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She made my day because to be honest this is one of the reviews I loved. When I left tumblr, I recklessly deleted my posts and lost everything. Note: This is why you should backup your posts. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve never been able to fully verbalize my thoughts about that episode since. But Amy has saved the day and without further ado, here is my original post with only formatting and gifs added.

Going into “Sarah” I was nervous for a few reasons. From the get, I knew this episode was going to be dealing with time travel and Nathan meeting Sarah and the lingering question of who is the Colorado Kid’s father.

The idea of Nathan getting with Sarah just seemed like a betrayal BUT I decided to trust the writers and see how they handled it. Can’t tell you how happy I am that my faith was not misplaced. In this episode you can see how difficult it is not only for Audrey to tell Nathan but also for Nathan to know that he’s going to be losing Audrey.


The writers have said and we know that Audrey is Lucy and is Sarah. So while physically they are 3 separate beings they are the SAME person. Can we just say kudos to Emily Rose for her amazing portrayal of two different people who are the same on the inside! I mean watching this episode I felt like Sarah and Audrey were different but at the same time they were the same. Sarah had a slight accent and dialect that fit with the era she was in but did you see when she confronted Duke’s grandfather? She pulled that gun so fast and so confidently. Also when she confronted Nathan and wanted the truth about what’s going on. Audrey is the same way. She demands the truth and she’s no wilting flower in pulling a gun. I think (and maybe it’s just me) that when Duke agrees with Nathan that it’s not her style to take crap from anyone, that Duke sees Audrey in Sarah.

And I don’t think Nathan saw Sarah as someone totally separate and unrelated to Audrey.


I think that despite Duke’s warning, Nathan saw Audrey in Sarah from the moment she barged into the room and asked him what he was doing. Again, let’s give kudos to Lucas Bryant for a wonderful job of showing the gamut of emotions that Nathan was feeling from when he ran into the Chief as a kid to feeling his ear get pinched to his interactions with Sarah/Audrey. He was thrown off balance seeing Sarah and who can blame him. His best friend and the woman he loves is back in his time but her other identity is there standing in front of him and acting similarly to Audrey. He did his best and Sarah’s BS detector called him on it. He then tries to regroup from not only seeing Sarah but also feeling again after not being able to for so long. Remember, before this he could only feel Audrey and now he can feel Sarah?! The fact that Sarah and Audrey are the same is being solidified for him each moment he spends with her. She confirms it again when he realizes that even as Sarah she is helping people in a different way.

I know from tumblr there are mixed feelings on the whole beach scene and people feel Nathan cheated on Audrey but I don’t buy that.


As I wrote above, IMO, he’s not seeing them separately or at the very least he is having a very, very hard time separating them. And as we saw, Sarah is no shy girl. LOL. I think I couldn’t help chuckling at how forward she was being and based on her experience and the era she was in, I understand. You have to give Nathan credit for trying to walk away. He got further than I thought he would.

Let’s take a moment to ponder all the things that were probably going on in his head.

  1. This woman is Audrey but not Audrey because she’s Sarah. But at the same time she is Audrey.
  2. Audrey is going to disappear/poof/go away/vanish in less than two weeks…AND she may not be back for 27 years.
  3. I can’t mess with time space/continuum
  4. (maybe) I’m with Jordan (but really I think this was a passing thought especially in light of #2.
  5. The woman that I love, my best friend, is going to disappear in two weeks AND she may not be back…at all.
  6. “Things could end at any minute and you have to take advantage of the time that you have.” – Sarah

Let’s put ourselves in Nathan’s shoes for a moment. Somehow you’ve found the will power to pull yourself away after all these thoughts are going through your head. Kudos to you. Not sure how you did it, but props. These thoughts are STILL rushing through your head and you look back just for a second. I’m pretty sure that even though he was seeing Sarah, he was seeing Audrey, the woman he loves and can’t have back in his time and who may disappear before they can make things right. Here she is willing in front of me, willing to be with me. I probably would have jumped at the chance too. Listen, Nathan’s not perfect and he’s a guy in love. I don’t blame him. He didn’t do this on purpose, it’s just how the cards fell. Or you can call it fate. 🙂


As for Duke…the more Duke’s storyline plays out, the more I’m wondering if he can actually fight his fate. :-/ Honestly, I’m not handing out kudos lightly. If you saw this episode, you know that Eric Balfour did a fantastic job playing a grandson torn. I was really feelin’ his struggle. And you can always count on Duke to bring the levity. Eric Balfour delivers one-liners like a pro.

Random other thoughts on this episode:

  • Audrey’s no-nonsense regardless of the year she’s in. When Claire tells her that Nathan was dead, she refused to accept it (just like in Real Estate when she refuses to doubt Nathan) and goes to fix the problem.
  • Loved the scenes with her and Claire. I wish we had more screen time w/Bree Williamson. She brings balance to the show and her friendship with Audrey is fun to watch. I’d like to see her interact with Nathan and Duke more in the future.
  • The Chief came back!! The hug Audrey shares with him and their talk was very moving. She found someone who also loves Nathan that she could talk to and she had the Chief back.
  • Nathan meets a young Chief. This scene had me dabbing my eyes. Lucas Bryant said so much with so little.
  • Did I mention Duke’s one-liners?!
  • That bonus scene on – big bonus for Naudrey fans. <3
  • The Writers: The Zuckerman sisters, Nora & Lilla Zuckerman. Your talent at telling a story on so many levels is amazing. I look forward to seeing what else you have in store for us.
  • The music used in Haven has been nothing short of amazing. Honestly, I hope they come out with a soundtrack. And the score music played whenever something Nathan/Audrey related (in this case Audrey running into the chief AND in the bonus scene!)….beautiful!
  • The crew did a wonderful job of transforming Haven 2012 into Haven 1955. From the sets to the costumes. Kudos!


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