I had so much fun with doing the Bingo cards for the season 4 finale that I decided to do it again for the premiere. It’s going under the 12 days of Haven because Alyssa Homan did an AMAZING job on that banner and I want to reuse it. 😀 As such, this is a part of #12DaysofHaven.

If you’re new to Haven Bingo: In traditional bingo you have a game card and when the announcer draws the ball and reads what it says (N-4) then you check your card to see if you have that. If you do, then you cover that score. First one with 5 in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) wins.

Well this is a modified version. First there is no prize except a hearty Congrats! This is just a fun way to pay attention to the season premiere. Secondly, there won’t be hundreds of unique and different cards, here we have 5 different unique cards. Third, instead of an announcer reading out combinations, you have to pay attention to the show.

Here is how it works if Nathan & Audrey kiss and you have that square on your card, then cover that square. If Duke’s jeep is in a scene and it is on your card, you cover the square. Make sense? Of course the “Bring Back Audrey” square is a free square you can cover.

If you do get 5 in a row, let us know on twitter with the hashtag #12DaysofHaven

Please share/reblog/retweet. The more the merrier.

Pick a Bingo Card from Below and have fun!

Haven Bingo Card 1: haven_s5_premiere_bingo 1 sm or pdf

Haven Bingo Card 2: haven_s5_premiere_bingo 2 sm or pdf

Haven Bingo Card 3: haven_s5_premiere_bingo 3 sm or pdf

Haven Bingo Card 4: haven_s5_premiere_bingo 4 sm or pdf

Haven Bingo Card 5: haven_s5_premiere_bingo 5 sm or pdf


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