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Would you (honestly) attend an Unofficial Troublemaker Get Together at SDCC this year?

  • I wish I could!!! (74%, 17 Votes)
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Total Voters: 23

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I’m short on time so I’ll probably come back to add more later, but check out below for a thought and quotes. This episode’s quotes are provided by Amy S. 🙂

Random Thoughts:

  • Dried grass packed with animal dung burns forever


  • “You did just get demoted, there was anarchy at the police station, and the new police chief died right in front of you.” – Audrey Parker
  • “It’s feeding season and they’re cranky.  Trust me.” – Dwight Hendrickson
  • “Dwight’s cleaning the guy.  I guess when you look like a Viking, people just believe what you tell ’em.” – Audrey Parker
  • “From now on Nathan, it’s just you and me.” – Audrey Parker
  • “I just thought, you know, chasing a serial killer might take your mind off things.” – Audrey Parker
  • “Nothing else looks quite like people being eaten by people.” – Dwight Hendrickson
  • “Play nice boys.  I can take out two of you before anybody gets off a shot.” – Audrey Parker
  • “We know how to hunt down evil.  And we know what to do when we find it, unlike you.” – Rev. Driscoll
  • “That’s a nice cross bow.  Going to a Renaissance fair?” – Duke Crocker
  • Nathan: “Two squirrels chattering means they’re having a conversation.  This is just one.  It means he’s scared of something.  Large.”
    Audrey: “Boy scouts?”
    Nathan: “Moose Hunter magazine.  I was a kid.”
  • Duke: “I feel like I am onto something big. But I don’t have any idea what it is.”
    Audrey: “Welcome to the club.”
    Duke: “You know I want answers too.”
  • “You know with you Audrey, there’s nothing I don’t believe.” – Duke Crocker
  • “It’s blood.  You have some on your face.” – Sophie
  • Frankie: “Sophie, no.”
    Nathan: “No what?”
    Frankie: “She’s hungry.”
  • Reverend Driscoll: “We’re chasing down the troubled.  Only this time, we’re gonna do it my way.”
    Audrey: “Your way is gonna get people killed.”
    Reverend Driscoll: “Maybe, but it’ll be the right people.  …So now we’re gonna do what we should have done a long time ago.  Wipe ’em out.”
  • “We can survive on most live flesh.  People’s the only thing we hunger for.” – Frankie
  • “In town with all the smells, it’s unbearable.” – Frankie
  • “The Rev is making his move.  If we don’t find Amelia first, he’ll kill her.” – Audrey Parker
  • “You have the opportunity to succeed in Haven where your father so tragically failed.” – Rev. Driscoll
  • “Her body needs food.  I’m not talking about another deer.” – Frankie
  • “I can’t believe you can’t smell it.” – Frankie about human blood
  • “I can’t eat you.  You’re gonna save me.” – Sophie
  • “It was a proper kill.  End of story.” – Nathan Wuornos
  • “Slaughter house.  …Kind of a live/work set up until the troubles are over.” – Vince Teague
  • “An hour before you killed him he was dangling the keys to Haven in front of my nose.  I was this close.  Because of you, I got nothing.” – Duke Crocker
  • “While you’re looking for answers, the rest of us, we’re fighting a war.  I did what I had to do.” – Audrey

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