News & Notes


(1) Croatoan can no longer erase memories

(2) Croatoan is coming for Audrey Parker

Random Notes

  • RIP David Teagues, you will be missed
  • Hailie is that person who blames everyone but the person who is actually to blame….herself.
  • Poor Maddie. We didnt’ have enough time with you.
  • This is the Farmer episode all over again. 🙁
  • If Dave could remove those chains, why is he still under? #confused
  • I feel bad because I think William really did love Mara.


  • Audrey: “So Hailie is dying and she still won’t help us?”
    Duke: “Can’t say I blame her. But I will get her there, I know it.”
    Audrey: “Duke, we are running out of time. Nathan is running out of time. You’re gonna make me say it, aren’t you?”
    Duke: “Say what?”
    Audrey: “That there is another way that this ends. I hate it too, but if Hailie’s dying anyway…If you kill Hailie and use the Crocker curse to take her Trouble, then you could open a Thinny.”
    Duke: “We’ve been down this road before, you and me. This kind of nightmare is why I left in the first place.”
    Audrey: “Duke, if it is your destiny to save Haven, then what if this is how you do it?”
    Duke: “No. I found out the Crocker family curse was created by Croatoan. You see? Using it is exactly what he would want us to do.”
    Audrey: “What if we don’t have any other choice?”
    Duke: “That girl is gonna die on her own. Before she does, I will get her to help us. That is my choice.”
  • William: “Answer me this. How far are you willing to go for Audrey? ‘Cause I would do anything for Mara, and she would do anything for me.”
    Nathan: “You’re wrong. Mara wanted to get you back, but only so she could find your stash of Aether. You knew where it was, she didn’t. That’s all you were to her.”
  • Dave: “You owe me…an explanation at least, why? Why me?”
    Croatoan: “You’re a Halfling, the only viable host. I couldn’t be in the Void on my own. I needed you.”
    Dave: “All this time, I thought that I was drawn to Thinnies, but it was you pulling me there.”
    Croatoan: “I couldn’t hold on the first time, but when you opened the door in that cave, I was ready. I got a foothold in you when I cut your leg.”
    Dave: “You ruined my life! You used me to kill people! So many people.”
    Croatoan: “A side effect. I’ve been absorbing Troubles, growing strong enough.”
    Dave: “Enough…for what?”
    Croatoan: “To leave your body. I’ll pour out of you and enter your world on my own. It’ll be very soon now.”
    Dave: “But, you’re in my body, this is my mind, so I can still stop you.”
    Croatoan: “No, you can’t. But I appreciate you being my vessel. I’ll spare you, Dave, but only if you leave here now!!”
  • Duke: “I’m sorry Hailie. I got you into this, and I have to get you out.”
  • Duke: “Maybe I am supposed to save Haven. But it turns out I’m going to have to embrace what I am to do it. I’m a Crocker and destiny’s a bitch.”
  • William: “I wonder….what would Mara do?”
  • Nathan: “Wait! This thing is your servant right? Does whatever you want? That’s what you were to Mara.”
    William: “Just because Mara needed the Aether doesn’t mean she didn’t love me.”
    Nathan: “She was using you until something better came along, and as soon as it did, she jumped on it – literally.
    William: “What are you talking about?”
    Nathan: “Duke Crocker.”
    William: “You’re lying.”
    Nathan: “No. She slept with him then she blackhanded him set him off like a bomb to trouble the whole town.”
    William: “Well, that does sound like something she’d do. But Duke Crocker? Really? I should kill you just for putting that image in my head.”
    Nathan: “That’s why she didn’t come back for you, because she didn’t need you – she had him. And here you are still doing her bidding, even though she never cared about you.”
  • Duke: “But Audrey, if Nathan doesn’t come back, you have to promise me that you’re not going to in there after him.”
    Audrey: “Duke…I can’t.”
    Duke: “Audrey, listen to me. I saw what happened to Haven because Nathan doesn’t come back; can you imagine what the future’s going to look like if you disappear too?”
  • Nathan: “Why?”
    William: “I don’t know. I guess we’re both fools for love. And you’re right; I always knew that I loved her more, I just didn’t think that it mattered.”
    Nathan: “Still could have killed me.”
    William: “Don’t tempt me. It’s what Mara would have wanted. Now go. Get lost.” *Nathan shows him his ring* “Where did you get that?”
    Nathan: “It’s one of the three rings from your world, right? Lets your kind travel home. *Nathan gives William the ring* “I don’t know how happy they will be to see you, but you don’t belong here anymore either.”
    William: “Croatoan….He really will kill everyone in Haven. You shouldn’t go back.”
  • Audrey: ” Nathan! You came back.”
    Nathan: “I’m getting pretty good at it.”
    Duke: “Took you long enough.”
    Nathan: “Better late than never.”
  • Dave: “Dwight…Could you give me a moment alone with my brother?” *Dwight leaves* “Vincent, I’m doing this.”
    Vince: “You’re being even stupider than usual. This mind palace stuff was my idea and it was a terrible one. I take it back. Let’s just wait for Croatoan to come out and you won’t get hurt, then we’ll all regroup and come up with something else to try.”
    Dave: “With his lost time; he can do anything. He can trick us into anything and then erase our memories so we don’t even remember. He almost got you to murder me for God’s sake. Look, I can’t kill him, but if I can take away that ability. It’ll give you guys a fighting chance.”
    Vince: “Dave, please…”
    Dave: “I got to do this.”
  • Vince: “As your older brother I order you to come back. You hear me?”
    Dave: “Copy that, big brother. Can’t let you have all the fun.”
  • Dave: “Hiya Croatoan, wherever you are. Bet you hoped that I was gone. I hate an Irish goodbye. You know what really sticks in my craw. Sure, you killed my friends, terrorized my town…no that you hitched a ride in me without asking. Where are the manners. Monsters these days.”
  • Audrey: “Hey, you did what you had to with Haylie. Don’t go thinking any different.”
    Duke: “Yeah that’s the problem. I had to. It was always going to happen.”
    Nathan: “You’ve used your curse before and been fine. You’re stronger than you think.”
    Duke: “Yeah, but the curse is stronger, too. And it came from this Croatoan, so. Look, I’m just saying we’ve been doing this long enough to know there’s always a price, you just won’t know what it is.”
    Nathan: “But it wasn’t for nothing.” *Nathan shows them the Controller Crystal*
    Audrey: “What is that?”
    Nathan: “A controller. I told you I’d bring you back something nice. We did it. We’re one step closer to building a new barn, to ending the Troubles.”
    Audrey: “And sending Croatoan back where he belongs.
    Duke: “I love it already. What does it do?”
    Nathan: Well…Parker?”
    Audrey: “Yup, I got nothing.”
    Duke: “Okay, so we found it, but we don’t know what it does or how to use it. Alright, good on us!”
    Audrey: “We have no idea what we’re doing…again. But at least you two aren’t punching each other, I’m still Audrey, and Haven hasn’t blown up…yet. It’s us, the three of us. We’re back. And we will figure it out somehow.”
    Duke: “Yeah, I can’t argue with that.”

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