Haven is on the move!!


This is great news. Haven was up against some top network hitters on Thursday nights, including live football and Syfy has decided to move the show back to Friday nights.  The catch is that we don’t have our old time slot back. Haven is now on at 7|6c on Fridays on Syfy.  We aren’t able to get the 10pm slot back because Z Nation is there and every other night would have the show up against some very popular network shows. Now we are on just before WWE Smackdown.


I am going to ask y’all to try and be positive about this. Haven will not be up against any new network shows. Yes it is Friday night at 7pm but now you can watch the show, and either fangirl/fanboy the rest of the night or get on with the rest of your weekend.

As a fan of the show, I’m asking you to follow the show to it’s new time slot and to try and be more positive about the outlook for the show in the long run. This move by Syfy is a great sign that it wants the show to succeed. It saw that the show was not doing as well against live football as it probably expected and moved it to where it could do better. They could have very well have left it at it’s original timeslot to struggle but they didn’t. It’s a great show of faith. Now it’s our turn. Don’t give up.


This season of Haven, to me and many others, is the strongest Haven has been. Keep in mind that there is an overall story that is being told and each episode tells a small part of that story. If you’re frustrated by the lack of one thing or another, remember that there is still a whole lot of story to be told. The writers aren’t going to just give us everything right away. But they have always rewarded our patience. What’s my motto with this show? In The Writers I Trust.

So sit back, watch live, and enjoy the ride.

colbert_popcorn_eating intent_listening_popcorn_murder_she_wrote_fletcher on_the_edge_waiting_popcorn

Want to know what you can do to help?

  • Watch the show live! You don’t have to worry about any tv show conflicts. It’s a beautiful thing.
  • Bring a friend. Remember friends don’t let friends not watch Haven. 🙂
  • Let people know the show is on Netflix. We’ve gained a lot of new followers from Netflix. Let’s keep that up.
  • Watch the show on DVR, Amazon, and/or iTunes. If you don’t rewatch the episodes, I need you to tell me your secret.
  • Join us on social media!
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