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In general a really strong episode to keep the momentum going. It’s interesting that there was no Trouble that was solved. In fact, we have two main troubles, the fog and the dark, that are still unresolved.  This doesn’t count all the other Troubles being triggered or that are out there in Haven.

It’s not easy being in charge

Poor Dwight. I have to apologize, because admittedly I did think he banished the thief leaving him to die at the hands of the dark monster. I blame Adam Higgs for writing this so well and fooling me :p Some type of punishment had to be enacted I guess. A lawless society is not one that would survive long. At the same time, does it not seem the theme of the episode was, “we didn’t want to risk activating more Troubles” or was that just me?

Dwight’s decisions are rubbing Nathan and Audrey the wrong way, and I’m not sure whose side I’m on. Right, sorry, yes I’m on Nathan and Audrey’s, but I do see Dwight’s side even if I don’t agree with it.

Team Trouble Alley

Before we go into this, as an aside: Why is it that Nathan is the go to for Trouble fighting, but let’s not listen to his suggestions. I’m not saying he’s right, but some more consideration should be given. But hey, what do I know.

I really like the name of this alley. We gotta suspend belief a little bit, but I think Nathan did have a crack team, except for the engineer. Engineer man was a slacker and should have had some more sense by not just standing there. :p


I feel we saw Nathan and Charlotte grow closer (not romantically :p), but that they have a better understanding of each other. I mean it wasn’t a lot, but it’s something.

Dave, Dave, Dave. We have to talk about your timing for asking questions. You had all that time with Charlotte, you even had your walk back with her (i’m just going to assume you avoided Trouble Alley) and you choose the most time sensitive moment to ask your questions. :p

I totally get why Nathan wanted to find the Aether, I’m just not sure then was the time to do it. But Nathan’s focus is usually on how to help the town, regardless of what other people say.

Nathan and Audrey

It’s strange seeing Nathan and Audrey, kinda sorta on the sidelines, because it’s clearly not by choice but yet there they are doing whatever they can to help. Classic Nathan and Audrey. And now that Nathan and Audrey are officially “on” it’s nice to see that their interactions are not being forced onto the screen. Everytime they’ve been together it has made sense and has been a joy to watch as a fan of the couple.


You can take the boy out of Haven, but you can’t take the Haven out of the boy.


Duke made a valiant effort to avoid the Troubles and in the end, he activated one. Props to him for staying legit though, because that could not have been easy. Also for him not losing his cool at the loss of $400k. I would have been a puddle of tears.

Duke’s on the run now and has a Troubled protege with him. What can he do? I wonder if he can even get back into Haven if he wanted. If no one seems to be able to find Haven, Maine is it nonexistent for him as well?



(1) The rings originally belonged to Mara, Charlotte, and Charlotte’s husband.

(2) Dave, Jennifer, and James are halflings! (not the Lord of the Rings kind)

(3) Aether is step 1 to solving the Troubles

Did I miss anything?

Random Notes

  • Why is Nathan driving Duke’s jeep?
  • This dark trouble is creepy y’all. It’s eating them down to the bone. To the bone!!
  • There needs to be more people than Nathan and Audrey solving/helping the Troubled. Especially now. Time for some proteges and padwans.
  • Who carries photos around anymore?
  • They have Trouble Alley! I love that. Crazy scary and troublesome (ha!) but i love the name.
  • Engineer man, you’re supposed to be smart. Don’t just stand there! I don’t care if it is invisible. :p
  • Losing $400K just makes me cringe. That bank guy could have been nicer.
  • That guy’s Trouble was to put folks to sleep. He’s a Sandman! Do you think he’d use “Enter Sandman” by Metallica as his theme song?
  • I like Kira, we would have been great friends. RIP (although something seems suspect about her death and how Nathan’s acting, but maybe that’s me :p)
  • Pretty sure Nathan earned himself Favorite Son-in-law points with Charlotte by saving her life. Good job Nathan!
  • Not sure it was fair of Dwight to make that side-lines dig to Audrey when he’s making unilateral decisions. Just saying.
  • Dave has all that time with Charlotte and he chooses when the sun is about to set. Classic Dave.
  • All of our faves have the best of intentions, but none of them consult the other. I feel like a common theme this season might be, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”
  • Haven is nonexistent to the rest of the world! But, what does that mean for those who knew of its existence? What about all the people outside of Haven that are Troubled and knew about the Troubles? And how did it happen? Pretty sure this has not been the case the whole time. Curiouser and curiouser.


  • Dwight: “Listen, you and Audrey are pros at solving troubles, but you’ll figure this one out.”
    Nathan: “I hope so. Still haven’t figured out how to bring down that fog wall yet.
    Dwight: “Maybe that’s a blessing: keep this chaos contained to Haven.”
  • Duke: “Okie dokie.”
  • Audrey: “You’re helping out?”
    Charlotte: “Trying. Not a shortage of things to do.”
    Audrey: “Especially when you’re stuck here with no ticket home.”
    Charlotte: “How long?”
    Audrey: “I don’t know.”
    Charlotte: “Do you realize how hard this is?”
    Audrey: “What are you gonna do? Turn me into someone else?”
    Charlotte: “No, I would never do that. I’m trying to fix things.”
    Audrey: “Try to fix the Troubles.”
    Charlotte: “We’ve already talked about this. It’s almost impossible to remove a Trouble without killing someone.”
    Audrey: “Almost is not absolute. You have been on this for two weeks, you must have figured something out.”
    Charlotte: “Sure, I just need tools I don’t have, materials that are impossible to get, and knowledge that might not exist.”
    Audrey: “You wouldn’t be this frustrated if you didn’t think, maybe you could do it.”
  • Nathan: “This Club Med looked way better in the brochure.”
    Audrey: “Oh, come on, you don’t like the view?”
    Nathan: “I like the view.”
    Audrey: “Good day at work?”
    Nathan: “Yeah. Ran into the poltergeist Trouble…trapped in a souvenir store.” *dangles keychain*
  • Nathan: “Who’s the hero? Me?”
    Dwight: “You’re the best we got. You’ve been through Trouble Alley. You’re the only person who could come back.”
    Nathan: “Sure we’re going about this the right way?”
    Dwight: “What do you mean?
    Nathan: “We get the power plant working, sure, we got light, but it’s just a band-aid. We need to stop this darkness Trouble and then the rest of them.”
    Dwight: “I’ve got to keep people alive; that’s job one, and I’ll do whatever I have to.”
    Nathan: “Ok. I just hope we can keep everybody under control.”
    Dwight: “I’m not relying on hope.”
  • Thief: “Go ahead, Judge Judy.”
  • Nathan: “I’ll be fine. Just a scenic walk to the power plant.”
    Audrey: “Down Trouble Alley and cellphones don’t work. And with the magnet Trouble active, cars are risky too.”
    Nathan: “It’s a good thing I got a crack team. An engineer to help repair the power plant. He volunteered as soon as he found out. So did Kira Futcher, Tony’s fiancee. She’s plan B.”
    Audrey: “Well, that’s smart. You got your own Energizer bunny; you can use her Trouble to power the plant in case things go sideways. And Dave, I mean I love him, but–“
    Nathan: “He wanted to go. Says he got blueprints of the power plant at the Herald from a recent story that they did on a retrofit.”
    Audrey: “Charlotte, why is she going?”
    Nathan: “She’s good at science. And I think, really, she just wanted to prove to you she genuinely wants to help.”
    Audrey: “Ok. Well, whaever the reason, just keep an eye on her for me okay ’cause she and I, we’re not immune to these new Troubles.”
    Nathan: “Don’t worry. I won’t let your mom become Trouble bait.”
    Audrey: “Well, it’s not just about her being my mom. I think she may have figured out how to end all this.”
    Nathan: “She figured something out?”
    Audrey: “Maybe, but she’s not talking about it.”
    Nathan: “Good to know.”
    Audrey: “While you’re gone, I’ll just, uh, keep searching the school for the person with the darkness Trouble. People have been coming in all day, so they could be here by now.”
    *Nathan zips up his backpack to go*
    Audrey: “Hey ths is it. Is it time?”
    Nathan: “Light’s burning.”
    Audrey: “Just don’t let the night time burn you. I need you back here.”
  • Vince: “A monkey could do that.”
  • Vince: “He stole those batteries and endangered us all. There was no other choice, Dwight. You did what you had to for these people. And hell, it was better than just killing a thief.”
    Dwight: “Then why do I feel like I’m the criminal.”
  • Charlotte: “Is that your ring?”
    Nathan: “It was my father’s. We’ve always assumed Lucy, one of Mara’s personalities, gave it to him. I know it matches the pair you and Audrey have.”
    Charlotte: “Belonged to my husband”
    Nathan: “Mara’s father. What happened to him?”
    Charlotte: “He passed a long time ago. Mara kept it as a memento.”
    *Nathan goes to return the ring to her*
    Charlotte: “Thank you, but it’s yours now. Keep it safe.”
  • Kira: “Great. Now somebody’s Banksying up the place.”
    Nathan: “I’m the artist.”
  • Dave: “It’s all good.”
  • Charlotte: “Nathan, it’s Aether. We need it to cure the Troubles. If something happens to me, get Audrey as much as you can.”
  • Dave: “Looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore.”
  • Nathan: “Aether caused the Troubles, it can end them too?”
    Charlotte: “It’s like uranium: powerful and, if manipulated correctly, it could be our salvation.”
    Nathan: “Then why didn’t we use Aether to end the Troubles from the start?”
    Charlotte: “Because to do so, we’d need a lot of Aether, more than I’ve ever seen.”
    Nathan: “You can’t bring more in?”
    Charlotte: “Not with the Thinny sealed.”
    Nathan: “Then, we need to find the stash William left here.”
    Charlotte: “William left a stash here?”
    Nathan: “Mara was looking for it; she never found it.”
    Charlotte: “Then how are we going to?”
    Dave: “Maybe this could help.”
    Nathan: “Seth’s rougarou detector. How do you have that?”
    Dave: “Well, Gloria brought over a box of stuff that Duke left at the Gull. My guess is he got a five-fingered discount.”
    Nathan: “It detects Aether. If it’s close enough, it could lead us to William’s stash.”
    Charlotte: “Nathan, don’t get your hopes too high. I can’t believe that William had the amount I need and Aether is just step one.”
  • Audrey: “Okay, what going on, Dwight? First the thief and now this?”
    Dwight: “It’s easy making choices from the sidelines, but sometimes things aren’t what they seem. I got a town to protect.”
  • Kira: “Simple. Get mad. Fat-free yogurt. The Shroud. The Troubles.”
  • Vince: “This isn’t what it looks like.”
    Audrey: “Really? Because it looks like you and Dwight are covering up a murder.”
    Vince: “There’s enough panic and fear as is; we didn’t want to activate more Troubles.”
    Audrey: “What did him in?”
    Vince: “We don’t know. There are no marks on him, except for, uh…but he’s not alone. Three other deaths in the last two weeks. And that’s not including Joe Sena and the Colorado Kid.”
    Audrey: “My son? The same person murdered my son 27 years ago?”
    Vince: “We’re calling his murderer the No-Marks Killer.”
    Audrey: “A serial killer…that’s what you’re hiding from me? What else are you keeping from me, Vince?”
  • Vince: “Thanks to our friend there, we’re keeping them in a prison of sorts.”
  • Dave: “Charlotte, if I’m from where you are, does that make me like you and Audrey?”
    Charlotte: “Not really. You’re a halfling.”
    Dave: “Half-human and …”
    Charlotte: “Half like me. It happens once in a blue moon.”
    Dave: “Well, ever since I was a child, I’ve been drawn to Thinnies and the Void. Am I just trying to go home?”
    Charlotte: “I’m not sure. Very little is known about your kind.”
    Dave: “Wh-what about visions? They’re common?”
  • Dwight: “Alright everyone take a deep breath. Tonight may be our greatest test, but we will face it…as friends, as neighbours, as a town. The darkness will not take another life. So help each other, crowd around the lamps, share supplies, stay in the light.”
  • Charlotte: “Can we talk?”
    Audrey: “I already heard about Nathan. I’m going after him.”
    *Charlotte blocks Audrey’s path*
    Audrey: “Move or I will make you.”
    Charlotte: “Audrey.”
    *Charlotte hugs Audrey*
    Audrey: “No let go of me. Let go!”
    Charlotte: “Come here. It’s okay.”
    Audrey: *crying* “It can’t be true.”
    *Hearing murmurs that Nathan has returned*
    Audrey: “Nathan. Nathan!”
    *Audrey and Charlotte go to find Nathan*

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