Hiatus is over and we are back in Haven but everything is not how we knew it to be. I wasn’t lucky enough to watch the premiere live last week but I did see last night’s episode live and there is something about watching the episode with other fans and the cast and crew live-tweeting. Especially when you combine it with using Syfy Sync, it makes it a fun experience. You can read a great recap and review over at Syfy Haven.


I’m trying to decide if I stick with Haven or to free up my friday evenings. I know what you’re thinking. “Aimee, you’re jumping the gun. We’re only 2 episodes into the season!” You’re right but just because you watch a show for a number of seasons does not guarantee that you will keep watching. I have shows that I have stopped watching because I feel they have jumped the shark or changed enough that it is not the same show I fell in love with.  It happens and over the hiatus, a number of the interviews and articles kept emphasizing that this was not going to be the same Haven fans knew.  So I was scared that I would have to retire Haven from my iTunes Season Pass List.  

Granted, I know shows have to change, grow, and adapt over time or we would get bored but not all shows handle that growth well. We went through a very similar thing before Haven season 3 aired and people were talking about aliens, being on a clock and fans were afraid Haven had jumped the shark. Lucky for us, that was not the case at all.  Yes, the first half of the season was a little challenging to watch because of what was happening between the main characters. BUT, it was necessary, believable, and in the end made the story and relationships stronger. In my opinion the second half of the season was the stronger half but I think that is only because the first half set everything up for us.

I think that is what is going on this season.  Already we can tell that this is not the same Haven we are used to but there is enough of our Haven present to be recognizable.  

So short answer: DEFINITELY TO HAVEN!! (Did you really see this going differently?!)



Long Answer:

When season 3 ended, Duke jumped into the exploding barn to save Audrey at Nathan’s insistence, leaving a bleeding Nathan behind and the Troubles still present.

We pick up 6 months later with Duke and the audience can immediately relate to Duke because like him, we have no idea what is going on.  Quick summary of how things are:

  • yay!Dwight is chief! – Believable and appropriate. I always thought he belonged on the Haven PD officially since he cleaned up after them so often. Adam Copeland has grown as an actor and you can see it this season. What is interesting is his relationship with Nathan. I always thought if it as a brotherly one, but this season it seems a little strained but maybe that’s just me.   Either way, more Dwight is a win!
  • The Guard and the Teagues – This is going to be interesting because the Guard is such a mystery to us except that they help the Troubled and Vince is their leader.  SO what about Dave? How does he fit into it all? And WHAT is Vince’s trouble?
  • angry signJordan – Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Boy she is M.A.D. And really who can blame her? Nathan played her and then botched the only way she could get a reprieve from her trouble. Wouldn’t you be mad? I am ecstatic that Kate Kelton is back. Haven has a tendency to take away guest stars we enjoy. Last season she played Jordan amazingly and so far she is doing it all over again as a woman on a mission. She wants Nathan dead preferably by Audrey’s hand to end the troubles. But if Audrey refuses, I think it is safe to say she’ll probably take matters into her own hands.
  • Jennifer, Wade, William – I <3 Jennifer. Emma Lahana is well cast and has fit in from the beginning. Already she is making a big impact in Haven by sharing what James told Audrey about stopping the troubles. Her relationship with Duke is also something that is fun to watch. Eric Balfour and Emma play well off each other and we’ll see how that plays into the story.
    As for Wade (played by Christian Camargo) the jury is still out.  To be fair, we have only seen a glimpse of the character so time will tell. What I know so far is that he is so different from Duke. I need to see more of Wade’s interaction with Duke and the town before I can make a call. I would also like to see how he get’s along with Nathan.
    William, William, William. Who Are You? You seem to know so much (as do Sinister and Heavy [the thugs at the bar]) and I don’t understand why? Are you a part of the Guard? Is there another group to factor in? Are you the new Howard? Are you Audrey’s true love? I can’t wait to see how you play into everything.
  • haymitch thumbs upDuke – The more and more we see of Duke, the more and more I love his character. He may be a trouble maker but he is a big softie inside. He’s naturally protective of Jennifer (who saved him) but now we’re seeing a very different relationship between Nathan and Duke. Don’t get me wrong, there is still an antagonistic nature to it but it has less bite. Duke seems to be more open about being Nathan’s friend and being there for him. It is such a welcome change from the 1st half of season 3. I love their bromance. They bring out the best in each other. One thing that has not changed, Eric Balfour delivers one liners like no other. Seriously, I live for them.
  • Nathan – Wow. Nathan went from having friends to having no one and when we first seem him in season 4 my heart goes out to him. I do not think it is a stretch for him to believe that he is Audrey’s true love.  Audrey and Nathan have always had some kind of connection between them. And did you see how thrilled he was to see Duke? That was not an “Oh good you’re back so the love of my life must be too” look. Let’s not belittle his feelings like that. He was genuinely happy to see Duke alive. The thing that I am enjoying most though is how much he has “become” Audrey. The way he handles the Troubled is exactly how Audrey would handle it to the point of taking a chance and confronting them alone.  Lucas Bryant plays guilt like no other. I’m feeling his pain as I watch him on screen. We will get clean cut, police detective Nathan (hair & all) back in episode 3. I really do not think he’ll be able to convince Audrey to kill him but I am curious to see how he tries to explain it to her. The problem is Audrey is not here, we have…
  • gum_chewing_nervouslyLexie – Audrey has come back as Lexie and she is no Audrey. So what does this mean? When she was Lucy, people believed she needed to kill James. As Audrey, you would think that Nathan (or Duke for those who think that) needed to be killed. Now we have Lexie and she has no love. That’s a problem I’d say. I’ve said it before (in a review of Sarah that’s been lost) and I’ll say it again. Emily Rose is a talented actress. Unlike Tatiana Maslany who plays entirely different characters who are clones, Emily plays one character who changes personalities. When she is Sarah or Lucy or even now as Lexie, you still see Audrey within. I like Lexie but I do miss Audrey. I enjoyed that personality and I hope we see more than just a glimpse of it in the upcoming episodes. And I hope she is reunited with Nathan and Duke soon because I miss that dynamic. 🙁

Can you imagine trying to explain Haven if Audrey never returned? “The 1st three seasons the show is about Audrey Parker….After that it is about Lexie DeWitt…But Audrey and Lexie are the same person.” Actually, I’m not a fan of that explanation. So writers, please bring her back to Haven soon!

I’ve taken enough of your time for now. If you’ve made it all the way through, KUDOS! 🙂 It is appreciated. Till the next episode of Haven.


Side note:  I’m excited because my sis, Gina J. is going to marathon Haven with me starting next week! We’re going to relive the excitement. Might even do some special posts since I’ll have her fresh, newbie perspective. Let me know if you want to hear about anything particular. Maybe a podcast….Hmmmm.

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