Hello Havenites! My name is Miranda and I have the amazing honor of sharing with you today’s post. Some of you may have seen me on the #SaveHaven twitter tag the last week or so with the @HelpSaveHaven account. As you have all probably heard, SyFy Network announced the cancellation of our beloved Haven. While […]

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Hi everyone! So, I’m sure some introductions are in order for this post. My name is Pauline, and Aimee and Amy have been gracious enough to allow me to post here to I am fairly new to the Haven fandom, having been peer pressured into it 100% by Aimee. 😉 She came to visit […]

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Summary:  The premiere for season 5b was announced and Aimee and Amy begin to speculate on what we could see in the premiere. Show Notes: Haven Season 514, “A New World Order” airs October 8th at 10pm on Syfy. I’ve been told by @HavenHerald that we can expect a double-feature on premiere night (514 & 515). […]

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