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NOTE: Our Next Podcast will be on “Who, What, Where Wendigo

Random Thoughts:

  • I love Groundhog day themed episodes
  • The episode that originates: Taco Tuesdays!!! Duke is quite the talented artist 🙂
  • Haven Shores Elementary School – nice name
  • This episode has the follow @vincehaven on twitter signage!
  • I wonder what Nathan’s first favorite Bill Murray movie is. (Ans. Caddy Shack!! from the DVD Commentary – thnx Amy S.!)
  • I am reminded that Nathan & Audrey work really well together
  • Emily Rose must have done a lot of running during the filming of this episode
  • It really came across how Duke and Nathan cared for each other deep down
  • So how did the trouble pick the “victim?”
  • Did Nathan try and get out of the way because he did see it coming?
  • When Haven resets after Nathan’s death, Duke is just starting to draw Taco Tuesday. Neat.
  • Love how Nathan has Audrey check the temp of his coffee for him.
  • Kudos to Ari Cohen who plays Anson Shumway. I imagine it was difficult to remember all those repetitive actions he did.
  • Audrey’s passion at Helmet safety was funny to me
  • “Will You Still Love Me” – Sweet Talk Radio – BEAUTIFUL HAUNTING SONG


  • “Your tenant’s a deadbeat. That’s what you get for trusting law enforcement.” – Duke Crocker
  • “…and that is why you should never, ever, ever do drugs.” – Audrey Parker
  • “If they’re gonna blindy love me at least they’re going to learn something.” – Chris Brody
  • “World’s not going to end because Audrey Parker took a day off.” – Chris Brody
  • “Because Taco Mondays don’t rhyme as well as Taco Tuesdays. Actually they don’t rhyme at all.” – Duke Crocker
  • “Don’t you break his heart.” – Duke Crocker
  • “Do you like waffles?” – Duke Crocker
  • “I got a guy who gets me the best maple syrup.” – Duke Crocker
  • “Yes I have broken laws but it’s only been in complicated situations when I have carefully considered the consequences.” – Audrey Parker
  • “You’re stuck in my second favorite Bill Murray movie.” – Nathan Wuornos
  • “We know you’re immune to the Troubles. Maybe that’s why you’re the only one who can see what’s happening.” – Nathan Wuornos
  • Nathan: “Duke…”
    Duke: “Yeah, yeah.”
    Nathan: “I ah…”
    Duke: “Shut up.”
  • “After last night, all you can think about is Duke?” – Chris Brody
  • “I gotta tell you I’m just honored that you would choose my place of business to…express yourselves. Physcially. I mean love happens. Here.” – Duke Crocker
  • Nathan: “And Duke died?”
    Audrey: “Yeah.”
    Nathan: “Would have been something to see.” *Audrey flicks him on the ear* “Ow!”
    Audrey: “You know what, you were there and you were pretty upset about it.”
    Nathan: “Uh huh.”
  • “We’ll find a way to stop this. Together.” – Nathan Wuornos
  • Nathan: “This is kind of strange.”
    Audrey: “I’m not going to let you die, okay. You understand me? Stop it, do you understand? I’m going to fix this.”
    Nathan: “Doesn’t hurt. The only thing I feel is you.”
  • Audrey: “There’s one last thing. Every time I try to stop the accident, I change things and people die. It’s like the butterfly effect and I’m the butterfly. That means you don’t go downtown.”
    Nathan: “No way. We’re already changing things by talking about it.”
    Audrey: “I’ve already seen you die once. If that happens and we don’t get a repeat…Please.”
  • “Okay, here’s the deal. You’re weird. You wear a gun. You wake up with mysterious wounds and I’m okay with all of that but you gotta tell me what’s going on with you.” – Chris Brody
  • “Helmet! Every time a helmet!” – Audrey Parker
  • “And you’re the only one who knows its happening. So you’re the only one that can stop it. Lucky you.” – Nathan Wuornos
  • Nathan: “It’s not gonna happen.”
    Audrey: “That’s what you said the last time.”
    Nathan: “I bet I meant it then too.”
  • Anson Shumway: “Look, I’m aware that my condition seems irrational but I’m not crazy. I know the difference between what’s real and what isn’t. You ever have something bad happen and you think about the what if’s?”
    Audrey: “Yeah everybody does-“
    Anson: “Imagine that times 1000. I-I feel responsible for everything all the time. It’s just torture.”
  • Audrey: “I should have been able to save Anson. If I just had one more chance.”
    Nathan: “No he made his choice. You can’t save everyone.”
    Audrey: “That’s why I’m here.”
    Nathan: “What Anson did saved his daughter’s life, and this town. He did what he had to do. He got the world moving forward again.”
    Audrey: “No. I failed.”
    Nathan: “You can never fail me.”
  • Duke: “What?”
    Nathan: “Chris is troubled. You don’t look at him, you don’t get all man-crush.”
    Duke: “No way.” *Duke goes to look at Chris and Nathan turns Duke’s head back to face him.* “Ohhhh….Now you tell me?”
    Nathan: “Hey no judgements, he’s a handsome guy.”
    Duke: “Yeah. Yeah shutup.”
  • “I don’t get days off.” – Audrey Parker

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4 responses to “Revisiting Haven Podcast: Audrey Parker’s Day Off [2×06]”

  1. Avatar Ida says:

    Just finished listening to it and I really loved it. Thank you. Maybe one of you can answer my question. The last scene where Nathan, Duke, and Chris were all sitting at the bar and Audrey was standing by the door who do you think she was looking at. I believe it was Nathan and why did she hide herself when Nathan looked up. IDK, I thought why did she do that.

    Looking forward to Who, What, Where Wendigo. Another favorite of mine especially with Nathan and Audrey, love how they protected each other in the episode.

    Thanks again, Ida

    • Avatar Aimee J. says:

      I think there are many interpretations for that last scene. I do think that she turned away when it came to Nathan looking up because of how well he knows her and that he understands her. She doesn’t want to be comforted in my opinion and looks away because if anyone is going to be able to make her feel better it’s probably
      going to be Nathan. I think she’s afraid that despite. His reassurances, he will see her differently and turns away.

      Just my 2 cents. 🙂

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