News & Notes


(1) Croatoan is collecting Troubles

(2) Croatoan created the Crockers to collect the Troubles (i.e. Croatoan gave out Troubles like Mara/William) (b/c Croatoan was not powerful enough to do it himself)

(3) The next step to building the Barn is the Controller Crystal

(4) Dave killed Charlotte

Random Notes

  • Poor Dave! All that alcohol he’s being forced to drink and I don’t think he’s enjoying it at all!
  • The horseshoe crab with human eyes was back!
  • Charlotte has skills to be able to slip past Audrey and Dwight when she was in the room right next door
  • Audrey, that’s a heck of a way to tell Lainey her sister is dead. :p
  • I need friends like Lainey, folks who would bring me back if I died
  • Y’all should really consult the book before trusting Troubles
  • How many people did Lainey bring back!
  • I love Laura Mennell’s delivery, “So you want to build a barn?”
  • Duke should know better by now than to touch blood of any kind
  • Poor Dwight. RIP Charlotte.
  • Dave killed Charlotte!


  • Gloria: “If you’re looking for Conan, he took off.”
  • Mystery man: “You came a long way Duke. All the way to North Carolina. Now that you’re here, come on. What is it you really want to know?
    Duke: “Okay, I’ll play along. I want to know what the hell is wrong with me.”
    Mystery man: “There’s nothing wrong with you. You are who you were always meant to be.”
    Duke: “Oh, well thanks Deepak, but what exactly is that?”
    Mystery man: “Crockers are Trouble collectors. It’s been that way for  hundreds of years. Do you know the story of Roanoake Island?”
    Duke: “Yeah, sure. It was a settlement where everyone disappeared.”
    Mystery man: “The colonists were cursed. Troubled. They came here to escape persecution, but so many Troubled people in the same place, it attracted the attention of Croatoan.”
    Duke: “What is a Croatoan?”
    Mystery man: “Croatoan came to collect the Troubles from the colonists, but he couldn’t. He wasn’t yet strong enough to escape the Void. So he turned a young Powhatan man into the first Crocker – someone who could collect the Troubles for him.
    Duke: “And how exactly did great, great, great grandpappy do that?
    Mystery man: “By killing every man, woman, and child in the settlement.”
  • Duke: “So this Croatoan guy created the Crockers to collect Troubles. Why? What did he want with them?
    Mystery man: “Same thing he wants now”
    Duke: “Hold on, ‘hell you think you’re going? We’re not done!”
    Mystery man: “No, we’re not.”
  • Audrey: “Here…I need you to take this. Dave said that Croatoan was looking for the Aether core.”
    Nathan: “You think he knows you have it?”
    Audrey: “Just in case, will you take it and hide it somewhere? Somewhere where no one else can find it, not even me. We can’t let Croatoan get hold of it.”
  • Vince: “Oh, is there a new vampire Trouble?”
  • Vince: “All right. Together then, until the end of all things.”
  • Duke: “Vince? Is that you, youngster?”
    Vince: “Duke Crocker? Oh…”
    Duke: “You know, I guess I just got homesick.”
    Vince: “Not much of a home to return to, I’m afraid. Croatoan won.”
    Duke: “Okay, seriously, can somebody please just tell me who that is?”
    Vince: “It doesn’t matter, nothing does. The game was played and lost. Lost when Nathan went into the Void and never came out. And nothing’s been the same since.”
    Duke: “Vince, I need you to tell me everything that happened after I left Haven. Why did Nathan go into the Void?”
    Vince: “It’s too late. Croatoan’s here.”
    Duke: “So what the hell are we going to do?”
    Vince: “The only thing we can do…die.”
    Duke: “Oh, screw that.”
  • Charlotte: “So you want to build a Barn?”
  • Alt Duke: “You are the fulcrum, Duke. You’ll either save your friends or kill them all.”
  • Audrey: “What did Charlotte tell you about the Barn?”
    Nathan: “She said the next we need is in the Void. She called it the Controller Crystal. As long as this Shroud’s up, there’s no way to get a Thinny open. And without a Thinny, there’s no way to get into the Void.”

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