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It’s taken me this long to recover from that emotionally intense and action-packed Haven finale. And this is my second take at writing this. (PSA: Save smart, save often. :p)

*spoilers* *warning: it’s a little long*

With the hunter meteor storm upon us we knew it was going to be a roller coaster from get. But to be honest, as “prepared” as I was for an emotional episode, the Haven cast and crew took it to another level.

Kudos go out to the ENTIRE cast & crew of Haven for bringing your A-game. I dare you to watch this episode and say otherwise.

This review is going to be a little different b/c I’m only going to focus on what stood out to me in the episode. Otherwise, I could write a dissertation. As is, it’s still long. Apologies.

Writing – Who else could bring us this kind of power episode but the creators themselves, Sam Ernst & Jim Dunn who wrote 3.13. Guys, you outdid yourselves.

Directing – Often, we take for granted how big of a role a director plays. There was a lot going on in this episode and I credit Shawn Piller (also Exec. Prod) for putting it together so well. The flashbacks (esp the transitions btwn) and the goodbye scene really stood out to me. When you’re coordinating that many actors in one scene AND you’re putting them through the emotional ringer, well it’s not easy. Loved the flyover of the barn. You could see Duke standing there so it didn’t look like a fake shot. If it was, great job. lol. Small question though – was there too many gun shot sounds when Nathan lit into Howard or am I hearing things. Things didn’t seem to match up in that scene. But maybe that’s just me. Small thing that is more than overcome by everything else.

Lucas Bryant – I knew you could act but I think you really showed us that despite his Trouble, Nathan can feel. From the opening scene, when Nathan began to show the beginnings of a panic attack, I could already feel our heart strings being tugged at. It really showed how strong of a face Nathan has been putting up this entire season. His facade cracked during that scene.

Special enjoyment came from the look on your face when a) you found out you were James’ father and b) Audrey found out. Priceless. You wear sheepish well.

And that last scene. You took whatever was left of our hearts and stepped on it. From your desperation to save Audrey by begging Duke to save her to your broken “Audrey,” with your red eyes and bullet holes in you. I choke up just thinking about it.

Eric Balfour – Who knew that Duke would be the level headed one of the group. 🙂 You continue to deliver one liners like a professional. “Yahtzee.” I think the highlight for me was seeing how Duke’s relationship with Nathan has grown. Twice, in this episode, we’ve seen Duke calm Nathan down and get him to at least listen to reason. But it’s been an organic process over the series especially this season but in particular since Sarah.

Emily Rose – You must have gone through an emotional ringer throughout this episode because I felt it just watching Audrey in this episode. Her desperation to find her son, to find a way to stay, to find a way to stop the Troubles without killing Nathan the man she loves and her resignation that she is going to have to go into the barn. My heart kept cracking throughout.

Of note, Audrey’s reaction to finding out about Nathan/Sarah. A revelation so real that we (the audience) too went, “Oh. My. God.” When Nathan tried to explain it, I believed you when you said, part of you understood (and probably a bit relieved/happy). I’d like to think the other part of you was jealous (that it wasn’t you and that you didn’t have those memories) but that might just be me.

Teagues/Dwight/Guard – Questions were definitely answered and as with all things Haven, more questions came up because of those answers. I’m going to rewatch the series and just keep a checklist or something because it’s hard to keep track. I did not see the big reveal about Vince coming. Dwight (Adam Copeland), I wish we had more time with you onscreen.

Kate Kelton – You were the character I wanted to hate but couldn’t initially. Now I feel bad for you because of Jordan’s desperation to end her Trouble but I also hate you because you shot Nathan. Hell hath no fury… So maybe Jordan is dead and maybe she’s not but either way, not sure I want Jordan back. Good luck with your future projects.

Laura Vanderloot – Arla was c-r-a-z-y and you played her awesomely. I mean you played the lovesick wife so well that I was happy when you reunited with James because you could see that the two of you loved each other. At the same time, glad James knows the truth because it wasn’t meant to last.

Special Effects & Makeup – TV shows don’t have the big budgets of movies but Haven did not skimp in these areas. Seeing Arla as a skinwalker – CREEPY!! The effects of the meteors, the memory jumping, the transitions. Excellent.

Goodbye Scene – This scene will never be unemotional. I’m talking about the ENTIRE scene and not just Audrey with Nathan or Audrey with Duke. The whole thing. (transcribed below)

Audrey has a relationship with each of these people and it comes across in their goodbye. The two standout goodbyes are of course with Duke and Nathan. I don’t care who you ship or if you’re anti-ship. These scenes yank at your heart strings.

  • Audrey and Duke – Duke loves Audrey. We knew it. It’s confirmed. But we also know that Duke was friend-zoned back in Magic Hour. That doesn’t mean these two don’t have a different kind of love (great friends or brother/sister or whatever you want to name it) for each other. So this was a really difficult goodbye for them and you can feel that as you watch them. :-/
  • Audrey and Nathan – I was taken through the emotional ringer with these two. I mean I just can’t. Curious to see what fans think is there most romantic scene b/c this one I think takes the cake. They both love each other but neither has said it to the other while concious. BUT by their actions, I’m pretty sure they know it. Audrey knows the lengths to which Nathan will go for her. Nathan may not know that Audrey refuses to kill him to stop the Troubles but he does know she can kiss (and everything implied with it and from conversations previously, i.e. context clues). 😀 I mean Audrey is desperate to save him that gets Duke to stop him from following her. Nathan is desperate to save her that despite being shot he’s determined to “kill” Howard before he dies. Well, if that ain’t love. lol.

Here we are at the beginning of the hiatus. We don’t know when S4 will premiere but if wespeculate that it’s around the same time as they did this year then we have 241 days to go. Again, speculation means this is not official so don’t start any rumors.

241 days is a long ways away. It’s not that bad though. Plenty to keep us busy till then. Baseball is around the corner (Go O’s!). Superbowl is in two weeks (Go Ravens!) New shows are premiering again. September will be here before we know it.

You can always rewatch Haven because I seem to learn something new with each viewing. And in the meantime, see how many people you can turn into Haven fans. 🙂 And please be friendly to each other. A little respect and courtesy can go a long way. We all enjoy the same show afterall. :p

Random Thoughts:

  • Happy to see the father of the Colorado Kid theory confirmed. 🙂 And that Audrey took it relatively well.
  • When James hit Nathan, I thought I saw Audrey and Nathan exchange a knowing glance after he said it hurt. Like parents do before teaching you a lesson. (leave me to my delusions)
  • When Audrey asks Nathan why he never told her, I wonder if Nathan sees the similarity to him asking the Chief why he never said anything. Both had similar responses.
  • Perfect casting for James. He does look like a cross of Nathan and Audrey.
  • So is James tied to the barn permanently? Is this one of those careful what you wish for things?
  • Who’s dead? Both Nathan and Jordan were shot twice and it looks like Arla and Jordan were sucked into the vortex.
  • How many times has Nathan died now?
  • If the barn only comes when Audrey’s ready why was it there for fauxAudrey to go into in S2? And why could Vince see it?
  • Audrey calling Howard Morpheus was fantastic. Ha!
  • Shawn Pierce you are a fave. I will never get over the musical score and music used for Haven. If you know Shawn Pierce tell him I said he is talented.
  • What do the rings Audrey and Nathan have (from S1 and S2 respectively) mean?!?!?!
  • I need Audrey’s clothes. Seriously. How can I get her stylist to shop for me.

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite quotes. I went a little quote crazy.

Aimee J.


  • “I’m tired of living in a disaster movie.” – Duke
  • “You see, you can tell, by the car-sized rocks falling from the sky.” – Duke
  • “Big coward if you ask me. The little guy’s got all the fight in him.” – Dave
  • “Yahtzee.” – Duke
  • “It’s your mother.” – Audrey
  • “And I’m not ready to leave…either of you.” – Audrey
  • “I guess someone’s going to have to stay out here and watch the skin quilt.” – Duke
  • “What’s the big deal? It’s just a barn.” – Nathan
  • “I don’t like that.” – Nathan
  • “Oh. My. God.” – Audrey
  • Audrey: “Don’t you have a jacket like that?”
    Nathan: “Yeah. That’s weird.”
  • James: “Who are you?”
    Nathan: “Nathan. Nathan Wuornos. I’m your father.”
  • Audrey: “Talk to who?”
    Nathan: “I saw James.”
  • Jordan: “Both you and Nathan. In love with a woman neither of you can have. It’s almost…sad.”
  • Audrey: “He’s your son, isn’t he.”
    Nathan: “Our son.” Audrey: “Why didn’t you tell me?”
    Nathan: “Not exactly sure how that conversation would have gone. I guess it was a way to be with you. I know that that sounds crazy.”
    Audrey: “No. It doesn’t. Part of me’s glad. At least this way, if I do disappear, I have some proof that I existed.”
    Nathan: “You are not disappearing. Not this time.”
  • “Cause he’s the boss.” – Kirk about Vince
  • “Lucy said that killing someone she loves was the only way to end the troubles. Not just for 27 years but forever. Haven would be a true haven again.” – James
  • “Who do you love Audrey?” – James
  • “Then why do I need to kill the man I love to end all this?” – Audrey
  • “27 years, Nathan. Then we’ll get to do it all over again.” – Audrey
  • Nathan: “We’re not letting her go in there.”
    Duke: “Yes, we are.”
    Nathan:  ”Listen. She’s trying to help all these people. She’s trying to help this town, and it is her choice. It’s not yours. It’s not mine. I hate it. But it’s still her choice.”
  • Nathan: “You’re in love with her too.”
    Duke: “Yeah.”
  • Agent Howard: “I thought it was made fairly clear. That won’t work on the barn.”
    Nathan: “That was made clear. What about hurting you?”

Goodbye Scene:

  • Audrey: “Goodbye Dwight. Sorry about the mess.”
    Dwight: “I got it.”
  • Dave: “Audrey, You don’t have to go away. There are other things we can try.”
    Audrey: “No, Dave. Innocent people will not die to keep me out of there.”
  • Vince: “I thought this might be easier this time, but…it’s not. Bye, Audrey.”
    Audrey: “Goodbye, Vince.”
  • Audrey: “Duke…You have always been so good to me. “
    Duke: “It was easy. It actually wasn’t, but you know me. I like the challenge.”
    Audrey: “I’m sorry I won’t remember you when I come back. Especially Colorado.”
  • Nathan: “Parker, if we-(Audrey kisses Nathan) No. This is not good-bye. (turns to Howard) Take me with you.”
    Audrey: “No. Nathan? Nathan, I won’t be alone, all right? I’ll be with our son.”
    Nathan: “I am gonna die before I let you go.”
    Audrey: “I know.”

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