News & Notes


(1) There’s a man in NC claiming he can remove black tar from one’s soul

(2) Confirmed that no one outside of Haven knows about Haven, Maine.

Random Notes

  • This is Lucas Bryant’s directorial debut.
  • As @Bemethealway pointed out, why were two elderly folks under Sandman’s spell?! What crime did they commit?
  • I missed Sassy/direct Duke
  • Nathan/Audrey Montage – Episodes for the clips (in order)
    Welcome to Haven (1×01)
    Consumed (1×04)
    Ball and Chain (1×05)
    Ball and Chain (1×05)
    Ain’t no Sunshine (1×08)
    Last Goodbyes (3×10)
    Reunion (3×12)
    Lost and Found (4×04)
    Business as Usual (2×11)
    Shot in the Dark (4×11)
    Countdown (4×06)
    Lost and Found (4×04)
    Magic Hour Part 2 (3×08)
    The Trouble with Troubles (4×10)
    Lay Me Down (4×07)
    Shot in the Dark (4×11)
    Crush (4×08)
    Crush (4×08)
    Power (5×15)
    Nowhere Man (5×07)


  • Seth: “Hello friends. This is Darkside Seeker Seth Byrne, bringing you the truth from this…parking lot where strange things happen.”
    *Guard blocks the camera with her hand*
    Seth: “Whoa! What are you doing? Don’t do that. I paid you $20 bucks.”
    Guard: “What are you talking? “Strange things.” Not on my watch.”
  • Seth: “Seekers, we are surrounded on all sides, by skeptics…but we will look inside, because we may find clues….or just really well-dressed homeless guy.”
    Duke: “Seth?”
    Seth: “Yeah…What?”
    Duke: “I’m not even surprised.”
    Seth: “Ok. I’m sorry do I know you?”
    Duke: “Good. Yeah. Actually, that’s good. That’s…that’s exactly how I feel. In fact, unless somebody is holding a pocket knife to the twins, you are not gonna tell Audrey or Nathan where I am, you understand. Ok?”
    Seth: “Ok. I don’t know who that is.”
    Duke: “Come on! Audrey?” *Seth shakes his head* “Parker? ” *Seth shakes his head again* “Wacky town!”
    Seth: “No.”
    Duke: “Yes! We, we, we fought like a big, giant, hairy monster together. It was ripping people’s hearts out.”
    Seth: “Yeah, you see, I do know what a rougarou is.”
    Duke: “Ok.”
    Seth: “And if I’d seen one, I’m pretty sure I’d remember. However, I have no trouble remembering that you just threatened to separate me from my testicles so I think I’m gonna say…bye.”
    Duke: “Wait. Hey, hey, hey! Hang on! Wait!”
    Seth: “What?!”
    Duke: “You are the second person I’ve come across who has no memory of Haven.”
    Seth: “Ok. you’ve got to stop following me. So, how about I go this way and you…don’t?”
  • Nathan: “Why did you bring me here? I need to talk to Sandman.”
    Charlotte: “Nathan, please, just look around. All these people are in Sandman’s stasis and they’re okay; Audrey will be too.”
    Nathan: “It’s not good enough. I need to hear it from him.”
    Charlotte: “He’s with Dwight.”
    Nathan: “Sandman is supposed to be working for the Guard, so why would he put Audrey out? She’s not a criminal.”
    Charlotte: “Neither is our friend Grayson, which is why I think this whole thing is an innocent mistake.”
    Nathan: “He didn’t seem like a guy who makes mistakes.”
    Charlotte: “Dwight will talk to Sandman and then work this out.”
  • Dwight: “So tell me what happened. Grayson, he’s deaf, so…did you touch him to get his attention?”
    Sandman: “No.”
    Dwight: “Did Audrey get in the middle of an argument between you and Grayson?” *Sandman remains silent refusing to answer* “Come on man, I need some kind of explanation. You can’t just roam around accidentally putting people in stasis. ”
    Sandman: *mumbling* “So sure this was an accident.”
    Dwight: “What was that?” *Sandman just smirks staying silent* “Okay, how about you wake up Audrey now and then we’ll figure this all out?”
    Sandman: “No. I’m keeping her.”
  • Seth: “Oh my God.”
    Duke: “Haven, Maine, just think about it. ”
    Seth: “Ok. So you’re stalking me now?”
    Duke: “I’m not stalking you.”
    Seth: “No, no, no, it’s okay. I understand. I mean, I’m a founding Darkside Seeker; the occult can be very alluring.”
    Duke: “Help me with this, and you’ll never see me again!”
    Seth: “Alright, okay. Help you with what?”
    Duke: “You don’t remember Haven…I need to know if that’s permanent or not.”
    Seth: “Why? The last time we spoke, you made it sound like you never wanted to go back there.”
    Duke: “Because it’s strange!”
    Seth: “Yeah? Not really. You see, there is no Haven. It doesn’t exist. I googled it.”
    Duke: “Aha. Which makes it really strange. And potentially dangerous. Yeah. And you will have the exclusive inside scoop. So what do you say? Are you in?”
  • Sandman: “These aren’t gonna change anything.”
    Dwight: “They already have. Hostage takers don’t work for the Guard.”
    Sandman: “What’s my name? My real name? You can’t fire me if you don’t know at least that.”
    Dwight: “You told me to call you Sandman.”
    Sandman: “No. Your people told you to call me Sandman, when I came to them for help. And you all decided to use me instead.”
    Dwight: “What so this is revenge?”
    Sandman: “No. This is fair. Nobody has cared for me since I got here…except Audrey Parker. So I wanted her. She’s about to be all mine.”
    Dwight: “You’re sick.”
    Sandman: “People have called me way worse.”
    Dwight: “How long do you think you can keep her?”
    Sandman: “Forever. Once she commits to me. Which shouldn’t be long now.”
  • Charlotte: “Dwight thinks that Sandman is obsessed with Audrey.”
    Nathan: “Yeah. Well, so am I. I’m gonna stay right here, and I’m gonna keep talking to you about our awesome life here. Bit of a disaster movie, except it’s real. But it’s okay….’cause you and me…we’re the heroes.”
  • Duke: “You can’t see it because you don’t have any memories of Haven.”
    Seth: “Alright, so I’ve got invisible notes in my case log, I can’t find the place on a frickin’ map, and apparently I can’t even remember the stupid mermen.”
    Duke: “I didn’t say anything about mermen.”
    Seth: “Oh, didn’t you? Then how do I know that I don’t know anything about mermen who can only breathe underwater during the Troubles?”…..”What the hell are the Troubles?”
  • Dwight: “Seriously? A wedding? Why?”
    Sandman: “Audrey will marry me. The ceremony is about to happen, and once she says ‘I do,’ her choice is made to fully accept me fully. And after that…I’ll have her mind for the rest of my life.”
    Dwight: “Why are you telling me all this?”
    Sandman: “Because you can’t do anything about it…and I enjoy that.”
    Dwight: “What if I forced my way into your little fantasy world, and tore it all down?”
    Sandman: “Nobody gets into my world unless I want them to. You’re not invited.”
    Dwight: “What if I grabbed you by the throat and squeezed until this is all over?”
    Sandman: “In my mind, Dwight…what do you think will happen to them if I die? I wipe their minds of the clutter and the anxiety, and I put them somewhere beautiful.”
    Dwight: “So, once they’re in your world, you don’t control them?”
    Sandman: “I can have complete control if I want to. All I have to do is….You need to take attendance in the sleep room.”
  • Dwight: “You killed someone because you felt like it?”
    Sandman: “Because you made me.”
    Dwight: “You may think what you have is a power, but what it is, is a Trouble! There’s always a downside. I’m gonna find it; I’m gonna use it against you and get Audrey and the others back.”
    Sandman: “If you or someone else comes at me in a way that I do not like, I’ll rip them apart, starting with Audrey Parker.”
  • Duke: “Memories are just buried somewhere inside your head; we just need to shake ‘em loose! Okay, okay, I dragged you out of this cheese-puff filled van to help me save Nathan! Nathan from the ghost world! You gave me one of your little inventions, some kind of device that detected Aether. Remember?”
    Seth: “No. But whatever that is, I’m gonna have to get that back, because typically I do not lend out equipment. And that’s not a personal thing.”
    Duke: “Okay, forget the equipment! Something keeps drawing you back to Haven.”
    Seth: “I don’t remember–”
    Duke: “Something specific….”
    Seth: “I don’t know.”
    Duke: “To the one memory that you have…the merman. Think!”
    Seth: “I can’t think! For Venkman’s sake, I don’t have anything that I can…Wait a minute.”
    Duke: “What?”
    Seth: “Holy crap, I saw one!”
    Duke: “You saw one, what?”
    Seth: “When I was a kid. I saw one: a,a,…merman. I saw one.”
    Duke: “Okay.”
    Seth: “It’s incredible.” *Seth can now see Haven-related things again* “Mother!” *slams laptop closed* “Okay. That is terrifying, you’re right.”
    Duke: “But you can see it.”
    Seth: “Yeah.”
    Duke: “That means you remember.”
    Seth: “Uh yeah, Audrey and Nathan. The Troubles, me being awesome. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s you getting in my face that jarred it loose. Dude, we gotta go back there.”
    Duke: “Hang on, hang on. Let me…just let me think.”
    Seth: “Think about what?! We gotta get back to Haven. We gotta figure out what’s wrong. We gotta figure out what’s blocking it from the–”
    Duke: “Shut up! Look. Haven…is a cancer that I can’t get out of me. Trust me, you don’t wan’t it.”
    Seth: “What the HELL have you been forcing me to remember for?!”
    Duke: “I don’t know.”
    Seth: “You know what? I think you do know. I don’t think you’re done with Haven, I don’t! I think you want closure. And I’ll tell you something…I do know exactly what we need to do next. And I think it might help you. Interested?”
  • Charlotte: “I apologize. I don’t know what came over me.”
    Sandman: “Neither do I, but it’s not cool. I got a lot going on. I’m juggling a lot and it’s hard. Be present!”
  • Audrey: “You’re crazy! You’re crazy. I think I would remember if I helped with their supernatural…Troubles.”
    Charlotte: “That’s what I’m trying to get you to do. There’s a whole town that needs you. I have a plan to end the Troubles, but it will take both of us.”
    Audrey: “That’s a really high expectation. I like my life. It’s simple. Henry…Henry loves me. And he’s…he’s perfect.”
    Charlotte: “He’s not your true love, Nathan is. This isn’t real. Where did you and Henry meet? When did he propose? How did you get here?”
    Audrey: “I…Well…”
    Sandman: *offscreen* “Audrey, where are you?”
    Charlotte: “Shh, shh, shh, shh. Listen to me, Audrey, we’re running out of time. Henry can’t know that we’re talking about this or we’ll both end up like Grayson. Now, I know this will sound impossible, but…I am your mother and I love you. We just found each other, dove, so…please try to remember.”
    Audrey: “My mother?”
    Charlotte: “I haven’t been treating you like my child and I’m sorry about that, but I’m scared.”
    Audrey: “If you were my mother, I think I would remember you.”
    Charlotte: “You don’t remember me, because Henry took away your identity. People need you. I need you.” *Audrey has a flash of memory* “Audrey….”
  • Seth: “Okay. You want to get rid of the Haven inside of you? I might know how. Found it. Check it out. ”
    Duke: “Man in North Carolina claims he can remove the black tar of evil from your soul. ‘Black tar of evil’…Like Aether. You think this is for real?”
    Seth: “I think it’s worth a road trip.”
    Duke: “Ah, let’s do it.”
    Seth: “Yeah?”
    Duke: “Yeah.”
  • Seth: “Okay, buddy? Yeah, you. Unless you’re checking your hair in my side-view mirror, I’m gonna have to ask you to step away from the van, please.”
    Duke: “No, I was waiting for you to get snacks.”
    Seth: “Huh! I was wondering why I was getting snacks.”
    Duke: “Oh come on. You don’t remember me again?!”
    Seth: “No. So if you’d just step away, otherwise I’m gonna have to call the cops.”
    Duke: “What the hell! You were gone for what? Ten seconds! You didn’t walk a hundred feet away!”
    Seth: “Well, you can walk away. And, you know, you can feel free to go just way further than a hundred feet.”
  • Duke: “This sucks.”
  • Seth: “What?”
    Duke: “Listen.”
    Seth: “Oh, what is this? What?”
    Duke: *Duke tries to catch his breath* “Yeah, ‘cause I was…yeah. We…are going to North Carolina.”
    Seth: “Oh great. It’s great, we’re going to North Carolina.”
    Duke: “And on the way…I’m gonna tell you about Haven, Maine. A little town nobody can remember, a town with rougarous and mermen. Are you interested?”
    Seth: “Haven? Never heard of it. Why does it sound familiar?”
    Duke: “I’ll get to that part.” *Duke gets in the car* “In the meantime…Now, we got snacks, supplies, and I am not leaving your side. I…am your new best friend. Drive.”
  • Nathan: “You’re back. Audrey…”
    Audrey: “Because you never let me go.”
    Nathan: “Is that your way of telling me you need some space?”
    Audrey: “Don’t you dare.”
  • Audrey: “You went in there for me, and he could have killed you.”
    Charlotte: “And I’d do it again.”
    Audrey: “I remember everything you said to me.”
    Charlotte: “I meant every word.”
    Audrey: “I’m so glad you are my mother.”
    Charlotte: “I’m so glad you came back to me.”
    Audrey: “Thank you for choosing me. Thank you. But we have a lot of work to do.”
    Charlotte: “I don’t want anyone else to end up like Henry, so we need to end the Troubles…together.”
    Audrey: “Yeah.”

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