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Would you (honestly) attend an Unofficial Troublemaker Get Together at SDCC this year?

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Random Thoughts:

  • If you don’t know what happens, my first thought was kids are mean.
  • “You can’t have him. Daniel is one of us now.” ….. CREEPY
  • Follow the Teagues on Twitter – cute!
  • Audrey’s lockpicking skills is on display. 🙂
  • Evi and Duke have some great banter.
  • The boys seemed to be struggling when they were in that barn but when they came out they seemed fine.


  • “Ya hear that? What do you think of that?” – Duke Crocker
  • “But they’re Daniel’s family too. He’s going to need them with his dad gone.” – Nathan Wuornos
  • “That boy’s soul is at stake.” – Rev. Driscoll
  • “Last I checked the Troubles weren’t covered in the police manual.” – Audrey Parker
  • “Come on. I bet you look good in black.” – Audrey Parker
  • “Picking and entering. Well, that’s better.” – Nathan Wuornos
  • “Really? Did it say, ‘I heart Haven.'” – Evi Crocker
  • “Boys, not now!” – Audrey Parker
  • Duke: “Yeah, thanks for telling me.”
    Evi: “Thanks for checking your messages!”
  • “Sorry, but I saw him first.” – Duke Crocker
  • “A good shepherd always finds a way to save his flock.” – Rev. Driscoll
  • “Garland Wuornos would have known more. They worked together. Helped people who no one else could help.” – Gwen Glendower (Penny Driscoll)
  • “It was the only time anyone ever saw her cry.” – Penny Driscoll
  • Duke: “Your tattoo, what does it mean?”
    Cole Glendower: “When Rev. Driscoll and others like him come for us, there are those who will fight.”
    Duke: “Do you know me? Do you know why they want me dead?”
    Cole: “All I know is you’re being watched in case you decide to follow in your father’s footsteps.”
    Duke: “Is that why one of you killed him? Simon Crocker. Do you remember?”
    Cole: “I don’t know who killed your father but if you want to stay alive, I suggest you stay out of his business.”
  • Nathan: “It’s beautiful in a way.”
    Audrey: “It’s so sad. They don’t even know how long they’ll be gone. A whole family just split in two.”
    Nathan: “United by secrets. I wanted to learn more about the Chief. They’re so much he didn’t tell me. I didn’t even know the right questions to ask.”
    Audrey: “Gwen also told me that your father and Lucy helped a lot of troubled people. Looks like we’ve been following in their footsteps without even knowing it.”


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