[update] Podcast added

Haven is back!!!


Which also means that I am back to doing write-ups! Now, usually I would write up my thoughts on the episode but Amy S. and I are going to discuss it on Saturday on the podcast. So stay tuned for that update.

[update]I may still write my thoughts but we’ll see.  Scratch that. I have to write my thoughts down. Podcast still to come.

How best to organize this…by character I think.

Vince and Dave:  I love the brotherly relationship between these two. It doesn’t matter that they’ve both shot at each other, they’re still brothers and that’s what matters. What is Dave hallucinating! And how are his secrets going to affect Vince? Looks like the Guard is getting antsy about the things that are happening (shoutout to my Indian sister!). Vince is in a peculiar position. He knows all about Mara but as leader of the Guard what will that mean?

Dwight: Oh Dwight. Mara summed you up pretty quick didn’t she. Always the last to know.


For some reason, I do not think you are going to take the fact that Nathan and Vince hid this from you well, despite the fact that Nathan was partly trying to make it easier for you, misguided as it was. You can already see the divided purposes between Chief Dwight and Nathan. I think we’re going to be getting a lot more butting of heads as the season progresses.  I don’t think we’ve ever seen Dwight “help” a troubled person control their trouble. Usually he’s cleaning it up or taking them to a safe place. We might be seeing a new side to the Chief since Nathan seems to have his priority on getting Audrey back (more on that later).

Duke: Man, poor Duke. This guy just cannot catch a break. First his trouble was used to end the curses and now they’re reviving them?! He didn’t create the troubles but with 100+ troubles stored inside of you, it sure if going to feel that way isn’t it. And where is Jennifer? It hasn’t been confirmed she’s dead but things are not looking so great for Duke’s girlfriend. And he does not seem to be handling it well. At all.

Nathan: So basically, when Nathan Wuornos loves you, he LOVES you. Because he is the only one who believes that Audrey is still inside of Mara. Nathan wants to save Audrey and Nathan thinks Mara has the answers to stopping the troubles. I’m a little torn because it seems as if Nathan is pushing aside the town to bring Audrey back. While the romantic in me thinks that’s great, the other part of me thinks that we’ve been here before and it did not bode well for Nathan or the town! I just hope he doesn’t lose sight of everything with his laser-focus on bringing Audrey back because I think helping the Troubled, being a Haven PD detective is all a part of the Nathan Wuornos we know and love.

Mara/Audrey: I confess….I love Mara.


I didn’t mean to let this happen!! It just snuck up on me. Did you not see how badass she was?! Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge she is crazy and manipulative and scary as all get out but still…Emily Rose has done it once again and taken her acting to a whole new level. For that split second that she faked out Nathan by pretending to be Audrey, she got me too! Not cool man, not cool. I thought Mara’s, “Tada!” sealed her crazy but then her no hesitation, shot of the pothead truly showed how cold blooded she is and the extent of her ruthlessness.

The question throughout the premiere for me was, is Audrey still in there? I was looking at every nuance of Mara and it wasn’t until her scenes with Nathan that hope began to grow until that very last scene. 😀 Audrey is indeed inside still!! Nathan was right, that Audrey would not let Mara hurt him, I think he just overestimated things a little. Looks like Audrey might not be able to stop him from getting knocked around but she won’t let Mara kill Nathan. Keep hope alive folks!! The frustrating thing is going to be that Nathan didn’t see that inner struggle Mara went through and no one seems willing to believe him on his word alone anymore. Poor guy. I’m not even sure Duke will back him up on this especially after what’s happened to Jennifer.

All the awards to Emily Rose. She gets the kudos for the day.


Shoutouts to Matt McGuinness and Gabrielle Stanton who wrote this episode that flipped the script for Haven as we know it and has set the tone for the next 12 episodes. I loved every minute of it. As always, Shawn Piller did an amazing job directing. This is the first season that Haven is shooting in digital, anyone notice a difference? I think the special effects budget has been increased because I loved the visuals even more, especially the floating flower petals.

Here are notes and quotes!

Oh AND, the #Haven writers did a livestream chat after the S5 premiere. The archived video player and link are here. Hopefully it works. 🙂

Random Notes:

  • Love the evolution of Vickie’s trouble
  • Gloria is back!!
  • That no hesitation shooting of the pothead, had me like:
  • Didn’t Duke’s buddy, Carl, who called him sound like Sylvester Stallone a little bit?!
  • Thinny – Spot where veil between worlds is stretched thin. And when one of these thin spots is open, travel between worlds is possible. 5 Thinnys in Haven
  • Nathan’s backup phone is newer tech than his old phone. 🙂
  • Man, not only is Mara crazy and violent and vengeful, but she’s manipulative too!! Better run if you see Mara coming!
  • 2 thinny’s sealed is not an accident?! Who could have sealed it?
  • Audrey kept her lipgloss in the bronco. 🙂 Loved the use of flashbacks
  • Duke has fodder on Dwight and Nathan for days! Both got their butts KICKED by Mara
  • Noticed how Mara didn’t answer Nathan’s question about shooting him in the back right away.
  • A tenant farmer “pushed” Constance and after that night the monkeys never sewed again. – that’s creepy man. Monkey’s sewing.
  • Originally the Crocker curse ended the troubles, but now they reactivate them. Oy!
  • So Jennifer doesn’t have the power to seal the thinny’s but Mara thinks Dwight or someone else could?
  • Jennifer is a conduit between worlds…so she’s a postman. 🙂
  • Y’all notice Mara and Nathan both have the same quick trigger shot? Like when Nathan shot William and just now when Mara shot Nathan.
  • I’d like to thank the writers for not waiting 4 episodes for us to have confirmation that Audrey is still in Mara.
  • This new double format (think two-part episodes) is going to be great and yet rough to recover from. Great for it’s story telling ability, but rough for the cliffhangers. Why isn’t it Thursday yet?!!!


  • “We’ll cope. Haven always does.” – Gloria
  • “That lighthouse just can’t catch a break.” – Gloria
  • “I swear, living in this town is like being a blackout drunk.” – Duke
  • Dave: “I told you, we should never have opened that door.”
    Vince: “Stop that. William is gone and you’re still here. All your doom and gloom didn’t come to pass…as usual.”
    Dave: “How can you say that?”
    Vince: “I know you’ve been shot. But I’d be more sympathetic if you hadn’t been shooting at me!”
  • “The handsome ones just don’t have to be very smart, do they?” – Mara
  • “Tada!” – Mara
  • “To this garden spot? No. That door must have been made to blast everyone away. Obnoxious thing.”
  • “Why do you think I’m going to answer any of your questions?” – Mara
  • “Oh. You think she’s still in there, don’t you?… Nope! Not one iota. I have all of her memories though. Lucy, Sarah. So much annoying clutter.” – Mara
  • Mara: “Look the reason, I want to find Jennifer is because I have a job for her. I have to continue my work. All of these little “gifts” that we’ve given you, have turned out so much better than I could have ever imagined. And the new ones, the new ones are going to be exactly what I need.”
    Nathan: “Why do you need the troubles?”
    Mara: “Why do you carry one of these?” *waves Nathan’s gun*
  • “My name is Mara. And stop staring at me with those wet eyes.” – Mara
  • “The last 500 years have been torture for me. And the worst part was being Audrey Parker.”
  • “You try operating a supernatural door to another dimension using a vampire novel and a positive attitude.” – Duke
  • Nathan: “You go after Mara, she’s gonna fight back.”
  • Dwight: “Why, you afraid about civilians getting hurt?”
    Nathan: “Or someone gets trigger happy. That’s still Audrey’s body.”
    Dwight: “Is it? I mean we’re gonna risk all these people’s lives but what if Audrey isn’t in there anymore?”
    Nathan: “She is. I’m going to get her back.”
    Dwight: “You seem pretty sure about that.”
    Nathan: “I am. Just need some time.”
  • “Maybe what happens in the cave, stays in the cave?” – Dwight
  • “I’m his brother. I know all his hiding places.” – Vince
  • Nathan: “Vince, you okay?”
    Vince: “No.”
  • Nathan: “No one’s more dangerous than Mara.”
    Dwight: “Nathan, is there something you’re not telling me?”
    Nathan: “No.”
  • “How much do I love your trouble!” – Mara
  • Dwight: “Why are you doing this? What do you want with us?”
    Mara: “Poor Dwight. Always so loyal, always trying to do the right thing. And always the last to know. There’s a lesson in that. I can’t wait for you to learn.”
  • “I think she was having too much fun electrocuting me.” – Dwight
  • Nathan: “Mara is important Dwight.”
    Dwight: “So is everyone else in this town.”
  • “And I will never let him hear the end of it.” – Duke
  • “If you’ve ever wondered who needs more sleep, babies or old people, the answer is old people.” – Gloria
  • “None so blind as those who will not see.” – Mara
  • “Why do you think I’m going to answer any of your questions?” – Nathan
  • “Work now, fun later.” – Mara
  • Mara: “It’s not goo. It’s aether.”
    Nathan: “What”
    Mara: “Aether. It’s the essence of the void. It holds everything together or pulls it apart. Depends on how you want to use it really. And I have plenty of it.”
    Nathan: “Then why haven’t you used it.”
    Mara: “Because William hid it. That’s why I need to get him back. Unless, unless you want to help me find it. I promise, I’ll kill you last.”
    Nathan: “Really?”
    Mara: “Fine, I’ll kill you first.”
    Nathan: “Audrey won’t let you hurt me. I know she’s still in there.”
    Mara: “How many times do I have to tell you she’s not.”
    Nathan: “And when you came up behind me, why didn’t you just shoot me in the back and get it over with?”
  • Duke: “I don’t know Dwight. Just have to find Mara. She created the Troubles, she’s gotta know how to end them.”
    Dwight: “Mara created the Troubles?”
    Duke: “Yeah. I thought you knew. I just figured Vince or Nathan would have told you.”
    Dwight: “No, they didn’t.”
  • Mara: “I’ve got another one I need to try. Let’s go Mr. Hostage.”
    Nathan: “That one’s not going to be open either. You can’t get William back. But I will get Audrey back.”
    Mara: “Geez Louise. You just don’t get it do you? What do I have to do to prove to you Audrey’s gone?”
    Nathan: “There’s nothing you can do. She is still in there and she loves me. Our love is stronger than anything that you and William could ever-“
  • “I’ll always love you Parker.” – Nathan

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48 responses to “Look Back – 5×01 – They Flipped the Script!”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Great write-up! I thought the episode was well-crafted and balanced all the characters we have come to love quite well.

    My favorite line was Duke’s “You try operating a supernatural door to another dimension using a vampire novel and a positive attitude.” Eric Balfour is great at delivering those comic relief lines in what is otherwise a somber or intense scene, without coming off flippant or like he is trying to be funny.

    I, too, thought Emily did a great job. I miss Audrey, but she is very convincing as Mara. It must be a lot of fun and a great acting challenge for her!

    I was watching to see if I could notice a difference in the look of the show. I think if I hadn’t known it was digital (and not film anymore) I probably wouldn’t have noticed. I thought it still looked great. Sometimes the backgrounds seemed a bit flat or blown out and I wondered if that was a result of the change. Luckily, they have all that great Nova Scotia fog to make the outdoor scenes look so rich. I hope there will be a special feature about the visuals on the Season 5 DVD. I’d love to learn about everything that went into switching over from film to digital (there’s a bit of a film geek in me). I’m not sure I’ll ever qualify as a real hardcore fan because I am so late to the party, but I have to say it was great reading everyone’s tweets last night, watching the episode live (and then again later). I really enjoy Haven fandom!

    Thanks for maintaining this website!

  2. Aimee J. says:

    Thank you for reading! Oh a BTS on the switch from film to digital would be awesome!! Keep that in mind and let them know on Twitter or Tumblr. You never know. 😉
    Don’t let me fool you, I discovered Haven after Season 2 aired and fell hard. You can be a hardcore fan whenever. lol. All that matters is that you have fun.

    Here’s to a crazy season ahead!

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