Random Notes:

  • Is it just me or is Rebecca, one bitter chick?
  • Makes sense for Charlotte to be stubborn. Scientists are notorious for needing proof. 🙂
  • Conrad Coates!!! Love having him back on the screen. He was on Dresden Files with Paul Blackthorne.
  • Audrey’s reaction to Nathan’s machoism…classic.
  • Nice callback to Vanessa from 1×10 – The Hand You’re Dealt
  • Stan the Man can be bought :-/
  • Gloria called Nathan, “Slim” 😀
  • I’m with Nathan. Dwight didn’t give Duke much choice.
  • Ouch. Melted his own chest by accident….awkward!
  • I really think Nathan hasn’t been on a plane to learn to put the mask on himself before helping others.
  • I wonder if Nathan got Pete to Audrey, if she could have helped him. Hmmm.
  • I love @MattBaram who plays Pete Palek.
  • I have so many feels about Duke helping Mara and leaving Dwight like that.
  • Why is Audrey still sick?! Guess it’s not connected to the trouble. Uh oh!


  •  Dwight: “If you’re going to help us, you’re going to have to believe!”
  • Audrey: “Yeah, you know what. Maybe I should handle this?
    Nathan: “Hey, I’ve been around sick people all day. I’m alive.”
    Audrey: “Oh, what you’re gonna go all macho on me?”
    Nathan: “Yeah.”
  • Duke: “Stan the man, how’s life?”
  • Charlotte: “Someone remembers high school biology.”
  • Nathan: “Hey, Audrey’s not gonna want to stick around, so keep an eye on her, will you?
    Gloria: “Two eyes, ’cause you guys are cute together.”
  • Nathan: “Keep your mad doctor away from Audrey.”
  • Mara: “Now what, genius?”
  • Mara: “Happy day! I’m about to become an only child.”
  • Duke: “You’re not gonna use me. This is wrong.”

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