The kudos for this episode is going to Shernold Edwards and Colin Ferguson!!
Colin – For playing smarmy and shady so well. While I was always suspicious of him, he still managed to make me doubt if I was wrong.
Shernold – For flipping everything on it’s head! [Also a happy birthday to Shernold!!]

I’m not even sure I could talk about this episode very well right now. So here are some of my favorite screencaps, random thoughts and quotes. This alone took a while so I’m going to post my speculation and thoughts later this weekend after rewatching the first few eps of the season again.

I feel like from here to the season finale (i believe Syfy will renew) is going to be fast paced. Brace yourselves!!

Matt Mitovitch posted 3 sneak peeks for next week’s episode – Exciting!!!!!


4x09-william_02 4x09-william_01 4x09-william_03 4x09-william_04 4x09-william_06 4x09-william_05 4x09-william_07

Random Thoughts

  • I think Heavy fired the gun that was heard and not Audrey but it wasn’t really clear. It makes sense since I didn’t see smoke coming from Audrey’s gone.
  • Kudos Audrey for still handling business (protecting Nathan and going after Heavy) despite still feeling the emotions of the last scene.
  • Our faves have some insecurities they need to work through
  • I like that the Audrey/Nathan dynamic is really no different than before with the exception of them being more sure about their feelings for each other.
  • Adam Copeland played crazy really well!!
  • This episode was so busy that I missed Audrey/Nathan/Duke working together. But I get that it had to happen to move the story along
  • Audrey learned a lot after her convo with William….here’s to hoping she’s not going to keep secrets from Nathan and Duke about it.
  • Where are William and his gang staying?
  • It was a little strange to me that Duke didn’t join Nathan in looking for Audrey.
  • Audrey made a great backhanded toss of those keys to William
  • William’s voice at the end…..CREEPY!!! “She’s mine!”


  • “Stay down, Nathan.” – Audrey
  • “When we helped Audrey escape the barn, we tore a hole in the soft spot between worlds, let them out.” – Dave
  • “Everything is different now.” – Vince
  • “We found a local Migmaw tribal legend. It says once the soft spot is torn open, what was once our salvation is now our doom.” – Dave
  • “Audrey killing you now will only bring destruction to Haven.” – Vince
  • “Your deception may have saved us all.” – Vince
  • Sinister: What does make you afraid Chief? The Troubles?
    Dwight: No. Already got one myself.
    Sinister: Oh…How about another one?
  • “You lay a hand on me, you better kill me.” – Dwight
  • “You think by now, we’d have figured out how to save the world back at the Gull, where there’s alcohol.  – Duke
  • “I just play poker, okay.” – Duke
  • “Don’t let them tempt you into using those guns.” –Dwight
  • Nathan: Maybe he doesn’t want to talk in front of me.
    Audrey: William, this–this is Nathan. He’s the weight of my heart guy. I found him just like you said.”
  • Duke: That little guy got the drop on you? Must be tough.
    Dwight: Tougher than he looks. But I guess you already knew that since you didn’t show up for the big rescue.
    Duke: I was covering the back.
    Dwight: Yeah. I know, thanks.
  • Audrey: The barn had a keeper, someone who took care of it. In a way he took care of me, but then he died and I think you’re supposed to replace him. But when the barn disappeared, it just wiped your memory instead.”
  • “Yeah, it’s not that kind of barn.” – Audrey
  • “But the real you is in there somewhere, it’s just waiting to come out. You taught me that.” – Audrey
  • Jennifer: You’re going to be with me, right?
    Duke: The whole time.
  • “Any particular reason, you’d like to destroy a pictureque town in Maine or are we just on your bucket list.” – Jennifer
  • “He seems to care about you, little one, but what is he really after?” – Heavy
  • “The contents of the box once released will devour you and the ones you love. The first to be taken, Audrey Parker” – Sinister
  • “You don’t get to threaten Audrey.” – Nathan
  • Jennifer: Don’t play games with me, we just slept together. Why?
    Duke: Because we wanted to. Because…wait there’s a right answer here. Because I care about you. Cause I like you. Hang on, what are we talking about? flashes to Duke in a straight jacket I mean it’s really you who should be in one of these.
    Jennifer: You seduced me for my supernatural connections.
    Duke: Wait…I’m the guy here, okay. I’m—I’m the one that’s supposed to get close, then pushes you away and freaks out. You’re kinda throwing me off here.
  • “Yup, good talk.” – Duke
  • Audrey: Nathan. Oh, what’s wrong? Did he say something?
    Nathan: I don’t know what happened between the two of you in the barn, but she is not Lexie anymore.
    Audrey: Stop. Stop.
    William: No, I don’t remember a barn.
    Nathan: What you figure that’s the best way to get close to her? Make her feel sorry for you? Oh poor me, I have amnesia.
    Audrey: He doesn’t know what you’re talking about and neither do I so just stay off of him.
    Nathan:  You never see it, do you?
    Audrey:  What?
    Nathan: Guy is playing you. First it was Duke and now this William. How long before you sleep with him.
    Audrey: *slap* What’s wrong with you, okay? You’re acting crazy.
    Nathan: No, I’m not. I’m just willing to fight for us, are you?
  • William: So…in the barn, did we-
    Audrey: No. No, we–we didn’t. Mmmm.
    William: Then that guy has some serious jealousy issues.
    Audrey: Nathan, doesn’t usually act like that. Something is very wrong.
  • “You’re rolling with a new good looking.” – Gloria
  • “Whoa, whoa, whoa, look, I have been arrested a bunch of times, and this is not proper procedure.” – Duke
  • “What do you got there, Squatch?” – Duke
  • “This is a good spot to bury you if you make me do something you won’t live to regret.” – Dwight
  • “It’s times like this that make me hate the phrase, ‘Funny you should say that.’” – Duke
  • “I knew you were special.” – William
  • “Audrey, the big guy….he’s gone! I mean literally, the cell is empty!” – Stan
  • “I can’t believe you actually tazed me.” – Duke
  • “Is anyone else seeing this? I’m being arrested and for once I really didn’t do anything.” – Duke
  • “Don’t you get tired? 3 men? How do you find time to fight the Troubles?” – Jennifer
  • “Sorry Dwight, collateral damage.” – Nathan
  • “I’ve been shot before, I’ll shoot back.” – Dwight
  • Audrey: Code red. The Chief and Detective Wuornos have been affected by some toxic…”
    Duke: Gas leak!
  • “No. Leave Duke alone. Everything that’s happened is Audrey’s fault.” – Jennifer
  • “Somebody really needs to take that thing away from him.” – Duke
  • “Yeah, you’re going to fit in just fine around here.” – Duke
  • “Let’s all just breathe, okay?” – Duke
  • Audrey: So, that was kinda crazy back there.
    William: Yeah. Eye opening.
    Audrey: What do you mean?
    William: Well, the Trouble thing seems to bring out the worst in people. And your friends got a lot of the worst.
    Audrey: Okay, let’s just find that box.
    William: They just don’t understand how special you are. They don’t deserve you.
  • Dwight: So your Crocker thing…
    Duke: Died with my brother? What’s wrong, I thought you’d be happy the Crocker curse was gone?
    Dwight: I didn’t like your ability but it existed for a reason. To keep the Troubles in check. Balance, counterbalance. How about you? Why aren’t you happy? Your Trouble’s gone.
    Duke: Yeah, it’s gone but I just don’t feel free.
  • William: This isn’t about some stupid trouble. This is about us.
    Audrey: Huh?
    William: Come on, why don’t you take a seat?
    Audrey: What are you talking about?
    William: I know. It’s all happening a little fast. But you have no idea, how excited I was, how thrilled I was to feel that spark between us. You’ve no idea how long I’ve been waiting.
    Audrey: When I touched you back at the station, you knew what that was?
    William: Yes! It’s what I’ve been praying for. When you came out of the barn and went right back into being Audrey, I thought I’d lost you forever. But now I know you are still in there.
    Audrey: You remember the barn?
    William: I always did. And so much more. This field, this was our favorite place. We used to have such fun up here. And I know you don’t remember that but you will.
    Audrey: You know what’s in that box, don’t you?
    William: This?! Yes. It’s a gift. Open it.
    Audrey: This whole day, Dwight’s kidnapping, me finding you, the black goo, the delusions, all of that, that was you? Why?
    William: Open it. You’ll see.
    Audrey: That’s beautiful.
    William: You always loved it.
    Audrey: Don’t. Touch me.
    William: Well…that’s disappointing. But not altogether surprising.
    *Heavy arrives*
    Audrey: You work for him?
    William: Of course not. He works for me. They both do. Let’s get your partner back here.
    William: This isn’t a game to me. I’m just trying to get through to you. A few simple delusions, your friends tear each other apart. They’re inferior. All of them.
    Audrey: Them? Not us.
    William: Exactly. This is so frustrating. The barn is gone, why don’t you remember?
    Audrey: You? This wasn’t your buddy’s Trouble. You infected my friends and put that mark on those people.
    William: Frankly, it was quite a chore but it appears I need to keep doing it, quite a bit.
    Audrey: Why?
    William: Because I want you back. Because I love you. And because you love me too.
    Audrey: There isn’t any part of me that will ever love you.
    William: Not Audrey Park. And not Lexie or any other Haven-Savers but there’s someone else in there. The real you. And she is mine.
    “Yeah, you were totally nuts. It’s okay you can make it up to me later.” – Duke

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