting the episode with the ending of solving a Trouble
  • Thank you Emily Rose for the “Parker” line. <3
  • Next week’s episode looks like it’ll be fun. Reminds me of Supernatural 3×13 with the Ghostfacers. 🙂
  • Is it me or have the writers been working overtime on episodes this season (as in how many per writer)
  • Looks like Audrey will be incapacitated somehow next wk (i mean she’s been shot!) – i miss when the trio works together :-/
  • Random: So I remember the writers saying before that a season is divided into 3rds….I wonder if the overall show arc is the same?
  • Still no renewal. What’s up with that Syfy?


  • “Let’s go home.” – Nathan
  • Audrey: “But the real question is who does William think that I am?”
    Nathan: “Well, uh, he certainly thinks there’s something between you two, but he’s wrong.”
    Audrey: “Of course.”
  • “There’s a Trouble…in your bed. Yeah, I think we should check it out.” – Nathan
  • *sigh* “This is why I don’t get pedicures.” – Audrey
  • “No, no, no. Where is my car? Man. Just got that car.” – Audrey
  • “Seriously, so over this. What kind of Trouble takes my shoes?” – Audrey
  • “This town is going to hell.” – alt.Duke
  • “Haven has its first homeless person.” – alt.Vince
  • “That’s okay. You know, I’ll find him. Always do.” – Audrey
  • “Audrey Parker, but you–you can just call me Parker.” – Audrey to alt.Nathan
  • “You’re immune to the Troubles.” – Audrey (about William)
  • William: “Dr. Douche has a family. So in love”
    Audrey: “Well, good for him. I’m glad he’s happy. *sigh* Haven is better without the Troubles.”
  • “Deep down…you like the Troubles. Hell, you want the Troubles.” – William
  • alt.Duke: “Did you find your friend that you were looking for?”
    Audrey: “Not exactly.”
  • “Is that any way to look at the only person like you, that you’ve ever met?” – William
  • “I know this is hard, but someday, you’re gonna look back on this and laugh.” – William
  • *groans sarcastically* “My bad.” – William
  • “This is for your good and for you, I will do whatever it takes.” – William
  • alt.Nathan: “Nother. What do you think it means?”
    alt.Duke: “I think it means, ‘Not her.'”
  • “Let me check. Yeah, it is.” – alt.Nathan
  • “Get some help. Nut job.” – Stan
  • “Well, you made it clear to me that you’d sacrifice your happiness by staying here. But I’m guessing you won’t sacrifice Nathan’s happiness.” – William
  • “Will you just stop and listen. Do people put with this where you’re from?” – alt.Duke
  • “Hey Hon, how are you.” – William
  • William: “The thing is he doesn’t matter. I mean, none of them matter.”
    Audrey: “They matter. This place, it matters.”
    William: “No. You only think that they do. You gotta get this idea out of your head that you’re some savior here to fix the Troubles. The real you? You made the Troubles. Why do you think you’re the one who has to come back to Haven over and over? Why do you think you’re the one who has to deal with the Troubles? You made them.”
  • “It is. and, um…I know because we did it together and we liked it.” – William
  • “William. We need to kill him.” – Audrey
  • “Shotgun!” – Nathan and Duke almost simultaneously with Nathan edging him out
  • “You’re alright, babe.” – Nathan
  • “‘Cause we are so connected.” – William

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7 responses to “Looking Back – 4×10 – A Trip Through Bizzaro World”

  1. Avatar Caterina says:

    Completely agree with EVERYTHING you said. Certainly, scruffy, tormented officer Wuornos is way much better than Dr. Handsome 🙂
    “That’s okay. You know, I’ll find him. Always do.”—->this was maybe my favourite line, even if there have been very good ones through the whole episode 🙂

  2. Avatar Aimee J. says:

    Thanks! Hmmmm. That line makes it into my top 5. #1 goes to this:
    “Audrey Parker, but you–you can just call me Parker.” – Audrey to alt.Nathan

  3. Avatar Caterina says:

    Of course, that one is a great, great line. I think I put the other first, because it wasn’t spoilt by the sneek peak. Guess listening repeatedly to it, over and over again during the week, wasn’t good. So the “Always do” was unexpected instead 🙂

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