Kudos to Adam Copeland! 


It has been awesome to see you evolve into the actor you are today. This was your episode. You have played Dwight so well that I am honestly torn on how I feel about him. I think he has the best of intentions but his approach may be faulty. But you owned the role as Chief and protector of the town and effectively turned the Guard against Vince. Not an easy thing to do (Kudos to Matt & Gab for the writing) but you played it so well that it was believable. I’m looking forward to more conflicted feelings as we move through this season. Especially this next episode when you’re really leader of the Guard.

This episode just had me on the edge of my seat throughout. Between the Dwight/Vince confrontations, Duke’s search and goodbye for Jennifer (gone too soon!), and Nathan/Mara confrontations, my head is still spinning.

Dwight and Vince, my how the tables have turned. Good on Dwight for calling out Vince, Nathan, and Duke on their feelings for Audrey (I thought of Jordan when he said it). At the same time, I think it’s their “affection” for her that makes Audrey different from Lucy, Sarah, and the other Haven savers. I think that’s why this time is different. I also think that Dwight’s blind focus on saving the town is not a good thing.


He’s not hearing what Vince is saying. If you believe that what happened to Dave is not connected to everything, you’re being willfully blind. Come on, you were in that cave! Each time Vince and Dwight had a conversation though, I felt like I was watching my parents fight or something. Those fights were a long time coming though. It had to happen. Let’s get one thing straight though, Dwight committed mutiny. You’re telling me all those people had to be in that room at the end?! Please. What’s done is done though. And now Dwight has two high priority jobs, Chief of Police and Leader of the Guard. We’ll have to see how this colors his decisions from here on out.

Vince can at least focus on Dave. The relationship between these two brothers, makes me smile. Did y’all see Dave put a hand on Vince’s arm when he gave up leadership of the Guard?!

Duke. Poor, poor Duke. Denial was the trigger for the trouble and he was in denial over Jennifer. Can we have a moment of silence for Jennifer.


Jennifer Mason – gone too soon. Duke is gonna feel this for a while. And this was just one Trouble. What’s the next one going to be and is there some logic to it? Can it be fixed? Ahhhh!!
You know what greatness we did get from this episode, Duke/Nathan scenes. The evolution of their relationship makes me happy because they are there for each other. Duke came to help bury the Chief and now Nathan is here for Duke to break the news that the woman he loves is gone. And he did it knowing that he would be affected by the Troubles. He did it for Duke AND because he knew he could help Duke. I refuse to believe otherwise. All Dwight was going to do was tell him and then what?! Get sewn up himself? Have the Guard take him somewhere safe so no one would ever talk to him? We’ll never know.

Sidenote: I really do think what Nathan/Audrey/Duke do to help the Troubled is different from what the Guard do. They both help but have different approaches to it. The trio try to understand the Trouble and help the Troubled person deal with it. While the Guard seems to only manage it. I’m curious to see if Dwight will build on his ability to help the Troubled like he did in the season 3 comic book. Speaking of comic book, you could see Dwight’s frustration with Nathan in the book, the fact that he put Audrey above the town.

If there was any doubt Mara was an evil *itch or that she had redeeming qualities, they were laid to rest in this episode. I mean that pencil move, or the hand in the door move, sealed the deal. Ruthless. I mean each time, this was my reaction:


No hesitation whatsoever.Except for when it comes to Nathan Wuornos it seems. She actually looked a little put out that Nathan was accepting that Audrey was gone. Why does Mara keep letting him live? Looks like the answer was given at the end of the episode.  Audrey is still in there!!


Now that could have been Mara faking it but I seriously doubt it. And can we just take a quick moment to appreciate Emily Rose’s ability to go back and forth between Audrey and Mara. I have said it before and stand by it today. Emily Rose is a Queen of facial expressions. #neverdoubt Kudos to you, Emily!

Now that Nathan has some credence to his belief Audrey is not gone, I’m curious as to what will happen. (P.S. I love that it was a Disney moment that brought Audrey back) I think the two should establish a code word or something. Mara has all of Audrey’s memories but she does not seem to know that Audrey came out briefly, at least from what we can tell in that clip. This will be epic.

And let me just say, that Nathan was going to give up Mara for the town. He just now believes there is a better way to save the town and that solution is Audrey. Sure he loves her too but let’s be honest, who would you bet on saving the town, Audrey or the Guard forcing Mara to do so?!


Random Notes:

  • Love the bromantic moment between Nathan and Duke (Nuke)
  • Nathan really does know too much about getting shot.
  • Mara’s move with that pencil had my jaw drop and gasp in shock!! Literally.
  • I hate rats too!
  • The fact that Dave is into Tab and porn is not surprising lol
  • Doubly love that Nathan confided in Gloria.
  • never want to be interrogated by Vince. Never.
  • Dave went to the place with the green mist, has amnesia about that experience, and has injuries like someone took a bat to him….I don’t want to go to the void. I’ll stay in Haven.
  • Gloria said “our Audrey”! <3
  • You can really see that Nathan is upset that Mara is heartless.
  • Hey doc, my fellow desi…you’re bugging me with all this Guard and Troubles need to end talk. You’ve got mutineer written all over you.
  • Jennifer Noooooooo! This is why we can’t have nice things. 🙁
  • I’m with you Gloria. Find out who twisted Dave like a pretzel and I’ll go night fishing with you!
  • The inclusion of these flashbacks are a great addition.
  • This Dwight-Vince confrontation is uncomfortable. I want Vince to have an “I told you so” moment down the road because I think he’s right. It’s all connected.
  • The Barrow trouble is triggered by denial…and Dwight’s solution is to just tell him the truth. Yeah, no Dwight.
  • Pooh sticks. How cute!
  • This moment, this moment right here between Nathan and Duke is greatness. True brotherly love, man. Nathan knew this would happen to him (getting shown shut) and he still did it.
  • Kudos Matt and Gab for this tribute to Jennifer. You’ll be missed!
  • Poor Vickie!!
  • So the black goo disappears after some time. Interesting.
  • Man, Nathan looked so torn up after cuffing Mara. Holding her hands and looking down at her. He looked so lost.
  • Dwight totally set up that mutiny. Why else would so many Guard members and Collette come into the room?!
  • Oh and Larry is on my annoying list. Let’s just put all of the Guard on there.
  • Gloria & Duke => MORE!!
  • A Disney moment!!
  • Well if that Naudrey moment didn’t just change the game.
  • I am so torn about my feelings for Dwight.
  • “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”….I think this can be safely applied to everyone in Haven
  • Also can you imagine playing a scene with your mouth taped shut?! Yikes! That could not have been easy.


  • “William told me that every trouble in a person that was killed by a Crocker – they’re all in me now.” – Duke
  • “And you know too much about getting shot.” – Duke
  • “Slow down, tiger.” – Duke
  • “Yoga. That fetid room full of sweaty bodies? It’s like a camel house at the zoo.” – Mara
  • “Terrible when you find out people you trust are keeping secrets.” – Dwight
  • Vince: “What’s wrong, Dwight?”
    Dwight: “Why didn’t you tell me, Mara was responsible for bringing the troubles to Haven.”
    Vince: “Audrey told me in confidence. It wasn’t my place.”
    Dwight: “It’s totally your place. You’re leader of the Guard. Unless you don’t trust me.” Vince: “Of course I trust you, you’re like a son to me. I just didn’t want…”
    Dwight: “What?” Vince: “I didn’t want you to look at Audrey differently.”
    Dwight: “Audrey is Mara. And right now Mara is doing everything she can to destroy this place.”
    Vince: “Audrey, Lucy, and Sarah before her never wanted anything but to try and help people.”
    Dwight: “You could have-“
    Vince: “It was a judgement call and I made it.”
  • “Okay. Why do some people in this town make things worse?” – Vince
  • “Because they’re scared. Because there’s no end in sight to the troubles.” – Dwight
  • Vickie: “You’re not that old.” Mara: “A lady never tells.”
  • “When I return, you shall be spared my wrath. Bye Vickie!” – Mara
  • “I’m not upset at you. I’m not upset at you.” – Duke
  • “Oh God rats. I hate rats.” – Gloria
  • “Yeah, put the shotgun away Little Joe and get me outta here, please.” – Gloria
  • Dwight: “Duke.”
    Duke: “Look, Troubles happen when people get upset. Which is what you are making me right now. This is my happy place. I’m staying right here.”
  • “You can work on your happy attitude on the way.” – Dwight
  • Vince: “Let’s talk about a few things first.”
    Dave: “You can’t exhtort me with pornography and soda, Vincent.”
    Vince: “Yes I can. We both know that.”
  • “She was real to me too. But Mara is realer.” – Gloria
  • “Oh, it’s a weird one even for Haven. The cops think she was done in by a pencil.” – Gloria
  • “I tell ya, Haven keeps a coroner busy. I’m interviewing nannies so I will be renegotiating my contract.” – Gloria
  • Mara: “Come on, haven’t you suffered enough. Every time you see me, you look like you’re going to cry. Even when I don’t shoot you.”
    Nathan: “I need to make sure you use it to leave Haven forever.”
    Mara: “Nope. Not going to do that.”
    Nathan: “I am going to give you one of those black balls. One. Use it for anything other than opening a thin spot and you will be stuck here with nothing. I am letting you leave alive. I’m not going to do it again.”
    Mara: “Wow. Look who grew a spine. Okay, I can do this if I Trouble someone and I think it should be you.”
    Nathan: “Fine.”
    Mara: “I’m a little surprised. You’re gonna let Audrey go?”
    Nathan: “You’re not Audrey. You’re just a pathetic, evil reminder of what I lost. What we all lost.”
    Mara: “Meet me in an hour at the same thinny I tried with Vickie. She knows where it is. And you may want to wear a helmet. I know you can’t feel but trust me this will be …unpleasant.”
  • “Don’t you see. Dave, the void, the Troubles…It could be connected.” – Vince
  • Dwight: “She’s not Audrey, she’s Mara, the bitch that brought all this misery here. Or is protecting the memory of Audrey more important to you.”
    Vince: “Don’t judge me, Dwight.”
    Dwight: “No Vince, you need it. You, Nathan, even Duke. You’re letting your affection for Audrey hurt everyone else in this town. We shouldn’t protect her. We should hunt her down, tie her up, and make her undo everything she’s done.”
  • Nathan: “Dwight, I heard what you said about Mara.”
    Dwight: “I meant it.”
    Nathan: “I know. I was gonna send Mara back to whatever hell she comes from but maybe you’re right. Maybe she can fix all this. So when I’m done with Duke, I’m gonna get her and bring her to you.”
    Dwight: “You know I’m gonna involve the Guard.”
    Nathan: “Do what you have to. Let’s just end this.”
  • Nathan: “This is your in case of an emergency meeting spot.”
    Duke: “Yeah well you know it’s a good thing to have in a town like Haven.”
  • Yeah, I know it’s hard. But Jennifer died, saving us. I’m not going to let that be in vain.” – Nathan
  • “Mara started the Troubles, maybe she can stop them.” – Nathan
  • “I just like the beefcake.” – Mara
  • Mara: “You know. I’m surprised you’re kicking me out. You’re letting Audrey go.”
    Nathan: “Audrey is gone.”
    Mara: “Yeah *laughs* I know. I wasn’t going to leave Haven anyway. William and I still have work to do.”
    Nathan: “We had a deal.”
    Mara: “We did. But suppose you had a deal with a weed. You might just break it, right?”
    Nathan: “Why are you doing this?
    Mara: “I can’t leave Haven. William and I are not done.”
    Nathan: “Done? Done what?!”
    Mara: “Done perfecting your gifts now stop or I’ll shoot you. Dead this time. I’m going to build on your dogmatic devotion. Turn you into a battering ram. You’ll morph your body and you’ll burn like phosphorous, freeze like ice, anything to break through that thinny. And I would say that it would hurt but with you, it won’t. I just hope you make it through before you croak.”
  • “Well, you’re disappointing.” – Mara
  • “This was your plan. At least you’re not stupid enough to think I’d leave.” – Mara
  • Dwight: “I told them Mara’s responsible for the Troubles. They need to know what they’re up against.”
  • Vince: “I was born with this symbol on my arm.”
    Dwight: “And I chose to put it on me.”
    Vince: “Okay.”
  • “I like you Vince, I’ve always liked you. So work on Dave and don’t get in my way.” – Dwight
  • “I really am going to miss her.” – Duke
  • Nathan: “Goodbye Parker.” *kisses her*
    Audrey: “Nathan.”
    Nathan: “Audrey.”
    Audrey: “Yes. I’m still here. But it feels-it feels like she’s crushing-she’s crushing me. Please I’m-I’m still-I’m still here. I’m still-“
    Mara: “Ugh. Why are you so close to me, you perv. You are making a huge mistake.”
    Nathan: “Maybe.”
    Mara: “Hey! You don’t know what you’re messing with. Get me out of here. Let me go! Hey! Hey!”

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