News & Notes


(1) Duke can use a trouble more than once

(2) Howard is the controller

(3) The Aether core is corrupted

Random Notes

  • The phone screech in Audrey’s ear was just wrong
  • OH! Her trouble activated because of the lockdown and so now she’s one with the station. But it must have happened after she was yelling at everyone
  • The door hitting Duke in retaliation for his smart comment had me laughing.
  • No fair lying to Laverne Audrey. You dealt with that trouble by blowing up the house!
  • Still not sure how Audrey activated Howard, maybe by just holding them in her hands. Did she click her heels 3x? =)
  • I am here for Howard’s bitterness over Nathan shooting him.
  • Poor Alex. Just an afterthought.
  • I refuse to believe this is Duke. His eyes are black, he’s possessed or whatever. That is not him. Nope.
  • LOVED that we saw this ep mostly through camera phones and security cameras and laptops. REALLY well done. Kudos!
  • Shatner is in the house!
  • I’m scared for our trio


  • Nathan: “Well then let’s try for only happy thoughts today.”
  • Duke: “So, you’re freaked out.”
    Nathan: “Is it that obvious?”
    Duke: “No, I’d say you’re keeping it together pretty well, considering we’re about to fight a mass murderer from another world.”
    Nathan: “I hope it doesn’t get that far. We just need to hold Croatoan off long enough for Audrey to figure out how to get the new Barn up and running.”
    Duke: “How’s that going?”
    Nathan: “Been to the Gull since you’ve been back?”
    Duke: “What’s left of her. You know if you had told me a few years ago that my bar was gonna get thrashed by a Trouble that creates sea monsters…now it just sounds like Tuesday.”
    Nathan: “Remember when we were kids, we thought the Troubles were just scary stories parents told us to keep us in line?”
    Duke: “And then we found out that our fathers knew exactly what we were getting into. I guess I just wish that we had known this was our fate. Because…I mean, I would have spent a lot less time in school.”
    Nathan: “Not even possible for you to spend less time in school.”
    Duke: “That’s true.”
    Nathan: “And you’re wrong. We forge our own paths. I’m not the same cop that my father was. But eventually, he…respected that. He was proud of me.”
    Duke: “Oh, come on, Ned Flanders, your dad was always proud of ya.”
    Nathan: “Are you kidding? It took years before he started to take me seriously. Right after I collared McGuiness, that’s when he came around.”
    Duke: “Nick McGuiness.”
    Nathan: “Yeah.”
    Duke: “Big on dreams, lousy on execution, heavy on the aftershave.”
    Nathan: “I didn’t realize you knew him so well.
    Duke: “Eh.”
    Nathan: “Ha! I always thought there was no way that he could smuggle those computer chips in and out of port without inside help. Was it you?”
    Duke: “Well, you know, let’s just say that, um….we had common interests at one time. Well, then you started poking around and it just wasn’t worth the heat.”
    Nathan: “So you dimed him out?” *Duke doesn’t confirm nor deny* “Someone sent me those manifests. That was you?”
    Duke: “I never did like competition.”
    Nathan: “No. You would’ve made way more money if you guys had partnered up. Hey, I remember a week before I brought McGuinness in, we were playing pool down at the Wharf Grill, I told you…that I was thinking about quitting. You gave me McGuinness. So I would look good to the Chief.”
    Duke: “Well, maybe, maybe not.”
    Nathan: “Whoa…We make our own future Duke. Back then and…now.”
    Duke: “I hope you’re right, Nathan.”
  • Audrey: “Laverne!” *whispers to Nathan and Duke* “It’s Laverne!”
    Nathan: “Our Laverne?”
    Duke: “The radio lady?”
  • Audrey: “It’s locked.”
    Nathan: “Well unlock it.”
  • Duke: “I can only use a Trouble once. And I already phased in the Void to get you.”
  • Audrey: “We’ve dealt with your trouble before. We will be able to get you separated from this building.”
  • Howard: “Why have you brought me here?”
    Nathan: “Howard. You’re alive.”
    Howard: “Apparently.”
    Nathan: “How—did you just come out of-“
    Audrey: “What are you?”
    Howard: “The controller.”
    Audrey: “For the barn?”
    Howard: “Yes, I am the Controller for the correctional facility created to rehabilitate Mara.”
    Audrey: “The barn was destroyed.”
    Howard: “I am keenly aware of that. It disintegrated. When you shot me.”
    Audrey: “Howard, can you help us? Can you use this to build a new Barn?”
    Nathan: “One that won’t take Audrey.”
    Audrey: “One that cures the Troubles forever, not just 27 years.”
    Howard: “Yes, that core will supply the power, but I can’t build the Barn now.”
    Audrey: “Why? We can go outside.”
    Howard: “I can build the Barn anywhere, but not for you.”
    Nathan: “We don’t have time for your games. Audrey’s in danger, aren’t you supposed to protect her.”
    Howard: “The previous Barn was designed to protect Mara, but to build a new one, I need proper authorization.”
    Audrey; “I am giving you the authorization!
    Howard: “You are Audrey Parker. You’re an overlaid personality. I can’t take orders from you. And…” *turning to Nathan* “you shot me.” *Howard disappears*
    Nathan: “Oh, you have got to be kidding me.”
  • Gloria: “Who the hell is that?”
    Vince: “Long story.”
  • Nathan: “He lied about not being able to use his Trouble more than once.”
    Gloria: “Oh, kid. What else have you been lying about?”
  • Audrey: “This whole time we thought Croatoan was after me, but it’s Duke that’s been doing all of this. Croatoan must be controlling him somehow”
  • Audrey: “So you can use your Trouble more than once after all.”
    Duke: “Yes. But I needed time. I couldn’t let you build the Barn before I fixed the Aether core.”
    Audrey: “Why are you doing this?”
    Duke: “I think you know why I’m doing this. I’m doing what I was born to do, what my family was created to do.”
    Audrey: “You’ve fought this ever since you found out about the Crocker family curse.”
    Duke: “Things change. Dreams die.”
    Audrey: “They don’t have to. You are not this person, Duke. Remember why you came back, why you came to Haven: to save it.”
    Duke: “You can’t use your magic on me. I am a Crocker. In fact, I’m all Crocker now. And there’s nothing you can do to change that.”
    Audrey: “What would Jennifer think? What would she think if she saw you like this?”
    Duke: “Well she was so easy to manipulate. I can distract her with a simple game like Pooh sticks. Or how about…Eeny, meeny, miny, moe? *Audrey pulls a gun on Duke* “Did you really think I would let you shoot me?” *Duke looks at Laverne* “Come and get me. Or are you afraid that you might hurt your friends. I have what I want. You can keep the rest of them.”
  • Nathan: “He took her. And we’re gonna get her back. And when we do, we’re gonna get you out of this building, Laverne, you hear me? Don’t give up.”
    Gloria: “Go find Audrey, we’ll handle this.”
    Vince: “Croatoan always seems ten steps ahead of us. First Dave, now Audrey, Duke…”
    Gloria: “That wasn’t Duke. That was not the kid I know.”
    Vince; “We’ve lost so many. Who’d have thought we’d be the last ones standing. The last of the old coots. And you better not go anywhere, because I can’t be responsible for honoring you too.”
  • Duke: “Mine, just like you.”
    Audrey: “Duke, whatever happened to you, whatever Croatoan did to you, we can fix it.”
    Duke: “What makes you think that I want to be fixed? I am a Crocker, and Crocker’s were made to kill.”
    Audrey: “But you can stop—“
    Duke: “I don’t want to stop. Don’t you see? For the first time, I have chosen my destiny, and it feels good.”
    Audrey: “Duke, let me go.”
    Duke: “I don’t take orders from you anymore. And I’m finally taking order from the person I was always meant to.” *Door opens*
    Audrey: “Croatoan.”
    Croatoan: “Call me Dad.”

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