First off THANK YOU to every who participated in the Haven contests and the Spreecast or with the Haven Bingo cards. I had a lot of fun doing it and I hope you enjoyed it as well.

Congratulations once again to: @Fictionfood, @rhonddaau, @burtongooster, @kazarianbabe, and @AMS_04.

Kudos to Emily Rose, Matt McGuinness and Gabrielle Stanton!! A fine job all around.

I’m not going to say a lot about the 2nd half of the finale because it has left me with more thoughts than ever and I need to share that more than the rest of what I have typed up. I had a Haven Season Finale Party at my home and it was great. We had pancakes, waffles, sparkling cider and we played Haven Bingo as we watched. My friends were talking throughout the episode, updating me on how they’re cards were going. It was cute but I didn’t really hear what they were saying until commercials. Even then, I was like what?! But you don’t want to read that.

Now everyone is welcome to their own opinion about the finale, but personally I enjoyed the last episode. I thought it was well done and all our Haven favorites were present. Now that the show is going down the road of mythology, it will be interesting to see how they tell the story without losing what they have already built. It only makes sense for those things to be woven in. Let’s take a look at things that came up for me as I rewatched the last episode.

Dave Teagues – Alright. Dave being adopted explained a lot but him being born in another world and has been there explains even more. It also raises some questions. Dave knew about Audrey, how could he not! In the season 3 finale, he told Dwight he wanted to find a way to permanently stop the Troubles without using Audrey as a bandaid. He also never wanted the door open. How much does Dave really know and how much did the Cabot journal help? Why was Sarah Dave’s greatest fear, did Sarah know about Dave’s origins somehow?

Dave, Audrey, William, Jennifer – 4 people born in another world….but Agent Howard said Audrey was very human. I thought he meant literally, because that’s how the question was posed (S3 finale) but did he really just mean human tendency? o_O

William – Mara was put in the barn and William was banished to the space between the two worlds. He must only have gotten into the barn when it was disintegrating then.

Great Evil – So….William isn’t the great evil? Each time the door opens, a little bit of the evil comes out? There really should be an instruction book everyone can read.

Door – You need 4 people born in another world to open the door BUT now William is gone and Jennifer may be dead. Seems like that door is closed. But there has to be another way there because Dave has been there and I’m pretty sure he didn’t have 4 people.

Book – The book that Audrey and Dave couldn’t read but Jennifer could. Jennifer who is seemingly dead. There has to be a reason for all of this. If Audrey was originally Mara, wouldn’t the person who punished Mara be afraid she may come back? If so, then why give her personalities a book that could cause trouble? Did Lucy and Sarah get something like this book too?

Duke – Mara and William made troubles with a purpose and the Crocker curse is now backfiring on Duke and consuming him. He had blood coming out of his eyes, nose, and ears!! Poor guy.

Mara – It seems like Mara is back. Audrey fought hard in trying to hold onto herself but before disappearing William was successful in “activating” her. It looked like Mara loved William and William loved Mara. Audrey once said to Duke, “I don’t know if love is something that can be erased.” Maybe Mara’s love wasn’t erased but neither is Audrey’s love for Nathan. This is just me writing aloud but all of the Haven-Savers were the same person. Someone who went in the barn over and over. Mara was replaced/erased/buried. I think of them as two different people even though they are the same person. That make sense? Maybe just me.

But, how much of Mara is here? I refuse to believe that Audrey is gone forever. Haven is about Audrey Parker, not Mara. This same issue came up after the S3 finale and thankfully we got Audrey back in the beginning of the season. Despite what William was saying, I don’t think Audrey was a shell for Mara. I think Audrey is Mara just as much as Mara is Audrey. The hellatus gives us plenty of time to speculate more on this.

Nathan – Well. There has been a lot of conversations about Nathan but one thing everyone agrees on is that Nathan is going to have a lot to think about next season. I’ve seen so many different things about his love for Audrey. That Nathan didn’t really know her or accept her because he didn’t see the “evil.” Or that he just loved the cookie cutter image of Audrey. I have to respectfully disagree with all of that. Nathan loved Audrey. 100%. When he asks her about who Mara is, she says, “[s]he was no one I’d want to be. She did terrible, terrible things.” Nobody wants to believe the people they love can do bad things. Nathan knows Audrey and that she didn’t want to do those terrible things. So when they were both on the field, he’s not lying when he says he knows her and that she didn’t want to it. Lo and behold he was right because Audrey fought Mara and got Nathan to knock her out. Doesn’t mean she does not have that inside of her and I think the field and the lighthouse scene is going to change how Nathan sees Audrey but honestly this is true for all the characters, including Duke. Nathan tends to see the positive in things with the exception of Duke in the beginning. The reason he changed his perception of Duke was not just because of Duke but because of Audrey. Hopefully we won’t get broody Nathan but a take action Nathan who fights for who he loves. And maybe Audrey will fight Mara to save what she loves. It reminds me of the line from William that Nathan tells Audrey. “I’m willing to fight for us, are you?”

I think Mara coming back, however they do it, can be a really good thing. There’s a lot of potential this opens up and I’d like to believe that the Haven writers and TPTB will not just repeat the beginning of S4.

Anyway more to come later on all of this and a review of S4. 😀 Till then, random thoughts and quotes!

Random Thoughts:

  • It’s been 2 days since the finale and no word from @Syfy on renewal. Right…Nobody wants to go through the holidays not knowing. Help us out @ClaireMarieS!!
  • I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Emily Rose is the QUEEN of facial expressions. each of her personalities has a different “look” but it is still the same face. She went from Audrey to Mara so flawlessly and you could tell who she was just from her face!!
  • That scene between Eric Balfour and Jayne Eastwood was crushing my heart.
  • The Audrey/Nathan scene on the field also crushing. From her desperation to seeing a knife at Nathan’s throat to trying to stop him from being hurt to her fighting to stay in control and get Nathan to knock her out. CRUSHING.
  • Loved the outfits Mara and William wore. <3 Kudos costume and hair department!!
  • How come every couple got a kiss BUT Nathan/Audrey. I think that would have helped ground her in Audrey. *shrug* Plus @McSkinn and @TVGab you messed up my Haven Bingo Card!!
  • People in Haven never learn about keeping secrets or holding back on information. What if Duke had been upfront with Nathan as much as he was with Jennifer?
  • Nathan thank you for giving it to William like he deserved. Most of us have been waiting for that moment.
  • Dwight, genius move making that bullet count.
  • I need the rings to be addressed next season. Second thing on my list, right after more fun moments between Nathan and Audrey and Duke. I miss the OT3.
  • I was happy to see the Blue Bronco. Even if it was just a passover of it, I missed seeing it.:)





  • “Just like riding a bike for us Crockers.” – Duke
  • Gloria: “Do you believe in the after life, Audrey?”
    Audrey: “I think so. We have had ghosts here before in Haven.”
    Gloria: “That’s Haven. I’m talking about something more universal.”
    Audrey: “I don’t know.”
    Gloria: “Well, you know what, I’ve had to learn the scientific explanation for just about everything–evolution, genetics.”
    Audrey: “So you don’t believe.”
    Gloria: “No, I do. I really, really do.”
    Audrey: “What, because of science?”
    Gloria: “No, because of what science can’t explain. It’s like our brain is just meat and electricity.
    Audrey: “Oh, I–”
    Gloria: But where does the consciousness come from? We’re so much more than that. I really think there is so much more for us after we’re gone.”
  • “I don’t expect you to ever forgive me.” – Duke
  • “This whole thing would work a lot better if I wasn’t the only one that could see it.” – Jennifer
  • “The four people we need, have to have been born on another world…like I was.” – Jennifer
  • “You’re living with an illegal alien, Duke.” – Jennifer
  • “I know a guy who does green cards.” – Duke
  • Nathan: “Is he okay?”
    Audrey: “No. And no one will be until William is on the other side of that door.”
    Nathan: “Something happened when you troubled Duke.”
    Audrey: The woman that William wants me to remember, my original self…her name was Mara.”
    Nathan: “When did he tell you that?”
    Audrey: “He didn’t. I remembered”
    Nathan: “And now do you still have her memories?”
    Audrey: “No, it’s not like remembering Lexie or Lucy. Mara–she’s…she’s different. It’s deeper. I felt being Mara.”
    Nathan: “So what was she like?”
    Audrey: “She was no one I’d want to be. She did terrible, terrible things. But maybe…maybe we can use what I saw. I’m gonna go to William. I’m going to tell him that he was right, that when I troubled Duke, I remembered being Mara and that I want to know more.”
    Nathan: “No. That is what he wants.”
    Audrey: “Exactly. He lets his guard down, and then you shoot him.”
    Nathan: “What? That’ll–”
    Audrey: “With a tranq gun.” He’ll go unconscious.”
    Nathan: “But we don’t even know how your connection to him works. That might knock you out too.”
    Audrey: “Well then you have two people that you need to lug to the lighthouse. Look, William knows that Jennifer can open the door. We need to do this before he finds a way to stop her.”
    Nathan: “How do we find him.”
    Audrey: “He’s at the lookout. He’s waiting for me. I can feel him, Nathan. It’s the connection. It keeps getting stronger every minute.”
  • “Well, I’m a glutton for punishment. How about you? Ready to try again?” – Duke
  • “Why is no one listening to me? We cannot open that door again.”
  • “Yeah, so I’m a freak.” – Jennifer
  • “Don’t be ridiculous, you’re special.” – Dave
  • “You fire that, you get to persuade them by yourself.” – Dwight
  • “You need better cops.” – Duke
  • “Haven needs more people who can walk point. You’re one of ’em.” – Dwight
  • “I really wish we could use guns.” – Duke
  • William: “For all these years, I’ve been helpess, as the barn hid you from your true self, burying you deeper and deeper under false memories.”
    Audrey: “Agent Howard told me once that the barn was my punishment. It was for what we did, wasn’t it? For bringing the troubles here?”
    William: “Yeah, I’ll never forget the day that they dragged you in. You were screaming. You begged me to stop them, and I couldn’t. But I swore on that day that I would save you. And even when they banished me to that terrible place, I never forgot my promise to you.”
    Audrey: “Who was punishing me? Was it Agent Howard? Who was he? Was he like us?”
    William: “No. He’s nothing like us.”
    Audrey: “And now the…the barn–it’s gone.”
    William: “Yeah. And I suppose we can thank Nathan for that.”
    *Heavy and Sinister drag Nathan out*
    Audrey: “You knew?”
    William: “Eh, I wasn’t sure. But as we walked, I-I sensed that something was off. Our link is becoming stronger. Soon, there won’t be any secrets between us.”
    Audrey: “Nathan.”
    William: “Cuff him. You know they’ve been looking for some good fishing bait, something that really works, so…tenderize him a little bit.
    Audrey: “No…”
    *Heavy and Sinster beat Nathan*
    Audrey: “William make them stop! Make them stop!”
    William: “You make them stop. You know how to command them. Use it.”
    Audrey: *screaming* “Stop!”
    William: “There it is. Can you feel it? That’s the shell of Audrey Parker falling away. Now put them inside.”
    *Audrey gets Heavy and Sinister to return to the box*
    William: “You did it, just like Mara would have done. You can feel her, can’t you? You can feel…us.”
    William: “We better keep going.”
    Mara: “They’re not going to find us.”
    William: “You ready to take that chance? You know what they’ll do. We’ve broken every rule there is.”
    Mara: “Yeah, but we’ve had so much fun doing it.”
    William: “Mara, they’ll take you from me.”
    Mara: “No, they won’t. You won’t let them.”
    William: “Not while there’s any breath in my body.”
    *end flashback*
    Nathan: “Audrey, get away from him. Put that down.”
    William: “No. No, that rush of power that you felt, you liked it. And you want to feel it again, and you can. It’s so easy.”
    Nathan: She’s not gonna do what you want.”
    William: No, she’s gonna do what she wants to do, and what she wants to do is to give you a trouble. Don’t you, love.”
    Audrey: “But he already has a trouble. What will happen?”
    William: “Aren’t you just dying to find out?”
    Nathan: “Audrey, you’re not Mara. You could never do those things he said you did.”
    Audrey: “But I did do those things…and I liked it. And I think…I might still like it.”
    Nathan: “Parker, I know you. You don’t want to do this.”
    William: “Do it. No.”
    Nathan: “No.”
    Audrey: “Nathan.”
    Nathan: “Parker.”
    Audrey: “Now.”
    Nathan: “What?”
    Audrey: “Now.”
    *Nathan headbutts Audrey*
  • Duke: “Like you said, Somebody’s got to walk point, right?”
    Dwight: “Not all the time.”
    Duke: “You do. I mean, every day, right? Bullet magnet, chief of police. Why in God’s name would you take that job anyways?”
    Dwight: “Vince asked me.”
    Duke: “Vince asked you to. That’s it? That’s all it took?
    Dwight: “He’s been good to me. He took care of the people who killed my daughter, did what was right. Vince walks point too.”
  • Vince: “Where have you been Dave?”
    Dave: “What, Jennifer didn’t tell you? Someone broke into our research room. The Cabot journal is gone.”
    Vince: “No one broke into our research room. You have Cabot’s journal, just like you have the adoption files.” *shows video of Dave getting the files.*
    “Who’s the fourth person, Dave?”
    Dave: “You must believe me when I say this, Vince. I can’t tell you.”
    Vince: “What? We don’t keep secrets from each other. ”
    Dave: “I have a very good reason to keep this one–very good.”
    Vince: “Is it me?”
    Dave: “You? Of course you’d think it’s you. It’s always about you, isn’t it Vincent? Well, guess what? It’s not you this time.”
    Vince: “Then who is it? Dave, what’s so special about this person that you can’t tell me?
    Dave: “Fine. The fourth person…it’s me. You know I’ve always considered you my brother–always, since the day I was adopted. You are my brother. I am closer to you than anyone else. I saw Agent Howard’s photo in Jennifer’s file, and I didn’t want anyone to find his photo in my file.”
    Vince: “But why do you think you’re from there?
    Dave: “I’ve been there.”
    Vince: “You’re coming to the lighthouse.”
    Dave: “No, I can’t do that. I won’t!”
    *door opens bringing in Duke, Jennifer and Dwight*
    Jennifer: “Do you have any aspirin? Duke has a headache.”
    Dave: “I think I, uh…saw some aspirin in your car, Vince.”
    Vince: “Dwight, don’t let him leave.”
    Dave: “Damn it Vince. If we open that door, I know I’m gonna get pulled through again!”
    Vince: “What?”
    Dave: “When that door opens, something draws me through it. And I don’t want to go through that again, believe me.”
    Duke: “So…what’s going on?”
  • Audrey: “Who built this place?”
    Nathan: “I don’t think I want to use this contractor when we build our dream house–you know two dogs, picket fence, sea monster in the pool. And I won’t even have to worry about you turning into someone else after we’re married. Been through that already.”
    Audrey: “That sounds like suburban bliss.”
    Nathan: “Just hold on a little bit longer, this’ll be over soon.”
  • William: “It’s physically impossible for you to injure me without injuring her.”
    Nathan: “I bet I can do it.”
    *Nathan kicks William in the groin*
    William: “Oh” *William curls over in pain. Audrey is fine.*
  • Duke: “Hey, I’m not so sure about this anymore.”
    Jennifer: “Hey, you said it yourself. We’re running out of time. Audrey could go all Sybil at any moment and you–”
    Duke: “I’m not worried about me. Whatever’s happening I can control it.”
    Jennifer: “You don’t know that. We get William through that door, and then first order of business, we figure out how to reverse whatever it is that Audrey did to you.”
    Duke: “What if you feel this compulsion that Dave is talking about to go through that door too? Long-distance relationships are pretty hard.”
    Jennifer: “I have to do this, Duke. I’m the only one who can. And there is nothing that could ever make me go through that door and leave you–nothing.”
  • Duke: “What are you looking at?”
    William: “A dead man.”
    Duke: “You know, that’s big talk for a guy who’s going where you’re going. I hear it kind of sucks over there.”
    William: “Oh, that wasn’t a threat–just an observation.”
    Duke: “Mm.”
    William: “You don’t know what’s happening inside of you, do you?”
    Duke: “And you do?”
    William: “Yes. Your family has been absorbing troubles into its blood for generations. When Audrey re-troubled you, she activated them…all of them. Every trouble your family ever eradicated, all crammed in there mutating, combining, becoming something more deadly than Mara and I could ever imagine. I just hope I’m there when they blow, cause it’s gonna be crazy.”
  • William: “You’re all so busy trying to push me through that door, does anyone want to hear what you’re gonna let in?”
    Nathan: “Shut up.”
    William: “You should probably hear this.”
  • “There’s a guy who knows what’s on the other side of that door. You and me should go for a beer.” – William
  • “We are brothers, so don’t make me shoot you.” – Dave
  • “When you know you’re gonna get shot, you make it count.” – Dwight
  • “I’m ready to negotiate.” – William
  • “You can’t do this. I know you all think I deserve it, but you have no idea what’s over there.” – William
  • William: “I can fix Duke, I know what’s wrong with him.”
    Duke: “She likes me just the way I am.”
    William: “She won’t for long. I know what you think I did is terrible, but it’s nothing compared to what you’re doing right now.”
  • “I am pulling, but there’s something pulling back.” – Dwight
  • “You loved me once. Don’t do this to me.” – William
  • Nathan: “Get away from her.”
    William: “You let him do this to me and you’ll be more evil than Mara could ever be.”
    Audrey: “Wait. He’s right. I can’t let Nathan do this. This I want to do myself.”
    *Audrey pushes William in but he grabs on to her arm*
    William: “I knew you were in there.”
    *Nathan pushes William in*
  • “Dave was right. We never should’ve opened the door. William wasn’t what we should’ve been afraid of.” – Jennifer
  • “He’s as good as dead.” – Mara
  • “Now, who’s going to help me get William back?” – Mara

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10 responses to “Look Back: To Be Continued….Right Syfy?!”

  1. Avatar Cheshire says:

    forgive me if i disagree. i like audrey, really i do. but like you mentioned about facial expressions, that moment when audrey is troubling duke and she has this smirk/smile on her face she looks happy, and i think the rush of remembering mara and feeling the power is powerful for audrey. i definitely want to see more of mara and william’s relationship.

    • Avatar Aimee J. says:

      Nothing wrong with disagreeing. 🙂 I think you’re right in that it was a rush. It’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out.

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