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NOTE: Our Next Podcast will be on “Who, What, Where Wendigo

Random Thoughts:

  • I love Groundhog day themed episodes
  • The episode that originates: Taco Tuesdays!!! Duke is quite the talented artist 🙂
  • Haven Shores Elementary School – nice name
  • This episode has the follow @vincehaven on twitter signage!
  • I wonder what Nathan’s first favorite Bill Murray movie is. (Ans. Caddy Shack!! from the DVD Commentary – thnx Amy S.!)
  • I am reminded that Nathan & Audrey work really well together
  • Emily Rose must have done a lot of running during the filming of this episode
  • It really came across how Duke and Nathan cared for each other deep down
  • So how did the trouble pick the “victim?”
  • Did Nathan try and get out of the way because he did see it coming?
  • When Haven resets after Nathan’s death, Duke is just starting to draw Taco Tuesday. Neat.
  • Love how Nathan has Audrey check the temp of his coffee for him.
  • Kudos to Ari Cohen who plays Anson Shumway. I imagine it was difficult to remember all those repetitive actions he did.
  • Audrey’s passion at Helmet safety was funny to me
  • “Will You Still Love Me” – Sweet Talk Radio – BEAUTIFUL HAUNTING SONG


  • “Your tenant’s a deadbeat. That’s what you get for trusting law enforcement.” – Duke Crocker
  • “…and that is why you should never, ever, ever do drugs.” – Audrey Parker
  • “If they’re gonna blindy love me at least they’re going to learn something.” – Chris Brody
  • “World’s not going to end because Audrey Parker took a day off.” – Chris Brody
  • “Because Taco Mondays don’t rhyme as well as Taco Tuesdays. Actually they don’t rhyme at all.” – Duke Crocker
  • “Don’t you break his heart.” – Duke Crocker
  • “Do you like waffles?” – Duke Crocker
  • “I got a guy who gets me the best maple syrup.” – Duke Crocker
  • “Yes I have broken laws but it’s only been in complicated situations when I have carefully considered the consequences.” – Audrey Parker
  • “You’re stuck in my second favorite Bill Murray movie.” – Nathan Wuornos
  • “We know you’re immune to the Troubles. Maybe that’s why you’re the only one who can see what’s happening.” – Nathan Wuornos
  • Nathan: “Duke…”
    Duke: “Yeah, yeah.”
    Nathan: “I ah…”
    Duke: “Shut up.”
  • “After last night, all you can think about is Duke?” – Chris Brody
  • “I gotta tell you I’m just honored that you would choose my place of business to…express yourselves. Physcially. I mean love happens. Here.” – Duke Crocker
  • Nathan: “And Duke died?”
    Audrey: “Yeah.”
    Nathan: “Would have been something to see.” *Audrey flicks him on the ear* “Ow!”
    Audrey: “You know what, you were there and you were pretty upset about it.”
    Nathan: “Uh huh.”
  • “We’ll find a way to stop this. Together.” – Nathan Wuornos
  • Nathan: “This is kind of strange.”
    Audrey: “I’m not going to let you die, okay. You understand me? Stop it, do you understand? I’m going to fix this.”
    Nathan: “Doesn’t hurt. The only thing I feel is you.”
  • Audrey: “There’s one last thing. Every time I try to stop the accident, I change things and people die. It’s like the butterfly effect and I’m the butterfly. That means you don’t go downtown.”
    Nathan: “No way. We’re already changing things by talking about it.”
    Audrey: “I’ve already seen you die once. If that happens and we don’t get a repeat…Please.”
  • “Okay, here’s the deal. You’re weird. You wear a gun. You wake up with mysterious wounds and I’m okay with all of that but you gotta tell me what’s going on with you.” – Chris Brody
  • “Helmet! Every time a helmet!” – Audrey Parker
  • “And you’re the only one who knows its happening. So you’re the only one that can stop it. Lucky you.” – Nathan Wuornos
  • Nathan: “It’s not gonna happen.”
    Audrey: “That’s what you said the last time.”
    Nathan: “I bet I meant it then too.”
  • Anson Shumway: “Look, I’m aware that my condition seems irrational but I’m not crazy. I know the difference between what’s real and what isn’t. You ever have something bad happen and you think about the what if’s?”
    Audrey: “Yeah everybody does-”
    Anson: “Imagine that times 1000. I-I feel responsible for everything all the time. It’s just torture.”
  • Audrey: “I should have been able to save Anson. If I just had one more chance.”
    Nathan: “No he made his choice. You can’t save everyone.”
    Audrey: “That’s why I’m here.”
    Nathan: “What Anson did saved his daughter’s life, and this town. He did what he had to do. He got the world moving forward again.”
    Audrey: “No. I failed.”
    Nathan: “You can never fail me.”
  • Duke: “What?”
    Nathan: “Chris is troubled. You don’t look at him, you don’t get all man-crush.”
    Duke: “No way.” *Duke goes to look at Chris and Nathan turns Duke’s head back to face him.* “Ohhhh….Now you tell me?”
    Nathan: “Hey no judgements, he’s a handsome guy.”
    Duke: “Yeah. Yeah shutup.”
  • “I don’t get days off.” – Audrey Parker

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