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Look Back – 5×24 – The Widening Gyre « Revisiting Haven

News & Notes


(1) The controller is the captain of “the ship” and tells the pieces how to work together

(2) The warden/captain of the barn needs to deeply feel the devotion of the mission. It has to be personal for them.

(3) Croatoan can control/use the Troubles he gets

(4) Croatoan cured Mara, who was sick, by infusing her blood with Aether.

(5) Mara/Audrey is special because with her Aether-infused blood she is able to do more things with the Troubles than anyone, even Croatoan.


  • Croatoan: “Hello, Dove! You hungry? You know, I gave you that nickname…Dove. Not because you were peaceful. Hardly. No, I gave it to you because I saw that you could soar.”
    Audrey: “Croatoan.”
    Croatoan: “Not dad? Alright. But clearly, we have a lot of catching up to do.”
  • Croatoan: “Why? Don’t you want to know? We have all those things back home.”
    Audrey: “What home?”
    Croatoan: “Ours! Yours and mine. It has similarities to this world, but it is far more advanced, now. Except for a few warts. It’s wonderful. I’m going back there, and I’m taking you back there with me. You’ll be much happier there.”
    Audrey: “You don’t know anything about me.”
    Croatoan: “That’s not true, Dove.”
  • Vince: “I just need to know that Dave’s death counted for something, that he didn’t die in vain. This new Barn—when it cures the Troubles, will it stop Croatoan?”
    Howard: “Yes. The Aether core will act as a power source, drawing like to like. It will pull out all the Aether, everything from the Void, including Croatoan and send it back.”
    Vince: “What’s your role in all this?”
    Howard: “My function is similar to…well, think of it like a ship, and I’m its captain. I tell all the pieces how to work together; what to do and when to do it.”
    Vince: “So what’s next? What else do we need to complete the new Barn?”
    Howard: “Once the Aether core is repaired, you will have all the materials you will need. But, uh, I can’t operate it–not anymore.”
    Vince: “What?”
    Howard: “Back at the police station, when I attempted to create the Barn with the damaged Aether core, I was…compromised. I can no longer serve as the Barn’s controller.”
  • Dwight: “What do you even say to that?
    Nathan: “That is still Duke. He’s still in there.”
    Dwight: “Why, because his eyes change back? How can you be sure?”
    Nathan: “You saw what happened when he had me by my throat. He could have killed me. He recognized me, hesitated. That’s the real Duke. That’s who I’m going to talk to.”
    Dwight: “I’ve heard this song before, Nathan.”
    Nathan: “And I was right before. Back in my father’s cabin, Duke bought me time to try and draw Audrey out of Mara and it worked. He deserves the same chance she had.”
    Dwight: “Okay. But who knows what Croatoan did to him. The Duke we knew…I’m afraid we lost him forever.”
    Nathan: “Let’s find out.”
  • Audrey: “I am not your daughter. I will never be your daughter.”
    Croatoan: “Family’s not a choice.”
    Audrey: “How can you talk about family like it means anything to you? You kill your family. You murdered Charlotte. Your wife. My mother.”
    Croatoan: “I loved your mother. She wasn’t destroyed by me, she was…contaminated by weak minds. When she turned against me…broke my heart. Then, when she started searching for a cure for the Troubles…that could have been disastrous for both of us. I couldn’t let that happen. So I had to make a choice. A very difficult choice.”
    Audrey: “No. You killed James. My son.”
    Croatoan: “I had to. That’s how much I love you. If I hadn’t killed him, Lucy would have. And then all of Mara’s work, your work would have been undone. Worse than that, the Barn would have sent you home and I would have lost you forever.”
    Audrey: “Do you think that’s an excuse?”
    Croatoan: “Excuses are for people who regret what they’ve done. I don’t. Because everything, I did it for you. You’re everything to me. I need you to understand that. Do you?”
  • Vince: “This is a disaster. Everything we’ve done, all our efforts undone by a stupid artificial intelligence that can’t remember what it was programmed to do?”
    Howard: “By that logic , you are now insulting a malfunctioning—“
    Vince: “Oh shut up! Why can’t you be more helpful? You were always full of advice when it came to getting Mara’s incarnations back into that prison.”
    Howard: “That was by design. My mission was to ensure that the Barn performed precisely as it was supposed to. Everything I did was in service of that primary function.”
    Vince: “So then why can’t we give you a new primary function?”
    Howard: “I’m not just a program you can simply rewrite and reboot. I was once a man.”
    Vince: “What?”
    Howard: “By your calendar, it was several centuries ago. I lived in the same world as Charlotte, Mara, and her father. After Mara created the Troubles, I was the one that captured her, brought her to justice.”
    Vince: “And you helped construct her punishment, her prison.”
    Howard: “By design, it required a dedicated warden, one that deeply felt the need for her punishment. When I tracked Mara here, I saw what she had done to those people. There was a young boy…the Trouble Mara gave him was so…intolerable. His life unlivable. I had to end his suffering. I had to…I couldn’t let that happen to my family.”
    Vince: “So you sacrificed yourself to protect your loved ones. Your home.”
    Howard: “As I said, that was centuries ago. The importance of what I was doing was clear because it was personal. But after what happened in the police station, after I was compromised, I…I can’t remember them anymore.”
    Vince: “Without that personal connection, you can’t operate the new Barn.”
    Howard: “No.”
  • Dwight: “’Someone’ meaning not you?”
    Nathan: “Duke is still in there. I know it. I just need to keep pushing.”
    Dwight: “I’ll go. McHugh’s on his way in, he can back you up.”
    Nathan: “Dwight, I know you think that Duke’s a lost cause, but—“
    Dwight: “Hey, if anyone can get through to him, it’s you. You’ve known each other your whole lives, and maybe that’s why he didn’t kill you. And reminding us about Dave, maybe that’s Duke’s way of helping us out without tipping Croatoan off. What you’re doing…I think it’s working.”
    McHugh: “Hey. What needs doing?”
    Dwight: “Keep an eye on things in there. Nathan’s making progress, but—“
    McHugh: “If things go south, you want me to take care of Crocker?”
    Dwight: “Ah, well…No. No, Nathan’s right. Duke’s still in there. Hasn’t always gotten along with the Guard, but he’s one of us.”
    McHugh: “No man left behind.”
    Dwight: “Yeah. Help Nathan out any way you can, okay.”
  • Croatoan: “Here we go.”
    Audrey: “You said the Troubles were Mara’s “work.”
    Croatoan: “Yes. Your work. Really. Following your Father’s footsteps. I hope it’s not too hot.” *Croatoan tries to give Audrey the coffee* “Oh Audrey, I don’t want to hurt you. You’re my daughter. And even if I did, poison – not my style.” *sips coffee* “Yum-yum.”
    Audrey: “How could you call the Troubles “work”?”
    Croatoan: “I understand why they frighten you. It’s because you’re not seeing them clearly. You’re not seeing their full potential, what they can accomplish. What you’re seeing is the risks, the damage. Doesn’t have to be that way.”
    Audrey: “No. It’ doesn’t.” *Audrey stabs Croatoan* *Croatoan breaks Audrey’s arm in return*
  • Audrey: “No, please don’t.”
    Croatoan: “I need to teach you a lesson, but not what you think. Let’s see what we have here. Ooh! Snapped clean through. Must hurt—but you’ve always been tough. Luckily for you, your father knows what he’s doing.” *Croatoan fixes Audrey’s arm* “There you are, as good as new.”
    Audrey: “How did you do that?”
    Croatoan: “I used the Troubles.”
    Audrey: “You can control the Troubles that you take from people? You can use them?”
    Croatoan: “Yes.”
    Audrey: “And now Duke is out there harvesting more for you, isn’t he?”
    Croatoan: “Just the ones I need for my protection. I survived in the Void filled with Aether for centuries.”
    Audrey: “You learned to master the Troubles.”
    Croatoan: “I wish you’d stop calling them ‘the Troubles’. They’re gifts, and in the right hands—my hands—they can accomplish anything. Today wasn’t the first time you’ve been my patient. When you were a little girl, I used Aether to save your life.”
    Audrey: “What? How?”
    Croatoan: “I think it’s time you heard my side of the story, the one your mother never wanted you to hear.”
  • Howard: “Your brother was a good man.”
    Vince: “He gave his life for this town.”
    Howard: “I’m sure you would have done the same thing.”
    Vince: “You said you aren’t able to operate the new Barn, but what they did to you, turning you into the Barn’s controller—could you do it to someone else? Could you do it…to me?
  • Croatoan: “Back home the work I was doing was decades ahead of my contemporaries and light years ahead of what minds here have dreamed up. But success breeds envy, and eventually, the others grew timid, afraid of progress.”
    Audrey: “They weren’t timid. You were reckless. Charlotte told me why you were banished. You were experimenting with Aether from the Void.”
    Croatoan: “I bet she didn’t tell you why. When you were a little girl, you were sick, you were very, very sick. No cure, no hope of survival, you were our only child. We were devastated. I couldn’t let you go. So I took a risk, and it worked. I introduced Aether into your immune system to modify your natural antibodies. I used Aether to save your life.”
    Audrey: “You put Aether into your own daughter?”
    Croatoan: “Yes, but it was like bringing you back from the dead. The others were willing to let you go, but not me. Your mother, she gave birth to you, but all that you are, the miracle you have become, is all thanks to me. I created you. You’re my daughter. Twice.”
  • Audrey: “What you did for me. What you did for your daughter –it was courageous.”
    Croatoan: “Had to. Couldn’t lose you.”
    Audrey: “But it doesn’t excuse what you’ve done to the people here. Being in the Void for all of those years, maybe it, it changed you, it corrupted you.”
    Croatoan: “What I endured in the Void has only made me stronger. All those years in that place, the only thing that kept me going was you. I survived so I could return to you.”
    Audrey: “But at what cost? The man who would do anything to save his daughter –he would hate the person you’ve become.”
    Croatoan: “No. I’m the same man I was back then. Because everything I did was for you, to get you back.”
    Audrey: “I told you, I’m not your daughter. Mara is dead.”
    Croatoan: “Names don’t matter. You’re still my daughter. My creation. And you’re still special. I made you that way. Don’t you feel that?”
    Audrey: “What you did with the Aether, you said it made me special. But how? Why?…You need me for something.”
  • Howard: “All the facility and knowledge necessary to operate a new construct are contained within that controller crystal.”
    Vince: “But creating a new controller, someone to steer the ship as you put it –that requires another sacrifice.”
    Howard: “Yes. I understand your commitment, but biologically I don’t even know if you’d be fit to serve as the controller.”
    Vince: “You volunteered to serve as Mara’s warden because you knew it was the only way to protect the ones you love. Now that was your purpose!”
    Howard: “My dedication was paramount, but I can make no guarantees it will work the same for you.”
    Vince: “But I have to try. I’ve dedicated my life to Haven. Leading the Guard for all those year, using the Herald to cover up the Troubles, all of it because I love this town. The people here, I’ve seen what they’ve been through, witness so much suffering, lost a…I’ve lost so much because of the Troubles. And now I can play a part in ending them—forever.”
    Howard: “The transformation process to controller will kill you, even if it doesn’t succeed.”
    Vince: “So be it. This is my purpose.”
  • Audrey: “You can control the Troubles. You have Duke out there collecting the ones that you want, so why do you need me?”
    Croatoan: “What I did with the Aether to save Mara changed her, gave her a special bond with the Aether. She could do things with it nobody else could.”
    Audrey: “But can’t you make Troubles on your own?”
    Croatoan: “Yes, of course, but they pale in comparison to the kind of things she could do. And now that singular gift is yours.”
    Audrey: “I will never create Troubles for you.”
    Croatoan: “Why not? You did it before when you touched Duke.”
    Audrey: “People were dying! I did what I had to do.”
    Croatoan: “Exactly! Just like your father!”
    Audrey: “But why? Why do you want me to make Troubles?”
    Croatoan: “Because…I want to take my daughter back where she belongs. I want to take you home. If you would just embrace what you are, you could realize your full potential. You do that, we can create the Troubles we need, then we can take back what’s rightfully ours, reclaim our home from those who banished us, show them what Aether is truly capable of. Show them the power that they were too cowardly to claim as their own. And we’d do it together. Father, daughter. I’m going to rip open a tear in the Void and flood this world with Aether. Welcome to our laboratory. Oh, Audrey, join me. You don’t belong here. You can’t save these people. You can’t save Haven! What I have planned has already begun.”
  • Audrey: “What do you mean, ‘It’s begun.’? What’s happening out there?”
    Croatoan: “Just what I expected. People are playing their parts perfectly. Nathan is doing everything he can to save Duke, Duke is showing him just enough of his lost friend to keep hope alive, just enough for Nathan to keep Duke close. And it will cost him.”
    Audrey: “What is happening with Nathan?
  • Duke: “You wanted a Crocker, well here I am.”
  • Audrey: “Please, I am begging you, don’t kill him.”
    Croatoan: “Why?”
    Audrey: “You don’t need to. If you are as powerful as you say, it doesn’t matter. Dad….please!”
  • Nathan: “Remember this – it isn’t you.”
    Audrey: “Please. Don’t kill him.”
    Croatoan: “Dove, dove, dove, it’s alright! I’ve decided to let Nathan live.”
    Audrey: “Why?”
    Croatoan: “’Cause that’s what you wanted.”
    Audrey: “It doesn’t change anything. I will never help you, no matter what you do.”
    Croatoan: “Yes you will. And I never expected just to talk you into helping me, no today was about finding out what you really care about. Nathan. I needed to find out how much you care about him and the others. You’d do anything to protect them, wouldn’t you?”
    Audrey: “If you hurt them, I swear—“
    Croatoan: “Hurt them? Haven’t you been listening? I’m going to help them. I’m going to use all the powers I’ve gathered to give them what they truly want, what you truly want for them.”
    Audrey: “What?”
    Croatoan: “I’m going to make them happy.”
    Audrey: “Is that what you did with Duke?”
    Croatoan: “Well…Duke has spent his life searching for his identity. Now he’s found it.“ *opens the door for Audrey* “You’re free to go.”
    Audrey: “Why would you just let me walk out?”
    Croatoan: “Well, I want you to be with them, your friends. I want you to see the gifts I offer, the happy lives that they can live. And what you’ll be ripping away from them if you still refuse to join me.”
  • Nathan: “Vince? Vince? Howard, I need your help finding Vince. Vince?” *controller is activiated* “Vince? Oh my God…what have you done?”
    Vince: “What I had to. And I know exactly what we have to do to send Croatoan screaming back to hell.”

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