News & Notes


(1) Humans don’t do well in the Void

(2) Charlotte started a Trouble census that Audrey and Vince are updating

(3) The Void is between worlds and is the place for everything that doesn’t belong anywhere. Machines moving parts do not work.

(4) The Barn had a Template for Audrey/Mara’s personalities

Random Notes

  • Domestic Nathan and Audrey is cute
  • Look how far we’ve come with Nathan and Duke hugging so much in season 5
  • Wow Audrey is all sorts of mad at Duke.
  • Lisa was going to willingly blow Duke up?! I mean she went straight for his face with 2 hands! She needs help.
  • Glad to have William’s banter back
  • Boyd didn’t have a chance
  • Can I get Audrey’s coat or any of her clothes?
  • No matter how bad they fight, the trio always protects each other


  • Audrey: “Hey, you know that’s hot.”
    Nathan: “No, I don’t. But I do know that it’s delicious.”

    • Audrey: “Mm-hmm.”
      Nathan: “What, you don’t like my shirt?”
      Audrey: “I’m just checking you out. I like you like this.”
      Nathan: “What, half-dressed?”
      Audrey: “No…here. With me. Safe. It just feels like every time we come back together again, one of us has to go off and save the world.”
      Nathan: “Hmm. Yeah, wouldn’t it be nice to just stay here, maybe go for a Sunday drive…”
      Audrey: “Yeah.”
      Nathan: “Saving the world is just so exhausting.”
      Audrey: “I know, right?”
      Nathan: “I am so tired.” *Audrey laughs before they kiss* “Parker.”
      Audrey: “Hmm?”
      Nathan: “When Duke comes back, I am gonna have to go into the Void, we both know that.”
      Audrey: “And you’re so sure that he’s coming back?”
      Nathan: “Yeah. He will. Once he gets what he needs.
    • Nathan: ” You know we’re almost out of this stuff. Maybe I should trade the rest of it for something good. Like more wine.”
      Audrey: “No.”
      Nathan: “You think there’s more wine in Haven? Or orange juice?”
      Audrey: “Nathan.”
      Nathan: “Okay, we’ll keep it. We could use the caffeine, right? He is coming back, Parker”
      Audrey: “Okay, so why don’t I go? Charlotte’s notes said that humans don’t last long in the Void. I can, ’cause I’m not…”
      Nathan: “Hey. What you are…is Audrey Parker, and Audrey Parker is not expendable.”
      Audrey: “Neither are you. Why don’t we go together. You and I. We make a good team.”
      Nathan: “Yeah, we do. But then, who would watch over Haven? And let’s be fair, I’m a much faster runner.”
    • Nathan: “It’s about time.”
      Duke: “Better late than never.” *Nathan and Duke hug and Duke looks to Audrey* “Miss me?”
    • Dave: “So is the Guard going to kill me?”
      Vince: “What? No! Of course not.”
      Dave: “You have a terrible poker face, brother.”
    • Nathan: “I’m glad you’re here.”
      Duke: “Thanks. Makes one of you.”
      Nathan: “Audrey will get there. Just give her some time.”
      Duke: “Yeah.”
    • Hailie: “I don’t know….this is my first Thinny….thingy.”
    • Audrey: “You act like you know what you’re going to do once you’re in there.”
      Nathan: “Trust me, I’ll be winging it.”
    • Audrey: “I know I keep saying this, but come back to me, please.”
      Nathan: “You keep saying it. I’ll keep doing it.”
    • Duke: “How’s Hailie?”
      Audrey: “Hailie is…she’s fine, she’s resting. Opening that Thinny took a bit out of her.”
      Duke: “She shouldn’t be doing this. She’s impulsive and doesn’t know how to control her Trouble. She tell you why she came to Haven?”
      Audrey: “She said that she got into trouble with some bad people in Halifax, wanted to lay low. She also mentioned that you tried to kill her.”
      Duke: “Yeah. I did. And she came back anyways. Now, does that strike you as someone who’s capable of making sound decisions?
      Audrey: “I can’t believe that you’re the one that’s getting angry. If anyone’s gonna be angry, it oughta be me.”
      Duke: “Oh really?”
      Audrey: “You left, Duke. You just walked away right when we needed you most.”
      Duke: “Yeah. When you needed me, ’cause you and Nathan always need me. Well, now you got Hailie in your tool belt. Congratulations.”
      Audrey: “The only reason you care about Hailie is because if anything happens to her, it’s on you. All these people in Haven that you abandoned, they’re on you too, Duke.”
      Duke: “What do you want, Audrey? I came back, didn’t I?”
      Audrey: “So what, you want a medal for doing the right thing?”
      Duke: “And using Hailie, is that the right thing? You know, if I had known this is why you wanted me to bring back a member of the Colton family back to Haven, I never would’ve come back.”
      Audrey: “Why did you come back, Duke? It’s not just because Nathan wrote a letter.”
      Duke: “No, it turns out that…I can’t escape this place. I’m tied to it. Just like you.”
      Audrey: “You and I are nothing alike. I care about people.
    • Vince: “Dave and I have always understood one thing. That we are charged with protecting this town. Since before you were born, my brother and I have been prepared to lay down our lives in service of that responsibility. So yes, Dwight, if killing Dave is the only way to defeat Croatoan and save Haven, I will be the one to do it. But we’re not there yet.”
    • William: “The only thing that could be more satisfying is if I had been able to kick you into that hole myself.”
    • William: “A gun? Ooh! You really don’t know how it works here, do ya? You’re in the Void, Nate. You’re between worlds. This is the place for everything that doesn’t belong anywhere else. Moving parts, machines, they don’t work here. If you wanna kill someone you have to do it with your bare hands.”
    • William: “Do you wanna play a game? What, you never passed the time on a long road trip by playing a game? I got one, it’s a good one. How about I give you three hints about a Trouble that Mara and I created, and you have to guess which one it is? Fun and educational.
      Nathan: “You wanna talk, tell me about Croatoan.”
      William: “You tell me. You said he’s in Haven.”
      Nathan: “He is, but not in physical form. He’s taken control of someone.”
      William: “Then you’re okay for now.”
      Nathan: “No, we are not okay. He’s killed a lot of people.”
      William: “Ah. A few people’s nothing. If Mara doesn’t stop him, he’s gonna lay waste to your entire town and everyone you love. You see this place? Your whole world can become the next Void.”
    • Nathan: “What is all this?”
      William: “This is what’s left of the Barn before it….died.”
      Nathan: “When I was in it, it was just a white room.”
      William: “You gotta stop thinking about it like a thing. Technology is different from yours. This is all a construct. The underlying technology isn’t wood. It looks like this because it’s in the form it was programmed to take.
    • Boyd: “Don’t know about using Troubles like tools. I never had one until recently. But they always look like something you don’t wanna mess with.”
      Vince: “Generally speaking, you don’t, but Troubles can sometimes be useful.”
    • Audrey: “He’s not a monster.” *talking about Duke*
    • William: “We mean you no harm.”
    • Nathan: “Wait! That’s not my answer. I have a different answer. The Barn wasn’t created to punish Mara, but to save her.”
      Template: “Elaborate.”
      William: “What are you doing”
      Nathan: “Mara was lost, misguided. The Barn wasn’t made to punish her. She needed to see where she went wrong, to learn from her mistakes. Mara wasn’t born evil. She was capable of being so much more. Of being…better. Of being like…Audrey Parker.”
      Template: “You are the right person.”
    • Audrey: “My partner Nathan is there right now, and when he comes back, we are going to be able to end the Troubles…forever. Think about that Lisa. You won’t have to be like this anymore. Everyone will be normal again. You can hate Duke for what he did to you…but it isn’t his fault. This…coming back to Haven to try and help us fix the Troubles–that was a choice. Duke and I, we we’re alike. We’re both tied to Haven. He came back because he cares about all of us. Even if we forget that sometimes.”
    • Audrey: “I know that what you can do seems incredible, but it is a Trouble. It is not a power.”

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