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I’m thinking of organizing a get together at Comic Con this year. If someone else is planning something already, let me know, I’d love to help out.

But to gauge interest, here’s a poll:

Would you (honestly) attend an Unofficial Troublemaker Get Together at SDCC this year?

  • I wish I could!!! (74%, 17 Votes)
  • Yes (26%, 6 Votes)
  • What's SDCC? (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 23

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Random Thoughts:

  • Song in the beginning is Myriad – Stuck In A Glass Elevator
  • Was Max running into Audrey really random?
  • Was Audrey staying with Julia, because Julia had a key?
  • Max Hansen can definitely play the kind stranger.
  • Why was Max going to church?!
  • All Max wanted was a little house with a little yard? Ha!
  • What the heck does Dave owe Max?
  • What was that list on Duke’s board? A hit list? Clues to his killer?
  • Anyone else notice that the Chief’s pieces were shaking still?
  • How did the Rev know the Chief died?!


  •  “You know sometimes you leave a mark where you’ve been. Sometimes the tide washes it away. But you don’t know till you come back, do you?” – Max Hansen
  • “I don’t know who you are friend, but you need to get the hell out of my chair.” – Duke Crocker
  • “Are you sure about that? Couldn’t get it done the last time.” – Vince Teague
  • Duke: “You sure you want to tell Nathan alone?
    Audrey: “No. But he’s my partner.”
    Duke: “Did you already tell him about the other thing?”
    Audrey: “What?”
    Duke: “The thing that’s got you holed up, living on frosting. I didn’t think so…Hey. Come on. What is it, you’re a mess.”
    Audrey: “I can’t.”
    Duke: “Because you have to tell Nathan first.”
    Audrey: “Yeah. Yeah, pretty much.”
    Duke: “Do I have to like that?”
    Audrey: “Today….yeah.”
  • “The way he treated Nathan’s mother. The way he treated that little boy, I should have killed him then.” – Garland Wuornos
  • Audrey: “No! I’m not saying that Nathan. I’m just saying that Duke went out of his way to help me look into Max.”
    Nathan: “To protect himself.”
    Audrey: “No! To protect you. He wanted me to be the one to tell you about your father, okay. I don’t think he would do something like this.”
  • Duke: “Sorry about that.”
    Nathan: “Hear you’re afraid of Max Hansen.”
    Duke: “Ah screw it. Normally, I’d try to act all manly but yeah! I’m terrified. Why do you ask?”
    Nathan: “Make it a lot easier on you if he was dead. Wouldn’t it?”
    Duke: “Are you offering?”
    Audrey: “Where were you earlier, Duke?”
    Duke: “Oh did somebody take care of my little problem?”
    Audrey: “Just answer the question.”
    Duke: “They did. Than-Thank you! Thank you! That is outstanding. Alright. Hmm. Oh no don’t worry about it. I’m not offended that you asked, it’s fine. So…how did he die?”
    Audrey: “He was swallowed by a crack in the ground.”
    Duke: “He was swallowed by a crack in the ground, yes! Yes. Nathan, come on. If I could do that, why am I out here playing Jed Clampett with a shotgun in my lap.”
    Nathan: “Where were ya?”
    Duke: “I was right here. And with all due respect, Nathan, you know I’m not a troubled person.”
    Nathan: “Max Hansen didn’t know you so why did he come to see you?”
    Duke: “I have no idea.”
    Nathan: “I don’t believe you.”
    *Nathan leaves*
    Duke: “Ooooh.”
    Audrey: “I don’t think that you killed him.”
    Duke: “Good. Care to celebrate my continued existence? I’m buying.”
    Audrey: “You know, just because this guy is dead, doesn’t mean that another guy with the tattoo isn’t going to kill you.”
    Duke: “You really are a buzzkill. Why would you say that? I liked you so much better when you were locked up in your cupcake room.”
  • Dave: “I spoke to your father.”
    Nathan: “Which one?”
  • Audrey: “Hey Nathan we need to talk about what’s going to happen when we find him.”
    Nathan: “No, we need to find him.”
    Audrey: “Yeah, we need to find him, yeah, but he is your father.”
    Nathan: “That’s debatable.”
    Audrey: “No! Listen, I know you’re angry, I know that you hate him and maybe you don’t share the same DNA but Nathan listen to me, he is your father. He’s a troubled person and I don’t think that he killed anyone.”
    Nathan: “You can’t be sure about that. He’s been lying to me since I was a kid.”
    Audrey: “Right. But you didn’t leave Haven. You could have. You could have been a cop anywhere else but you chose to stay.”
    Nathan: “So what?”
    Audrey: “So you could work it out with your father! But you guys are both so stubborn, you haven’t sorted it out yet, but when we find your father-“
    Nathan: “The chief, you mean-“
    Audrey: “No! Your father. When we find him, we’re going to ask him what the hell has been going on, alright. Do you understand me?”
  • Chief: “I’ve been holding it together for such a long, long time. I was waiting for you Audrey. But be careful, not everyone is thrilled you’re back.”
    Nathan: “Please let us help.”
    Chief: “Love you son.”
    Nathan: “Dad…”
  • Nathan: “Audrey. Knew I’d find you here.”
    Audrey: “I’m surprised you wanted to find me anywhere.”
    Nathan: “Audrey, I just-“
    Audrey: “No, it’s…it’s okay Nathan.
    Nathan: “I just found the Rev. in my father’s office, measuring for drapes.”
    Audrey: “He wants to be Chief?”
    Nathan: “He wants to control whoever is. The last thing Haven needs is the Rev. and his self-righteous poison running things. I don’t know what is happening. My dad was holding it all together.”
    Audrey: “That’s your job now.”
    Nathan: “I’m sorry I shut you out.”
    Audrey: “Nathan, I’m sorry too. I…You’re the one person I can absolutely trust. And if you’re going to where this we need to be honest with each other.”
    *Nathan feels Audrey holding his hand*
    Audrey: “What’s wrong? …. You felt that.”
    Nathan: “Yeah. I can feel you.”
    Audrey: “How long have you known?”
    Nathan: “A while. I…I wasn’t sure what to think about it for a long time. “
    Audrey: “Hey. That thing…that thing that I…that I was trying to tell you? I think it might have…this might have something to do with all of that. It might be part of it.”
    Nathan: “Part of what?”
    Audrey: “Found out something about Lucy. And it’s really….it’s really hard to believe.”
    Nathan: “She’s not your mother?”
    Audrey: “Way weirder than that. I am Lucy.”
    Nathan: “That’s-“
    Audrey: “Don’t. Don’t say that’s not possible because whatever this is, it’s possible.”
  • Audrey: “Hey, hey, hey. Keep your hands where I can see them.”
    FBI Agent: “What am I going to do? Pull out another gun?”
    (to try and not spoil it too much, I used FBI Agent)


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